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KaladKaren, also known as KaladKaren Davila, is a Filipino comedienne, impersonator, and television personality. She is best known for impersonating ABS-CBN News personality Karen Davila.

On July 20, 2022, she was announced to be another permanent judge of Drag Race Philippines alongside Jiggly Caliente.



KaladKaren first impersonated Karen Davila during a satirical comedy variety show from her alma mater that poked fun at the 2016 Philippine national elections.[1][2]

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  • "TBA"


  • KaladKaren is the second judge in Drag Race Philippines, as well as the entire Drag Race franchise, to be openly transgender, the first being Jiggly Caliente.
  • Her stage name, KaladKaren, is a pun on the Filipino word "kaladkarin", which translates to "to drag" in English. It also is a portmanteau of the aforementioned word and Karen Davila, a Filipino news anchor she frequently impersonates.
    • The term "kaladkarin" is also typically used as a Filipino slang term to denote a person that enjoys going places, usually with their circle of friends.
      • Coincidentally, KaladKaren and Karen Davila both graduated from the University of the Philippines.[2]


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