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Jimbo is a Canadian drag performer and one of the contestans of the first season of Canada's Drag Race.

On 17 January 2022, it was announced she would be returning to compete in RuPaul's Drag Race UK vs The World, alongside eight other queens.

Name Origin

Jimbo is a synonym for James. As a boy, her dad called her by the name Jimbo and used to sing to her this little song "Jimbolina, jimbolina". Later on one of her partners called her by that name so eventually stick to it.[2]

Track Record(s)

Seasons Competed: Canada Season 1 UK vs. The World
Ranking: 4th Place 7th Place
Maxi Challenges Won: 1 (Ep. 5) 2 (Eps. 1, 2)
Mini Challenges Won: 1 (Ep. 4) 0
Times as Team Captain: 0 0
Times in Bottom Two: 1 (Ep. 9) 1 (Ep. 3)
Episode Eliminated: Episode 9 Episode 3

Memorable Quotes

Canada's Drag Race Season 1

  • "Oh wow! Oh my... god! Okay!" (entrance quote)
  • "Mommy, is that you? You feel different than I remember." (During the ASMR with Drag Props video)
  • "Don't come in. I like... privacy. Can I have some privacy, please!? Ah, Ah, Ah... Ahhhhhh. *While playing with mascara*"
  • "Wow, it's like I boarded the mothership, and it's straight for outer space!
  • "I am a run of the mill guy."
  • "I'm going to spin in a circle!"
  • "I can make my dick disappear!"
  • "Oh, this is actually quite nice."
  • "Wow, that was a blowjob."
  • “I don’t like the cold...”
  • "Another crown? I couldn't, but okay."
  • "Oh, mommy, put me down! Wait, don't. I want to go higher!"
  • "I am serving 645 working pockets, but I can't find my bus fare." (commentary for her "Canuck Couture" look)
  • "I can't feel my feet."
  • "I thought this was gonna be hard; Oh wow! I love the snow..."
  • "And my name is Nancy Grace, and I am full-blown pissed to be here! But, good morning anyway."
  • "I forget your name, I am sorry."
  • "And that is all we have today, fortunately for you at home. Unfortunately for me, I'm stuck with this bitch."
  • "Hell no, and it's Nancy for the final fuckin' time!"
  • "The Dwolls are out of the playhouse, and they're ready to cause some shit!'
  • "♪ You want a diss? Take a listen to this / Honey, hold my drink while I take the piss / Grab a towel, think I spilled some tea / You make messy TV / Back rolls, now in HD / Pop your zits before you come for me / Check your mug 'cause you're looking greasy / Change your clothes 'cause they smell like pee ♪" (verse in "Not Sorry Aboot It")
  • "You know what? You do look like a freaking party favour, and so does Tynomi."
  • "Well, good thing that all we wanna hear is you. That's a good thing. Because you're the only one with an opinion, you're the only one going through anything [...] Why do you get the loudest voice in the room? Why do you get to say, "shut the fuck up, and shut your mouth, bitch?"
  • "Great. Well, I'm saying, Ilona, I don't wanna fucking hear it right now, so what do you say?"
  • "But to say that I'm not glamorous at all, I think he maybe needs to look up the word glamour."
  • "You question my taste level I question your knowledge of the English language." (About Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman's critiques)
  • "Okay bitch well you're wearing some crusty ass Golden Girls bullshit on your head, and you're coming for me."
  • "Your laceline looks like barf, your hair is fried [...] I mean your hair looks like a grandma just dunked her head in the toilet." (About Rita's wig)
  • "Your mother and I invented the Snatch Game!" (as Joan Rivers in Snatch Game)
  • "You miss your mother, smell my goddamn fingers!" (as Joan Rivers in Snatch Game)
  • "Dildo bird."
  • "TOP 4!? HELL TO THE NO!" (preview of episode 9 not seen in the final cut)
  • "I was waiting for it to say excuse me miss I think you're in the wrong competition. Canada's most beautiful whore is being filmed in the other warehouse."
  • "Jimbo: WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY?! Brooke Lynn: Goodbye Jimbo! Jimbo: Fuck you!" (exit quote)
  • "Drag is all around us. It's the costume, the character that you put on in the morning to face the world. And anyone that can fearlessly self-express and share that in the world should be commended."

UK vs. The World

  • “Mom, I’m home!!! And I want a snack.” (Entrance quote)
  • "I would put my lighter in the air for that... and then I'd put it right on the bottom of that dress!" (About the dress Jujubee chose to wear during the Talent Show.)
  • "What would you do, tiny umbrella?" (consulting the umbrella drink accessory for advice on who to eliminate first episode)
  • "I did not do good." (to Baga Chipz after losing to Pangina in a lipsync)
  • "I'm so sorry, I wish I was a better dancer." (to Lemon after failing to save her from elimination)
  • "What would you do, tiny sofa...? Ugh, you're no help at all." (consulting the sofa for advice on who to eliminate second episode)
  • "Pangina Heals. The only thing wider than your back is Baga's ass, and that smells better." (reading Pangina)
  • "Mo' Heart. You've been passed around more than a donation basket on Sunday and gotten less change." (reading Mo)
  • "I'll get you Ru, and your little dog too! I'm talking about you, Michelle." (exit quote)

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