"Tell you what. I’ll get out my drag when you get out of yours. The hair, the accent, the house, the happy marriage, the one drink a night ok?"

— Robert to Beth during their fight

Fort Worth is the ninth episode of the first and only season of this dramedy that aired as a Netflix Original on Netflix on January 10, 2020 along with the other 10 episodes.


As the RV rolls into Texas, the tour hits an unforeseen snag. Robert reconnects with an old friend, and AJ eagerly awaits life with Pop Pop.


AJ and Robert arrive in Fort Worth, but instead of being at the Fancypants Drag Club, there is instead some construction going on. AJ chides Robert for not using Waze, but he says he doesn’t trust it and that they are not in fact lost. When Robert says that club used to be in the very same place they are at, AJ makes fun of him and asks him if he’s sure, or that he could have early-onset Alzheimer’s. Robert doesn’t bat an eye, and retorts by saying that at least it’s nice that he’s still young enough to qualify for the early part of early-onset. AJ then soon finds out that they are already in Texas and jumps for joy. Robert, for his part, makes a call and finds out that Fancypants Drag Club is indeed closed. He asks the other person on the phone why they didn’t tell him before he arrived. The person apologizes and tells Robert that the reason why they didn’t tell him was because the owner’s car got hit by a train on his way to chemotherapy. But as a result, he is out $3,000. AJ then shows Robert that she just mapped out Pop Pop’s address, and that as it turns out, he’s only forty minutes from where they are currently at.

Robert tries to get AJ to stay with him an extra day, but she is itching to go to Pop Pop as soon as possible. He then mentions how he has a childhood friend who lives in Fort Worth, and is always inviting him to stop by and say hey whenever he’s performing at Fancypants. They end up at posh place, and as they’re walking up the outer stairs of the home, AJ asks Robert how he knows this rich lady. He mentions that back in Atlanta, his mother used to clean her mother’s house once a week. AJ asks Robert if she is going to make him clean this house. Robert laughs and says no, because this isn’t The Help, but if it was, he’d be Jessica Chastain’s character.

Said rich lady notices Robert standing in front of her house, and she quickly lets him and AJ inside. Upon truly seeing AJ for the first time, she asks if Robert went and adopted a child,, but before AJ can say anything, Robert answers that he did not. Robert introduces the woman to AJ as Beth Barnes, and she adds Beagle since remarried about two years ago in France. Beth then tells AJ that in high school she was voted most likely to not shut up but quickly reveals that was a joke. In actuality, she was voted best dancer. AJ tries to make them leave early, but Beth interjects, saying they need to stay all weekend. She goes on to say that she wants all her friends to meet Robert because who is more fun than him.

The maid shows them to their rooms, with AJ staying in the room belonging to Alexandria, Beth’s daughter who is away at boarding school. Robert loves seeing all the barbies in the room, and picks one up as he says how he’d kill for that dress. The maid blurts out that her grandson just turned trans. AJ corrects her and says that Robert is not trans. He’s a drag queen queen and that there’s a difference between the two labels. She further explains that Robert doesn’t want to be a woman, he just performs as one. Robert is really proud of AJ, and she reveals that she would have told the maid that you can’t turn trans, but figured the best approach was a little at a time.

Back in New York, Brianna is yelling at Lois after he told her he found AJ six weeks ago, and didn’t think to come and find her. Lois explains that AJ is safe with Robert. She angrily asks if this is some game to them. Brianna angrily yells out that this is kidnapping. Lois explains that they found AJ starving upstairs dressed like a boy hiding in an empty apartment that Brianna got them evicted from. Lois, now angry too, says that he did look for her, but she was eating doughnuts, high, passed out on the street.

Brianna explains that she hasn’t done any drugs since she found out her daughter was missing and that it is not easy or funny. Lois replies that at least AJ has three square meals a day, and this makes Brianna mad, who grabs Lois’ sewing supplies and throws them across the room in a fit exclaiming that she is her mother. Brianna threatens to sue Lois and Robert once she gets a lawyer. He asks her with what money and asks if it will be with the $20 Lois gave her. Brianna leaves and tells Lois that the next time he sees her, it will be accompanied by cops and that Robert is screwed.

