Hayden Kryze is one of the ten contestants to compete on the first season of Queen of Drags.

Drag Name Origin

Her first name "Hayden" is inspired by actor Hayden Christensen (who played Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars - Episode II and III). Her last name refers to the fact that "she can handle any crisis" as she was a victim of bullying during her adolescence.

Queen of Drags

Hayden Kryze
Season Competed QOD 1
Ranking: 8th
Total of Points: 25
Times as "Queen of the Week": 0
Episode Eliminated: Episode 3

Memorable Quotes

  • Last words after elimination: "Don't just fight for yourself. There are people who aren't able to fight for themselves!" (posted on QoD's Instagram)


  • She considers herself as a "muscle queen".
  • A spectator was so moved by one of her performances that he decided to come out of the closet.
  • In the first episode, she received the same amount of points as Candy Crash with only 14 points.
  • She's the first to not receive points in an episode as she was eliminated before the live performances.
  • She's the first queen to be eliminated by fellow contestens


Queen of Drags S1 Looks

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