Kandy Ho is the stage name of Frank Diaz, a drag performer from Cayey, Puerto Rico. She was a contestant on Season 7 of RuPaul's Drag Race and placed 10th. She then competed on the second season of The Switch, where she placed 8th.

RuPaul's Drag Race

Kandy Ho
Season Competed Season 7
Ranking: 10th Place
Mini-Challenges Won: 0
Times as Team Captain: 0
Times Placed High: 0
Main Challenges Won: 0
Times Placed Low: 1 (Ep. 4)
Times in Bottom: 3 (Eps. 1, 5, 6)
Episode Eliminated Episode 6


Season 7

"I hope you girls got a sweet tooth, because Kandy's in the motherfucking house. From Puerto Rico."

Memorable Quotes

  • "How old are you?"- To Tempest DuJour.
  • "I almost shitted my panties." (Untucked, Episode 2).
  • "Kandy is hot, Kandy is candente. If you touch her too close, you might get burned!"
  • "She tries to be funny...I guess..." To Tempest DuJour (Confessional).
  • "This is right on my alley!"
  • "Yay for Violet's vulnerability!" (EP5 Untucked).
  • "Jaidynn has nothing on me when it comes to lip-syncing, girl, uhm hm."
  • "Mother does NOT play...that." - During the What Ever Happened to Merle Ginsberg challenge.
  • "Today I'm going to be a cat."
  • "What the fuck?" - When she was in the bottom 2 with Tempest DuJour.


  • Kandy belongs to The Doll House, a Puerto Rican drag house. April Carrión also belongs to this house and wore a Kandy Ho T-shirt during the filming of Season 6. Kandy's drag sister is Queen Bee Ho.
  • Kandy was born in Connecticut but has lived in Puerto Rico for most of her life.
  • Kandy had a short-lived feud with Tempest DuJour on her season.
    • This feud quickly came to an end in the first episode, after they were the bottom two and Kandy won the lip-sync against Tempest.
  • Kandy was in the second season of the Chilean version of Drag Race, The Switch Drag Race with Gia Gunn from Season 6, this makes them, the first two contestants to ever appear and compete on 2 different Drag Race Series' excluding All Stars.
  • Kandy received a lot of praise for her intense lip-sync performance Robotika.[1]
  • Kandy shares the same first drag name as Kandy Zyanide from Drag Race Thailand (Season 2) and Kandy Muse from RuPaul's Drag Race (Season 13)
  • She is infamous for the minimal screentime given to her, resulting in the nickname "Kandy Who"

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The Doll House

April Carrión
Kandy Ho
Rochelle Mon Chéri


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