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La Más Draga: Solo Las Más

La Más Draga: Solo Las Más is an All Stars spin-off edition of La Más Draga that brings together past contestants of the show in order to compete once again for the crown. As with the main series, the show is transmitted on YouTube and produced by La Gran Diabla Producciones.

The show was first teased on January 18, 2022 after the show's official accounts posted a poll where the audience could vote for the contestants they wanted to see back from the first four seasons. However, after some initial technical errors that were later fixed, the poll was taken down and no further news were given. The casting call for the fifth season of the main series dropped a few weeks later instead.[1][2]

Despite being continuously referenced and hinted at by the producers since then, the show wasn't officially confirmed until February 6, 2024 through a video announcement featuring all the hosts from the first six seasons of the main series, as well as the revamped panel of judges.[3]

Series Overview[]

Season No.
Originally aired
Premiere Finale
1 8 8 March 19, 2024 May 7, 2024


Season Prizes
  • MXN $1,000,000
  • A NYX Cosmetics makeup kit worth MXN $100,000
  • A crown


Mini Challenges[]

See: Mini Challenge/La Más Draga: Solo Las Más

Previously introduced during the second season of the main series, mini challenges were also implemented on La Más Draga: Solo Las Más since the very first season of the show. These challenges occur before the main challenge and are mainly designed to assess the contestants' creativity, improvisational skills and physical prowess. The prizes for the winners of these mini challenges can range from a variety of cash prizes to a coveted Golden Star.

Main Challenges & Runway[]

Just like with the main series, the majority of the main challenges in La Más Draga: Solo Las Más consist of Runway Challenges, although some other featured challenges include Talent Shows and Musicals. Unlike the main series, however, the judges offer critiques without assigning scores or rankings to each contestant; instead, they simply announce the winner of the challenge and the runner-up, with each of them receiving a star and a prize. More than one contestant may be named runner-up of a challenge.

It should also be noted that each episode is crafted to pay homage to its corresponding season from the main series: the original host of that season returns to host the episode, and a runway theme from that season is usually given a redemption. For instance, Lorena Herrera returned to host the first episode of La Más Draga: Solo Las Más (Season 1), which also featured La Más Alebrije as the runway theme, previously seen in the fourth episode of La Más Draga (Season 1).

The Purgatory[]

One notable difference in format from the main series lies in the process of selecting the bottom contestants. Rather than being determined by the judges, this decision rests with the contestants themselves. They are tasked with privately voting in El Purgatorio for the contestant they believe performed the worst in the episode, with the only exception being the winner of that week's challenge, who is immune from receiving any votes.[note 1] The contestant who accumulates the most votes is given a Black Star and is placed in the bottom two of the episode, having to face off in a lip sync battle in order to get rid of the star and secure their spot in the competition.

Summit of Rebirth Stars[]

Every episode, each contestant has the opportunity to accumulate stars and add them to their track record, which is physically represented by a board displayed in El Camerino NYX. There are three different types of stars, each obtained through distinct methods and with varying values. During the semifinals, the final score of each contestant is calculated, with the three or four highest scores advancing to the finale.

Star Methods of Obtention
  • The principal method of obtaining a Golden Star is by winning a main challenge.
  • Additionally, they can also be randomly awarded through mini challenges.
  • At the semifinals, the winner of the final lip sync is also given a Golden Star.
  • Each Golden Star adds six points to the score of the contestants.
  • The only method of obtaining a Pink Star is by coming second in a main challenge.
  • Each Pink Star adds three points to the score of the contestants.
  • A Black Star is given to any contestant that receives the most votes from their fellow contestants in El Purgatorio. They can get rid of this star by winning the subsequent lip sync battle, transferring the star to their opponent. Losing the lip sync battle means they must retain the star.
  • Ending an episode while holding a single Black Star places the contestant in a nominee status, which means they will be forced to participate in a second lip sync battle the next episode unless they secure a Golden Star before then.
  • Failing to win this second lip sync battle will result in the contestant receiving a second Black Star. Conversely, winning this lip sync will remove the nominee status from the contestant, although they will retain their original Black Star.
  • Any contestant that accumulates a total of two Black Stars is officially eliminated from the competition.
  • At the semifinals, the loser of the final lip sync is given two Black Stars as punishment, although they are not eliminated until the points of all contestants are tallied.
  • Each Black Star subtracts two points from the score of the contestants.

Lip Sync & Elimination[]

See: Lip Sync Performances/La Más Draga: Solo Las Más

With the exception of the first episode,[note 2] any contestant who receives the most votes from their fellow castmates in El Purgatorio must participate in a lip sync battle in order to get rid of their Black Star. Their opponent will be the contestant that is currently under the nominee status; if none of them are, however, the selection of the opponent will depend on the reason for the lack of a nominated contestant:

  • If the nominated contestant was eliminated in the previous episode, the winner of that lip sync will be tasked to select the opponent from among their fellow castmates - with, once again, the sole exemption being the winner of that week's challenge.
  • If the nominated contestant managed to secure a Golden Star before their second lip sync, they will be the ones to select the opponent, although following the same rules mentioned above.

