"I always land on my feet. No matter how shook up I get. And that’s the difference between me and everyone else. No matter what… I don’t quit."

— AJ’s voiceover at the beginning of the episode.

Jackson is the seventh episode of the first and only season of this dramedy that aired as a Netflix Original on Netflix on January 10, 2020 along with the other 10 episodes.


Robert and AJ make their way to Mississippi for an action-packed reunion. Back in New York, Louis opens the door to an unexpected visitor.


While on the phone with Monica, an American Express representative, he wonders if he will ever get out of the mess left behind from trusting a grifter.

Back in New York, someone knocks on the door and Louis thinks it’s some Girl Scouts selling cookies. But in reality, it is Brianna, asking if he has seen or heard from AJ. Louis, however, acts like he doesn’t know anything. As she’s walking away, Louis ends up giving her a $20 bill. A couple of hours later, AJ and Robert finally get to Mississippi. AJ reveals they arrived quite late since Robert pulled over and cried for a while after hitting a skunk. While waiting outside the club, AJ notices a woman holding a puppy asking for money. AJ is immediately smitten and asks if they can give some money to the lady. Robert looks down and notices that the woman is wearing a pair of fancy Gucci sneakers. Nevertheless, she still gives the young girl some money and plays with the puppy. However, she asks them how much of the money they collect actually goes to the puppy. They are perplexed and instead Darrell, who is Fabergé Legs’ bodyguard, comes out for Robert to lead them inside the club.

Once inside, Miss Terri Tory is doing a performance, and once her number is done, Fabergé Legs tells the crowd that they have half-price cocktails for the next 25 minutes. Robert tells Fabergé Legs that her club is poppin’, and says it’s like the United Colors of Benetton here. Fabergé tells Robert that they get all kind of people at her club; from straight guys, gay guys, guys on the DL. To butch dykes, baby dykes, drag queens draf fans, and everything in between. She jokes that everybody is welcome at the Jackson Joint, except for those fools that wear the sneakers with the toes in ‘em. Robert laughs at the joke, and Darrell tells him that Robert has a great laugh.

When Robert introduces AJ to Fabergé Legs, Miss Terri Tory pipes up that she’s called that because like Faberge eggs, she comes in installments. Fabergé Legs then introduces Miss Terri Tory, as her drag daughter but also her idiot nephew. Miss Terri Tory says she went to Vassar to study art, but took out a whole bunch of student loans, and Fabergé Legs says now they’ve got Fannie Mae barking up their asses. Robert asks Fabergé Legs how her mother is doing, and if she’s still alive. Which in turn prompts Fabergé Legs to point to the bar, where her mother is working on the drinks. However she’s struggling with opening a jar of cherries, so she tasks Darrell to go and help her mom before she pops a clot. As he leaves, Darrell says it was great meeting Robert after hearing all the stories about him from Fabergé Legs. As they’re leaving the club, Fabergé Legs by a pair of young men who ask for a picture. Fabergé wholeheartedly agrees but tells them that it will be $2 a piece.

Meanwhile, back in New York, as Officer Patrick is setting up a table for a dinner with Louis, the latter calls Robert to let him know Brianna was at their apartment asking for AJ. Louis is unknowingly ignoring all the hard work Patrick put into the meal. Louis tells Robert that people can change, and points to Fabergé Legs, who has apparently turned her life around. Robert goes on to say that just by looking at her now, one would never know she had such a hard time adjusting to life after she got out of prison. Eventually, he gets mad and tells Louis that he skipped leg day to make him this meal. Louis hangs up on Robert after telling his best friend that he’s gotta go because he thinks that his relationship just left the honeymoon phase. Patrick slams the door after saying that Louis is always on the phone with Robert. Fabergé admits to AJ that when she got out of prison, no one would show her any kind of love. Except for Robert, who hosted a show at a club called Finger Uptown in New York City. Later, while accompanying Fabergé to feed the homeless, AJ walks out of there with a puppy.

At a Comfort Inn, Lady Danger is ordering some room service for herself, and orders some food for Damien as well. He tells her that it is 4AM and too late to eat, so he’s just going to go to bed. Lady Danger tells him that’s ridiculous and to just eat something because they were on the road for 10 hours. Damien blows up at her telling Lady Danger that if she had only been paying more attention to the RV, instead of her Instagram, they would have realized sooner that that the RV they were following had Nevada plates. Whereas Robert’s plates are obviously from New York. Damien tells her he has had enough and begins to pack up. Lady Danger asks Damien if he’s really about to ditch her in the middle of nowhere after everything they’ve been through.

