Each season of La Más Draga features one host who also serves as main judge, along with 3 other judges. Additionally, each episode a guest judge who only appear in that episode.

Regular Judges and Coaches

Coaches assist the contestants during the mini challenges and prepare them for the main challenge.

Name Season
1 2 3
Lorena Herrera Main / Host
Vanessa Claudio Guest Host
Karla Díaz Host
Johnny Carmona Main
Letal Main
Yari Mejía Main
Paris Bang Bang Coach
Pepe y Teo Ricardo Peralta "Pepe" Guests Coaches
Cesar Doroteo "Teo" Guest

Guest Judges

Season 1

Name Short Bio Episode
Susana Zabaleta Singer, Actress 1
Los Jonas Vloggers David Alegre Internet Personalities 2
Mickey Cundapí
Luis Rivas 2 7
Alfonso Waithsman Makeup Artist 3 7
Regina Orozco Actress, Singer 4
Manelyk González Singer 7
Alex Córdova Photographer
Manu Nna Comedian
Vanessa Claudio Actress, Model,

TV Personality

Cesar Doroteo "Teo"
(from Pepe y Teo)

Internet Personality

Quique Galdeano Entrepreneur

Season 2

Name Short Bio Episode
Susana Zabaleta Singer, Actress 1
Astrid Hadad Actress, Performance Artist 2
Regina Orozco Actress, Singer 3
Pepe y Teo Internet Personalities 4
Pavel Arámbula Drag Entertainer 5
CaELiKe Internet Personality 6
Dulcees Singer 7

Season 3

Name Short Bio Episode
Regina Orozco Actress, Singer 1
Ana Bárbara Singer 2
La Bogue Actress, Comedian, TV Host 3
Apio Quijano TV Personality 4
Maribel Guardia Actress, Model, Singer 5
Ricky Lips Celebrity Impersonator
Bárbara de Regil Actress 6
Aldo Rendón Fashion Stylist 7
Ariel Miramontes "Albertano" Actor 8
Carmen Salinas Actress 9
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