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Pierre-Édouard Hanffou, better known by the stage name Kiddy Smile, is a French DJ, singer, dancer, producer and LGBTQ+ activist. On March 3, 2022, he was announced to be a judge on Drag Race France.[4]


A man with many talents, DJ, artist, dancer and producer Kiddy Smile is all about spreading love, equality and creating cultural spaces of representation for all through his art forms. Originally from a small town in France, Ramboulet (Yvelines), a French suburb, Smile was one kid who held huge dreams in the palm of his hands. With minimal opportunities in his hometown, Smile decided to pack his bags and head towards the capital to make his newfound dreams as a musical artist and voguer become a reality. Being a black, homosexual trying to find his community in Paris was definitely not easy for Smile. Having to fight to own who he truly is, whilst searching for likeminded individuals to create what seemed like mission impossible, until he thankfully discovered the Ballroom Scene. Finally finding a sacred space and community where his skin colour, extravagant fashion sense and homosexuality is fully accepted was just the beginning for Smile as he found a home away from home.

Deeply influenced by the experimental, dreamy and imaginative sounds of the ’80s and ’90s House music, Gospel and Hip Hop, Smile flaunts his moves and sounds on stage to break the whitewashed stigma of house music and pave way for black and other ethnic minorities to shine through and re-claim their stage. Notoriously known for his LGBTQ+ activist activities in Paris which caught the attention of several press companies, Smile has been named the French Prince of Voguing and one of Paris’ top figures in Vogue. With four EP’s and one debut album to his name, this journey in search of identity and representation seems to be just at the beginning for Smile, as we know with Paris’ ballroom scene improving more and more, day by day, Smile will have a lot more to share with us very soon.[2]

Memorable Quotes[]

Drag Race France Season 1[]

  • "T'es drôle, mais des fois, je ne suis pas sûr que ce soit volontaire. Je sais pas si des fois on rit de toi ou si on rit avec toi. Mais moi, je crois en toi." (talking about Lova Ladiva performance on the acting challenge)

Drag Race France Season 2[]

  • "TBA"


  • Kiddy is the International Mother of the House of Gorgeous Gucci, a Ballroom house from the Mainstream scene. He is active in the European and Parisian scene, where the house walks the Runway, Labels, and Best Dressed category.
    • Being the International Mother of the House, Kiddy is the mother of La Grande Dame Gorgeous Gucci, from the French chapter of the house.[5]
  • Kiddy sometimes performs in drag as Nutella in Ballroom.[6]
  • In 2011, Kiddy worked with Ubisoft Paris as a dancer for the Sweat Invaders song, Skin-To-Skin, which was once available as a DLC on Just Dance 2 and Just Dance 3 and is featured on Just Dance: Summer Party.[7]


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