Etcetera Etcetera is the stage name of Oliver Levi-Malouf, a drag performer and contestant on the first season of RuPaul's Drag Race Down Under.

Drag Name Origin

Her name is in reference to the phrase "etcetera, etcetera", a Latin expression that is used in English to mean "and other similar things", or "and so forth". Translated literally from Latin, et means "and", while cētera means "the rest"; thus the expression means "and the rest (of such things)".

Track Record(s)

Etcetera Etcetera
Statistics DU 1
Ranking: TBA
Main Challenges Won: TBA
Times as Team Captain: TBA
Mini-Challenges Won: TBA
Times in Bottom Two: TBA
Episode Eliminated: TBA

Memorable Quotes

  • "TBA"


  • Etcetera's promo/entrance look is in reference to the start of her drag career where she would often dress as a cockroach as she felt it represented survival and the subversive.
  • Etcetera had been doing drag for four years prior to competing on Drag Race.
  • Etcetera is the first queen of Lebanese descent to compete on Drag Race.
  • Etcetera is the second Drag Race contestant whose drag name is a single word, repeated, following Sister Sister.
  • Etcetera shares a birthday, March 12, with Mrs. Kasha Davis.


Down Under 1 Looks



  • RuPaul's Drag Race Down Under Season 1, as contestant, placed TBA. (2021)

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