Jasmine Diane Masters is the stage name of Martell Robinson, a drag performer from Los Angeles, California. She was a contestant on Season 7 of RuPaul's Drag Race.

During her limited run on the show, Jasmine received harsh criticism online for the negative comments she made towards other Season 7 contestants. The hate she received became so bad that RuPaul brought it up during the Season 7 finale, stating that bullying queens online is not okay.

On January 28, 2016, Jasmine uploaded a video to her YouTube channel titled "Jasmine Masters RuPaul Dragrace fucked up drag", in which she stated that the quality of the drag scene in America had gone down since RuPaul's Drag Race began airing, and most notably saying that "Rupaul's Drag Race had fucked up drag, bottom line, cut and dry". While she initially received backlash from fans for this video, slowly people began to gradually appreciate it for its unintential comic value, and it has since become a meme in the Drag Race fandom.

Since this video, Jasmine has received notable attention as a "meme queen" amongst the fanbase, with many of her YouTube videos going viral among fans, and several of her catchphrases becoming commonly used.

Entrance Quotes

Season 7

"I'm here! We made it, BITCHES!"

Holi-Slay Spectacular

"Everybody needs a little Jush for christmas

All Stars 4

"Hey Jush! I am Jasmine Masters and I have something to say... I AM BACK FOR ALL STARS 4, YOU JUNKIE WHORES!!"

RuPaul's Drag Race

Jasmine Masters
Season Competed Season 7 Holislay All Stars 4
Ranking: 12th Winner 1/8 10th
Mini-Challenges Won: 0 0 0
Times as Team Captain: 0 N/A 0
Main Challenges Won: 0 N/A 0
Times in Bottom Two: 1 (Ep. 3) N/A 1 (Ep. 1)
Episode Eliminated: Episode 3 N/A Episode 1

Memorable Quotes

  • JasmineSG9
    "I am Jasmine Masters and I have something to say."
  • "No Tea, no shade, no pink lemonade."
  • "I wouldn't be surprised if Ru got up right now and said 'bitch, just cause of that gown, girl, you're safe as fuck" - Jasmine Masters, the episode she was eliminated
  • "Cocoon"
  • "Not the black bitch!? What's the Tea?!"
  • "You gotta pop dem corns so the kids can eat!"
  • "I wasn't brought up wearing my panties and bra on stage and reaching for something that ain't there, that's not drag."
  • "It's like a, a butterfly in a cocoon? So I'ma be like, some type of like a cocoon. Then I'ma grow, so as I'm walking down to the run-walking down the runway, I'm gonna grow. 'Cause the butt-the butterfly is actually is in the cocoon, this is the cocoon. And which is me, the butterfly. You know like a butterfly is in a cocoon? Every step that I take down the runway, the, uh, butterfly inside is growing. So once it get revealed to the end of the runway, the Shoo, shoo!"
  • "RuPaul's Drag Race done fucked up drag, bottom line cut and dry."
  • "Panties, bitch."
  • "And then there’s that old tight-ass long-horse-face Violet..."
  • "Getting my jush."
  • "That part."
  • "Pop the corn so the kids can eat."
  • "Burger King? How are you? Are you hiring today? Oh great, I will be down in a momentarily to fill up a application."
  • Jasmine masters1
    "Wash yo ass."
  • "Wash your pussy."
  • "Little titties, little ass, and a little kuht-kuht."
  • "Do that challenge!"
  • "Well... Just as I thought... Trash!"
  • *singing* "Nooooo ma'am! Noooooooooo ma'am! Noooooooo ma'am!"
  • "I am Jasmine Masters and I have something to say. Rupaul’s Drag Race have fucked up drag. Bottom line, cut and dry. Yes, I was on the show , I got on the show just because I needed a goddamn pay raise and I got tired of seeing bitches come from out of town, this is nothing to none of the girls, I’m just saying. I got tired of some of you bitches coming to town, not having eyelash glue, bobby pins and safety pins, and wh- duct tape, whatever you needed, but y’all got it from me and y’all was making way more than ME...have your asses came before?…….…..and I can get it, but I also said it’s the show that’s for something that I do. I am drag queen, I am an entertainer, whatever, female impersonator. I do what RuPaul does. So why not get on this show, so I can make some extra coin dollars and see the world and meet some new people. But, the show been on now for 8 years, and from those years the drag scene has really went down hill. It’s just fucked up. [...]"
  • "Faseegalama!" (Glamazonian Airways)
  • "Fellas, do you like good juicy pussy? Find you a big girl. Let me tell you. Them big girls got some big ol’ juicy pussy ‘cause a lot of guys don’t wanna tap on them. Now don’t get me wrong, some of them pussies may stank because they big and they don’t wash real good. But one time I went dive in deep into a fat girl with some good pussy, and I almost married that bitch, and I was 15 years old. And that pussy was goo- as a matter of fact: Guadalupe McGillicuddy, if you out there, contact me girl, ‘cause you got some good ol’ juicy yank yank. Now like I said l, if you want some good puss, find you a big girl. They pussy good, some of them clean, so big girl wash them puss so them boys can dive in your fat jush, and y’all can get y’all some love too. Give a big girl some shots. Them pussies good and juicy."
  • "Do you like your asshole busted wide open? Do you like your asshole just sprawled and spreaded wide? If so let me tell you how to make that happen. Find you one of them thick boys, because them thick boys have these big cucumber dicks! I have seen so many big dicks on thick chubby boys than the law allow. And I know a lot of y’all like getting your asses busted wide open to where you can’t shit properly the next day and you gotta have a damn maxi pad in the back because you’re bleeding. If you like all that, please go find you one of the big boys. I’m telling you, 40% of these big boys got the anacondas, these cucumber dicks! I had to tell one, 'Baby I’m not that gay. I can’t take all that dick. That’s a lot of dick. You ain’t gonna try it. I ain’t gonna try it. Thank you for showing me but I’ma find you someone you could take all that dick. I do- that’s too much dick. I’m not that gay.' But if you like a lot of big dick, go find you one of them big boys. They got some big ol’ dicks."
  • "Expet the unexpectable"


  • Prior to her casting at Drag Race, she appeared along with Willam Belli on an episode of "The New Normal" teaching how to read.
  • Robinson also had a role in the movie "First Sunday" with Ice Cube, as Mordecai.
  • She first did drag at age 17 for a Patti Labelle look-a-like contest, where she took first place and won concert tickets.
  • Jasmine had tried out for RuPaul's Drag Race since season 2. She was also shortlisted for season 1.
  • Robinson chose the name "Jasmine Masters" after the actress Jasmine Guy and her drag mother Destiny Masters.
  • Jasmine is known for her YouTube vlogs, which often go viral among the Drag Race fanbase. Her most famous videos include "My Thoughts On Season 9 Cast" and "Rupaul Dragrace Fucked Up Drag"
  • One of her videos (Fix Ur Breath) was featured in a post on Justin Bieber's Instagram page.
  • Jasmine was impersonated by Nina Bo'nina Brown on the Season 9 Snatch Game. She is the fourth queen, after Alyssa Edwards, Sharon Needles, and Alaska to be impersonated for Snatch Game.
  • Jasmine identifies as bisexual.
  • Jasmine hosts a webseries "Jasmine Masters' Class" on WOWPresents+.
  • Jasmine is the only Holi-Slay Spectacular Queen to not have any confessionals or outfit descriptions.


Best of Jasmine Masters Season 7

Best of Jasmine Masters Season 7

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Meet Jasmine Masters All Stars 4

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