Back in Fort Worth, AJ and Robert are having dinner with Beth and her husband. While apologizing for AJ’s sassy behavior, Beth explains that unruly behavior will pass. She goes onto say that she and Chad went through some rough patches with their son Adam. The son who apparently is very artsy and has even died his hair black. As AJ goes upstairs to go to bed, she ends up accidentally trying to get into the forbidden room the maid had told them to steer away from. She finds that it’s locked, and just as she’s walking in the opposite direction, the door opens. AJ walks inside and finds an older boy inside. She asks him if he’s a ghost.

As he’s laying in bed in the guest room Beth has provided, Robert remembers how all those years ago, he cried over Beth pushing him to the side when her girl friend would come over to play. He texts AJ and when she doesn’t reply, he goes to check on her. However, he finds the bedroom empty and eventually finds her hanging out with Adam. The two of them got super close in the 90 minutes since she has been up there.

Robert ends up being early to Beth’s party, and her guests end up treating her like the help. Eventually, Chad shows up and is in awe at how Robert looks in drag. Robert confesses that he doesn’t feel comfortable being in drag unless he’s performing and that he is beginning to think that signing up as the entertainer was a mistake. She ends up performing but the audience isn’t feeling the performance, and eventually Beth gets embarrassed and stops the performance midway.

Later, AJ and Adam are eating some of the lasagna and she asks him what his plan is regarding his mom. Adam promises to take AJ to his Pop Pop once they finish eating. AJ tells him that while not her business, that his mom is doing the best she can.

Back at the party, Robert is taking selfies with people at Beth’s party as part of the gig. Beth sees this, and tells him that he doesn’t have to be doing that. Robert disagrees saying that according to Tommy, he has to. He jokes that at least the woman he just took a selfie with now has a gay social media presence.

Robert and Beth finally hash it out and apologize to each other for how they may have made the other felt. Beth goes on to say that for the record, she doesn’t think she shut him out. That Robert would always get up and leave whenever they’d start playing Barbies.

After he leaves Beth’s room, Robert goes in search of AJ and finds that both she and Adam are not in their room. He looks outside and finds the two younger kids trying to drive off in his RV, only to crash and flip over the RV. Both end up being okay.

Later, Robert asks AJ if she was really going to leave without saying goodbye to him. AJ admits that she’s not really good at goodbyes. Robert also admits that he’s struggling with letting her go. At breakfast, Beth hopes that she and Robert can stay in touch for real this time and are more than Facebook friends. Robert smiles and says that after the night they had, they already are. Adam even comes out for breakfast, which makes Beth really happy. Tommy also shows up for breakfast in drag and introduces herself as Fanny Pack. Robert is ready to take AJ to Pop Pop’s but AJ decides to go after seeing Robert win the pageant.

Title and Background

AJ and Robert find themselves in Fort Worth in this episode.



Guest Starring

  • Matthew Wilkas as Officer Patrick Kennedy[2]
  • Jane Krakowski as Beth Barnes Beagle[3]
  • Robb Derringer as Chad Beagle
  • Joanna Sanchez as Carmen
  • Ginger Minj as Tommy|Tommy/Fanny Pack


  • Kristen O'Meara as Lila
  • Sebastian Riley as Allan Sherman
  • Georgia Stay as Young Beth
  • Raymond Einar Olson as Young Robert
  • Kathryn Winslow as Irene
  • Aidan Fiske as Adam
  • Jim Kane as Ken
  • Stephen O'Mahoney as Party Guest


Song Performer(s) Scene
"Got to Be Real" Cheryl Lynn Ruby performs in the mansion.


  • Lady Danger and Damien are credited but don't appear in this episode.


Musical Scenes


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