India Ferrah is the stage name of Shane Richardson, a professional drag queen and performer from Dayton, Ohio.

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India Ferrah competed on RuPaul's Drag Race Season 3, where she was eliminated 4th, placing 10th in the competition overall.

Drag Name Origin

She started with Jenna Michaels, but thought it didn’t fit her at all. There’s also a queen with a name starting with Jenna and another one ending with Michaels in Roanoke, Virginia (where she’s originally from). She then got a comedy name of Shanita Dickiner. She didn’t want to be a comedy queen, but very diva and high glam. Her first drag mother Montana St. Clair then gave her the name India Ferrah. Her new drag mother is Kristina Kelly.


  • India has a large collection of "Funko POPs" figures.
  • India is the first contestant to literally be picked up by another contestant(Mimi Imfurst) during a lip sync performance.

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