Heidi Nina Closet, also know as Heidi N Closet is the stage name of Trevien Anthonie Cheek, a drag performer and one of the Season 12 contestants of RuPaul's Drag Race.

Name Origin

Heidi's name comes from a joke where closeted men from her hometown try to hook up with her and she encourages them to not be "hidin' in a closet". Her name can also be read as "hiding in closet."

RuPaul's Drag Race

Heidi N Closet
Seasons Competed: Season 12
Ranking: TBA
Maxi Challenges Won: TBA
Mini Challenges Won: TBA
Times as Team Captain: TBA
Times in Bottom Two: TBA
Episode Eliminated: TBA

Entrance Quote


Memorable Quotes

  • "A lot of men from my hometown are closeted, and they would always try and get my goodies and what-notchries."
  • "Most of it's about getting on that stage and performing really fast and making as much coin as you can."
  • "I have been performing for five years, but those first three years are a little mysterious, so we don't count those, so two."
  • "Elbow elbow, wrist wrist, cross your heart and blow a kiss."
  • "I am fully 100% fully in this competition to win. I want that crown. And a hundred thousand dollars 'cause, poverty."
  • "Bye whore. Oh that was Grandma Sherry, that's a good Christian woman. I thought it was Widow."
  • "Being the delicate woman that I am, I would need a running mate, to really masculine it up and give me a little more edge, like give me a more demographic edge, so I would definitely choose Jaida Essence Hall."


  • Heidi is the 3rd ever contestant from North Carolina to be on the show, after Victoria Parker and Stacy Layne Matthews.
  • The "N" in her name stands her Nina
    • She is the fourth queen with "Nina" in her name.


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