Ginger Moon is a drag queen, performer, content creator, and one of the Season 2 contestants of TNT Drag.

Drag Name Origin

Track Record(s)

Ginger Moon
Season Competed TNT Drag 2
Ranking: 5th/6th Place
Maxi Challenges Won: 2 (Eps. 4, 6)
Times Placed High: 1 (Eps. 3)
Times Placed Low: 0
Episode Eliminated Episode 8

Entrance Quote

TNT Drag

"Queridas, meu nome é Ginger Moon e hoje eu vou rodar o meu bumbum."

Memorable Quotes

TNT Drag Season 2


  • Ginger is the drag sister of Roovie Fox.
  • Ginger appeared on the Netflix show "Nasce Uma Rainha" (A Queen is Born).
  • Ginger is currently in a relationship with the drag king Don Valentim.


TNT Drag 2 Looks



  • Nasce Uma Rainha (2019)

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