Years earlier, Lady Danger proposes to work together with a much younger Damien; using his good looks to grift drag queens. He tells her that he’s married, and she says that so is she, but to call her when he decides to stop drinking the crappy beer.

Back in the present, just as he’s going to walk out of the motel room, Lady Danger stops Damien by blackmailing him into staying. She asks him how he thinks his mother will feel to find out that her hot Cuban son is a queer, and threatens Damien with sharing the post that exposes him for grifting Ruby to everyone he knows like his aforementioned mother and his ex-wife. Damien asks Lady Danger what exactly he wants from him, after everything he has given to her. Lady Danger hops on one of the nearby beds, and says that maybe after all this time, it’s time to see what all the fuss is about when it comes to him. Damien then asks her if they really will be finished if he sleeps with her. Lady Danger says that she’ll still need a ride to Jackson, but after that, then yeah they’ll be finished. Damien sighs and removes his bathrobe.

Back in the RV, AJ’s new puppy has not stopped whimpering and she keeps bothering Robert, asking him if he’s awake. The next morning, AJ is still asleep, and Robert is watching an episode of the Oprah Winfrey show. While he’s getting ready to come out looking like Ruby Red later, AJ comes inside the RV with a bag that Fabergé gave her. Inside, is a lot of stacks of money. Unfortunately, Robert tells AJ that it’s likely counterfeit money.

For Oldies Night, Fabergé Legs walks out onto stage to introduce Ruby Red. Meanwhile, AJ ends up leaving the RV and goes to bring back the puppy to her original owners. Back in New York, Brianna is putting missing child posters with AJ’s face on them. After her performance at Fabergé’s club, Robert finally gives in and ends up hooking up with Darrell, who had been flirting with him since Robert got to Jackson.

Later, Damien drives up to the Jackson Joint to drop off Lady Danger. The two bouncers see her, and one of them runs inside to go get Fabergé. Damien stays inside his car asking himself what he is even doing over and over again. Lady Danger, for her part, is sneaking around the parking lot till she gets to Robert’s RV. She takes out her pink handgun and gets inside. But finds that Robert isn’t there. She puts her gun back in her purse, and is greeted by Fabergé. She then takes off Danger’s eyepatch while revealing that word on the street is that she didn’t just ruin other people’s faces, but her own too. She takes a picture of her messed up eye, and tells her to scram, before she posts it on Instagram. Simultaneously, some of Fabergé’s men also break all the windows and glass on Damien’s car. Eventually, Lady Danger gets back in the car, and the two drive off once again.

Darrell asks if he can come to visit Robert up in New York, but he turns him down. He tells Darrell that he is the kind of guy that makes fake plans, and he likes Darrell enough to not want to hurt him with his drama. After hooking up, Robert proudly does the walk of shame and walks back to the RV. Inside, he hears some crying and thinks it’s still the puppy crying. But it turns out to be AJ crying, who tells Robert that she took the puppy back because he was missing his mommy… Even if she wasn’t the best mom.

Robert phones Louis and tells his best friend about what happened with AJ. Louis tells Robert that in times like these, he really does believe in guardian angels.

Back in New York, Louis and Patrick have made up and after Robert tells Louis that AJ misses his mother, no matter how bad she is… Louis goes out to look for Brianna, and tells her that he knows where AJ is.

Title and Background

  • AJ and Robert find themselves in Jackson, Mississippi in this episode.



Guest Starring


  • Jo Farkas as Mrs. Sweeney
  • Baadja-Lyne Odums as Mama
  • Mychal Thompson as Rick
  • Chaunté Wayans as Cherise
  • Shelby Steel as Trina
  • Steven Michael Eich as Club Regular #1
  • Bruce Merkle as Club Regular #2
  • Kendra Oyesanya as Dancer #1
  • Brittania Jones as Dancer #2


Song Performer(s) Scene
"Wiggle Jiggle" Two Turnt Boyz Miss Terri Tory's performance.
"Push It" Salt-N-Pepa Ruby Red & Fabergé Legs performing together
"It's Gonna Take A Miracle" Laura Nyro & Labelle Ruby Red's performance.


  • Monique Heart is credited as Kevin 'Monique Heart' Richardson for this episode.
  • Miss Terri Tory says she went to Vassar to study art, but took out a whole bunch of student loans, and Fabergé Legs says now they’ve got Fannie Mae barking up their asses.
  • Fabergé Legs got out of prison in 2010 and is now running a successful counterfeiting business in the back of his club.


Musical Scenes


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