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Farrah Moan is the stage name of Cameron Clayton, a drag performer. She is one of the 14 queens who competed on the ninth season of RuPaul's Drag Race, where she finished in eighth place.

Farrah later returned to All Stars 4, and was eliminated in the second episode, placing ninth.

Name Origin

"Farrah Moan" is a play on the word "pheromone," which was an accident. She took the first name Farrah from Farrah Fawcett, and the last name of "Moan" to insinuate she is a very sexual person.

Entrance Quotes

Season 9

"So this is what it looks like..."

All Stars 4

"[moans] Hahahahaha!"

RuPaul's Drag Race

Farrah Moan
Season Competed Season 9 All Stars 4
Ranking: 8th Place 9th Place
Mini-Challenges Won: 0 0
Times as Team Captain: 0 0
Times Placed High 1 (Ep. 4) 0
Main Challenges Won: 0 0
Times Placed Low 2 (Eps. 3, 6) 0
Times in Bottom: 2 (Eps. 5, 8) 2 (Eps. 1, 2)
Episode Eliminated Episode 8 Episode 2

Farewell Message

Season 9

"Hey ladies! I LOVE YOU ALL SOOO MUCH. YOU ARE ALL superstars and it's so special to finally have a REAL family. Good luck! DON'T FUCK IT UP ♡ , Farrah Moan"

All Stars 4

"Shine bright All Stars xoxo Farrah Moan"

Memorable Quotes

  • [moans]
  • [cries]
    Farrah moan1.gif
    "I really want a station of my own."
  • "There's usually a feather or two or maybe five dead ostriches."
  • "I don't sew."
  • "I don't wanna do this!"
  • "That's my Vegas Sister, Kimora is gonna be known for that ass. I can see it having its own t-shirts."
  • "Someone told me for the first time in my life that I wear too much highlighter!"
  • "Huh, So this is what it looks like...to go home!" - Farrah Moan after elimination.
  • "You know what I say! You can never wear too much highlighter." (as Gigi Gorgeous)
  • "I loaf-ed them." (about Eureka's several hair loaves.)
  • "Oh, don't say that, Ru!"
  • "They're perfect, they're beautiful, they look like Linda Evangelista, they're a model..." (about the chairs they were sitting on during the reunion from 204 Events.)

Farrah Falls.gif

  • "I love you Valentina..." (to Valentina in Untucked!)
  • "You don't love me." (to Valentina at the Reunion)
  • "Let's make a round of applause for the Fan Favorite!"
  • "The cookie doesn't always crumble."
  • "[tough sigh] No...! No..." (crying when Eureka departed)
  • "Some of us don’t have to force storylines to get their airtime." - (to Gia on their fight in the Werk Room)
  • "God I can't stand her!" - (about Gia in confessionals when she interrupted her and Monet's conversation)
  • "You actually don't love me." - (to Gia after her elimination)
  • "I wish the nobody-went-home thing applied to my episode."
  • "Love, it’s crazy, right? Never ever had somebody love me right. With love, you’ll always have to fight. Forgive, forget, and hold on tight. You gotta be wise to compromise. Sometimes you pay the ultimate price. And if they can’t, then you say ‘You don’t love me anyway!" (verse in Errybody Say Love)


  • Cynthia Lee Fontaine helped Farrah get gigs early on in her drag career.
  • A picture of Farrah's elimination on Season 9 leaked a few days before her final episode aired.
  • Farrah has admitted that she not was prepared as she could have been for Season 9, as she hadn't expected to get accepted for the show on her first audition.
  • Farrah was homeless when filming Season 9, and was staying at a friend's place for a while.
  • Farrah is a model, both in and out of drag.
  • Farrah's idol is Christina Aguilera, and she finally met her on the first episode of Season 10's Untucked.
  • Farrah was on the 13th Episode of Germany's Next Top Model Season 13.
  • Farrah is the third queen to slip and fall on the main stage, after Akashia and Naysha Lopez.
  • Farrah is the first All-Star to do burlesque in the Variety Show and be in the bottom 2. The other 2 queens to do this, Roxxxy Andrews and BenDeLaCreme, were the winners of the challenge.
  • Farrah is the first and only contestant on the show whose drag name starts with an "F".
  • Farrah reached 1 million followers on Instagram on April 29, 2019, becoming the 21st queen in herstory to reach this milestone.
  • She is the third Season 9 queen to reach 1 million followers, after Sasha Velour and Valentina.
  • In January of 2019, Farrah sued Ariana Grande for copying her All Stars 4 entrance look in her music video for 7 Rings.


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All Stars 4 Looks


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