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KaladKaren, also known as KaladKaren Davila, is a Filipino comedienne, impersonator, and television personality. She is best known for impersonating ABS-CBN News personality Karen Davila.

On July 20, 2022, she was announced to be another permanent judge of Drag Race Philippines alongside Jiggly Caliente.



In 2012, KaladKaren competed in the first season of The Amazing Race Philippines with her friend Saida Diola. They finished 5th.

KaladKaren first impersonated news anchor Karen Davila during a satirical comedy variety show from her alma mater that poked fun at the 2016 Philippine national elections.[3][4]

In 2023, KaladKaren starred as Wilhelmina in the film Here Comes the Groom, one of the official entries at the 2023 Summer Metro Manila Film Festival. She won Best Supporting Actress for the role, making her the second transgender actor to win such a feat in the Philippine film industry.[5]

Memorable Quotes[]

Drag Race Philippines Season 1[]

  • "Hay, naku, I'm so excited! I'm over the moon dahil bukod sa may tagisan, may baklaan!"
  • "Ako lang 'to, ah..."
  • "Ang taray!"
  • "Nanggigigil ako sa'yo." (critiquing Minty Fresh's performance in the Talent Show in Episode 1)
  • "Hindi niya tayo pinuchu-puchu, in fairness..."
  • "Kung may edge pala siya at may kaalaman siya sa pananahi, and then 'yun lang yung pinakita niya sa atin, that's quite disappointing."
  • "Jowang-jowa naman..." (talking about Gigi Era during the judges' deliberation in Episode 2)
  • "Sayang!"
  • "Feeling ko, kapag tinanggal mo 'yan lahat at naiwan lang yung dress, pang-ninang sa kasal." (critiquing Turing's Perlas ng Silanganan in Episode 4)
  • "Lagi po nating tatandaan na kapag may pageant... may co-host!"
  • "Feeling mo ba, mase-save ka ng kagandahan mo?"


  • KaladKaren is the second judge in Drag Race Philippines, as well as the entire Drag Race franchise, to be openly transgender, the first being Jiggly Caliente.
  • Her stage name, KaladKaren, is a pun on the Filipino word "kaladkarin", which translates to "to drag" in English. It also is a portmanteau of the aforementioned word and Karen Davila, a Filipino news anchor she frequently impersonates.
    • The term "kaladkarin" is also typically used as a Filipino slang term to denote a person that enjoys going places, usually with their circle of friends.
      • Coincidentally, KaladKaren and Karen Davila both graduated from the University of the Philippines.[4]
  • The look that KaladKaren wore during her judge Ruveal look was shown during Episode 7 of the first season.


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