The Improv Challenge is a challenge where the contestants' improvisational skills are put to the test in order to win the maxi-challenge. The queens usually have to act as a certain character, but unlke in Acting Challenge, they do not receive lines they have to learn for their performace. Another type of improv challenge is The Snatch Game that tests the queens improv skills in the character of a celebrity. It had to be either a talent show, a news show, a celebrity gossip show or a weather channel show.

Improvisation Challenge Winners

These are the queens who won the Improv challenge in their respective season.

All Improvisation Challenges

Episode 3: Queens of All Media

Queen Placement
Bebe Zahara Benet WINNER
Nina Flowers HIGH
Ongina HIGH
Rebecca Glasscock HIGH
Jade LOW
Shannel BOTTOM 2

Episode 5: QNN News

Queen Placement
Manila Luzon WINNER
Shangela HIGH
Alexis Mateo SAFE
Carmen Carrera SAFE
Delta Work SAFE
Yara Sofia SAFE
Mariah Paris Balenciaga LOW
Stacy Layne Matthews BOTTOM 2

Episode 9: Frock the Vote!

Queen Placement
Sharon Needles WINNER
Chad Michaels HIGH
Phi Phi O'Hara LOW
Latrice Royale BOTTOM 2

Episode 3: Queens Behaving Badly

Team Contestant Placement
Team Shad Chad Michaels


Team Yarlexis Alexis Mateo


Yara Sofia
Team Rujubee Jujubee


Team Latrila Latrice Royale


Manila Luzon

Episode 3: Draggle Rock

Queen Segment Placement
Team Alaska Team Lineysha
Detox Word of the Day WINNER
Jinkx Monsoon Host HIGH
Roxxxy Andrews "How to" Segment HIGH
Alyssa Edwards Social Lesson of the Day SAFE
Honey Mahogany Social Lesson of the Day SAFE
Ivy Winters "How to" Segment SAFE
Jade Jolie Word of the Day SAFE
Alaska Host LOW
Lineysha Sparx "How to" Segment LOW
Vivienne Pinay "How to" Segment LOW
Coco Montrese Social Lesson of the Day BOTTOM 2
Monica Beverly Hillz Social Lesson of the Day ELIMINATED

Episode 9: Drag Queens of Talk

Queen Placement
Courtney Act WINNER
BenDeLaCreme HIGH
Bianca Del Rio SAFE
Darienne Lake SAFE
Joslyn Fox LOW
Adore Delano BOTTOM 2
Trinity K. Bonet ELIMINATED

Episode 4: Good Morning Bitches

Queen Placement
Sasha Velour WINNER
Shea Couleé WINNER
Alexis Michelle HIGH TEAM
Farrah Moan HIGH TEAM
Valentina HIGH TEAM
Eureka O'Hara HIGH
Nina Bo'nina Brown HIGH
Cynthia Lee Fontaine SAFE
Peppermint LOW
Trinity Taylor BOTTOM 2
Charlie Hides ELIMINATED

Episode 3: The B*tchelor

Queen Role Placement
Kennedy Davenport The Party Girl WINNER
BenDeLaCreme The Cougar TOP2
Trixie Mattel The Fake Bitch HIGH
Bebe Zahara Benet The Shy Virgin SAFE
Shangela The Polyamorous SAFE
Aja The Super Needy Girl BOTTOM 3
Chi Chi DeVayne The Polyamorous BOTTOM 3
Milk The Psycho Stalker ELIMINATED

Episode 5: The Bossy Rossy Show

Queen Placement
Miz Cracker HIGH
Monique Heart HIGH
Aquaria SAFE
Asia O'Hara SAFE
Blair St. Clair SAFE
Kameron Michaels SAFE
The Vixen LOW
Monét X Change BOTTOM 2
Mayhem Miller ELIMINATED

Episode 4

Queen Placement
Vulga Titz WINNER
Bunny Holiday SAFE
Hugo Grrrl SAFE
Lola Blades SAFE
Leidy Lei BOTTOM 2
Medulla Oblongata ELIMINATED

Episode 4: Jersey Justice

Queen Role Placement
Monique Heart Anastasia
Ravioli Ragu
Manila Luzon Tiffani TOP2
Valentina Snookie McSnookowitz HIGH
Naomi Smalls Stefani Angelyne
Ricotta Permanata
Trinity The Tuck Fisha Pice LOW
Monét X Change Alexis BOTTOM 2
Latrice Royale Anna Mae ELIMINATED

Episode 6: Power of Speech

Maxi Challenge

The results reflect only the challenge outcome, not the overall placements of the episode.

Queen Placement
Angele Anang WINNER
Mocha Diva WINNER
Bandit SAFE
Genie SAFE
Miss Gimhuay SAFE
Srimala SAFE
Tormai SAFE
Vanda Miss Joaquim SAFE

Runway Challenge

The results reflect only the challenge outcome, not the overall placements of the episode.

Queen Placement
Vanda Miss Joaquim WINNER
Bandit SAFE
Genie SAFE
Angele Anang LOW
Tormai LOW
Srimala BOTTOM 2

Episode 3: Diva Worship

Queen Placement
Nina West WINNER
Ariel Versace HIGH TEAM
Brooke Lynn Hytes HIGH TEAM
Mercedes Iman Diamond HIGH TEAM
Silky Nutmeg Ganache HIGH TEAM
Vanessa Vanjie Mateo HIGH TEAM
Yvie Oddly HIGH TEAM
A'keria Chanel Davenport BOTTOM 6
Plastique Tiara BOTTOM 6
Ra'Jah O'Hara BOTTOM 6
Scarlet Envy BOTTOM 6
Shuga Cain BOTTOM 6
Honey Davenport ELIMINATED

Episode 9: L.A.D.P.!

Queen Placement
A'keria Chanel Davenport WINNER
Brooke Lynn Hytes HIGH
Silky Nutmeg Ganache HIGH
Nina West SAFE
Yvie Oddly SAFE
Shuga Cain LOW
Vanessa Vanjie Mateo BOTTOM 2
Plastique Tiara ELIMINATED

Episode 6

Queen Placement
Spankie Jackzon WINNER
Claire Voyant SAFE
Elektra Shock SAFE
Lilly Loca SAFE
Miss Geena SAFE
Bionica BOTTOM 2
Willy SmacknTush ELIMINATED

Episode 3: World's Worst

Queen Placement
Sherry Pie WINNER
Heidi N Closet HIGH
Jackie Cox HIGH
Aiden Zhane SAFE
Brita SAFE
Gigi Goode SAFE
Jaida Essence Hall SAFE
Rock M. Sakura SAFE
Widow Von'Du SAFE
Crystal Methyd LOW
Nicky Doll BOTTOM 2

Episode 9: Choices 2020

Queen Placement
Jaida Essence Hall WINNER
Crystal Methyd HIGH
Heidi N Closet HIGH
Sherry Pie SAFE
Gigi Goode LOW
Jackie Cox BOTTOM 2

Episode 4: SheMZ

Queen Placement
Miz Cracker WINNER
Jujubee HIGH
Alexis Mateo SAFE
Blair St. Clair SAFE
Shea Couleé SAFE
India Ferrah BOTTOM 2
Mayhem Miller ELIMINATED

Episode 7: Miss Loose Jaw

Queen Character Placement
Lemon Miss Fitts WINNER
Scarlett BoBo Miss Informed HIGH
Rita Baga Miss Match'd SAFE
Jimbo Miss Behavin' LOW
Priyanka Miss Demeanor BOTTOM 2
Ilona Verley Miss Erable ELIMINATED


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