Each season of The Switch Drag Race features one host (Karla Constant) who doesn't judge or sit at the judges table, and 4 (on Season 1) or 3 (on Season 2) judges. Unlike RuPaul's Drag Race, The Switch Drag Race doesn't feature any guest judges.

Regular Judges

Name Season
1 2
Karla Constant Host
Nicole Gaultier Main
Íngrid Cruz Main
Juan Pablo González Main
Sebastián Errázuriz Main
Óscar Mediavilla Main


Coaches are experts that prepare the contestants for the challenges.

Name Subject Season
1 2
Nicole Gaultier Dancing Main
Runway Walking
Íngrid Cruz Acting Main
Patricia Maldonado Singing Main
Nicanor Bravo Fashion Main
Darwin Ruz Dancing Guest Main
Álvaro Véliz Singing Main
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