Each season of The Boulet Brothers' Dragula features two hosts, The Boulet Brothers, who are also the only permanent judges on the show. Additionally, some episodes have guest judges who only appear in that episode.

Regular Judges

Name Season
1 2 3 4
The Boulet Brothers Dracmorda Boulet Main / Host
Swanthula Boulet Main / Host

Guest Judges

Season 1

Name Short Bio Episode
Darren Stein Film Director 1
Magnus Hastings Photographer 2
A skeleton prop A skeleton prop 3
BibleGirl666 Drag Entertainer 4
Heklina Drag Entertainer 5
Peaches Christ Drag Entertainer

Season 2

Name Short Bio Episode
Willam Drag Entertainer, Actor 1
Gage Munster Makeup Artist
Miss Kitty 2
Michael Schmidt 3
Magnus Hastings Photgrapher
Alaska Drag Entertainer 4
Heklina Drag Entertainer
Peaches Christ Drag Entertainer 5
Miss Coco Peru Drag Entertainer
Darren Stein Film Director 6
BibleGirl666 Drag Entertainer
Vander Von Odd Drag Entertainer 7

Season 3

Name Short Bio Episode
Phil Jimenez Comic Artist 1
Phi Phi O'Hara Drag Entertainer
Amanda Lepore Model 2
Bonnie Aarons Actress
Henry Rollins Musician, Singer, Actor 3
Peaches Christ Drag Entertainer
Michael Varrati Screenwriter 4
Darren Stein Film Director
Felissa Rose Actress 5
Biqtch Puddin Drag Entertainer
Milly Shapiro Actress 6
Paige Owens
Vander Von Odd Drag Entertainer 7
Cig Neutron Visual Effects Artist, Makeup Artist
Rachel True Actress 8
Danielle Harris Actress

Season 4

Name Short Bio Episode
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