Janisha Jones is the stage name of Jan Sabater Viñals. She was one of the ten contestants to compete on the first season of Queen of Drags. She was the first eliminated.

Drag Name Origin

Her first name "Janisha" is derived from 'Anisha', which reminds her of a well-known Catalan, while her last name "Jones" is inspired by Grace Jones and Samantha Jones.

Queen of Drags

Janisha Jones
Season Competed QoD 1
Ranking: 10th
Total of Points: 7
Times as "Queen of the Week": 0
Episode Eliminated: Episode 1

Memorable Quotes

  • Last words after elimination: "I'm disappointed (in myself). Thank you for letting me be here." (posted on QoD's Instagram)


  • She's the first queen out of "Queen of Drags", therefore being the "Porkchop" of Germany.
    • She was eliminated with only 7 points. She was the only queen to score in the single-digits overall.
  • Janisha said on Instagram that she thought about auditioning for the first season of Drag Race España.


Queen of Drags S1 Looks

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