Karla Andrea Constant Capetillo is a Chilean television presenter known for shows such as 'Pipiripao', 'Mundos Opuestos', 'Doble Tentación and, of course, is the host of The Switch Drag Race.


Although she started on television in 1996 on UCV TV, it was not until her arrival on Channel 13 in 1998 that she became known by animating programs such as 'Si se la Podemos', 'Gana', 'Crazy Video', 'La Mañana del 13', 'Viva la Mañana', 'Alfombra Roja', among others.

In 2006 Karla hosted the reality show 'La casa', later 'Expedition Robinson, la isla VIP', until in 2008 she left the channel and traveled to Argentina due to her marriage to producer Salvador León. In mid-2011, Karla returned to Chile went back to her old channel.

In January 2012, she was the host of the reality audience phenomenon 'Mundos opuestos'; two months after the end of the program she returned to present the reality show 'Pareja perfecta'.


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