The victor of the lip sync battle will be declared safe and lose their nominee status if they had it. The fate of the loser will hinge on whether they were already under the nominee status or not:

  • If they were not, they will be placed on said status but continue in the competition. They will participate in the mini and main challenges of the next episode, although they will be forced into a second lip sync battle unless they secure a Golden Star before then.
  • If they were, they will receive a second Black Star and be officially eliminated from the competition.


Despite being eliminated, all contestants will continue appearing as "lost souls" in each episode and participate in every mini and main challenge. However, if the judges deem that an eliminated contestant had one of the best performances of the cast in a main challenge, they have the authority to award them with either a Golden or Pink Star and officially reinstate them to the competition. Nevertheless, they will still retain their original Black Stars.


See: Judges/La Más Draga: Solo Las Más

In the debut season of La Más Draga: Solo Las Más, the crew consisted of a mixture of both returning and new personalities, with all six hosts from the main series reprising their roles and the judging panel being entirely revamped.

Panel of Judges Coach
Alfonso Waithsman
Lola Cortés
Luis Torres
Aviesc Who?
Lorena Herrera
Vanessa Claudio
Karla Díaz
Roberto Carlo
Maca Carriedo
Marisol González

Companion Series[]

Main Season
El Mictlán
Detrás de Las Máximas

El Mictlán[]

See: El Mictlán


El Mictlán is a companion web series for La Más Draga: Solo Las Más that showcases the contestants' conversations minutes before being called to El Purgatorio in order to vote for the week's weakest performer. The series began with Season 1 and mirrors the role served by El Salseo in the context of the main series.

Detrás de Las Máximas[]

See: Detrás de Las Máximas


Detrás de Las Máximas is a companion web series for La Más Draga: Solo Las Más that showcases behind-the-scenes footage from the episodes of the main show. The series began with Season 1 and mirrors the role served by Detrás de La Más in the context of the main series.

Seasons Artwork[]


Following the tradition established by the main series, each season of La Más Draga: Solo Las Más is also accompanied by its own soundtrack album. These albums feature the songs used for the runways as well as other segments from the season.

Volume 1[]

No. Title Artist(s) Length
1 Soy Solo La Más Bruno Olvez, Eilehx 2:51
2 LOCA Lola Cortés 2:37
3 BORRACHA Yari Mejía 2:17
4 MUJERONA Lorena Herrera 2:46
5 PAISA Velvetine 2:45
6 ESPECTACULERA Georgiana Vagina 2:33
7 OCUPO Instrumental 2:29
8 COMENTA Instrumental 1:53
9 PAPI Instrumental 2:32
10 KUKI Instrumental 2:41
11 LOCA - Playback Instrumental 2:37
12 MUJERONA - Playback Instrumental 2:46
13 BORRACHA - Playback Instrumental 2:18
Total Length: 33:11

Volume 2[]

No. Title Artist(s) Length
1 LOCA - Versión La Gran Final Lola Cortés 3:06
2 BORRACHA - Versión La Gran Final Yari Mejía 2:45
3 CHINGATELO La Kyliezz, Purga, Wendy Guevara 2:53
4 CABRONA C-Pher 2:38
5 OCUPO Gvajardo 2:59
6 COMENTA Madison Basrey 2:20
7 INVICTA Sirena Leija 2:34
8 CLARORI Rudy Reyes 2:31
9 ESPECTACULERA (Puticadabra) Georgiana Vagina 2:50
10 CHOP CHOP Soro Nasty 2:16
11 CHINGATELO - Playback Instrumental 2:53
12 CABRONA - Playback Instrumental 2:38
13 OCUPO - Playback Instrumental 2:40
14 COMENTA - Playback Instrumental 2:20
15 INVICTA - Playback Instrumental 2:34
16 CLARORI - Playback Instrumental 2:31
17 VANIDOSA - Playback Instrumental 2:16
18 SOY SOLO LA MÁS - Gran Final SLM Bruno Olvez 4:19
Total Length: 49:09

Runway Themes[]

Contestants by Original Season[]

Season Solo Las Más 1
2 Gvajardo
Soro Nasty
3 Madison Basrey
Rudy Reyes
4 C-Pher
N/A Velvetine


The contestant won La Más Draga: Solo Las Más.
The contestant won the title of La Más Querida, an award equivalent to Miss Congeniality.
The contestant was eliminated earlier in the competition but returned.


  • As shown in the original poll posted in January 2022, the initial title for the show was La Más Draga: Todas Las Más. Nevertheless, one of the producers later disclosed that another party had already registered the name and that a legal claim against said party had been initiated, although no further news were given about the situation.[1][4]
    • The same producer did also announce the existence of an alternative backup name, possibly the final title, in the event that the resolution of the matter did not favor them.[4]
    • Interestingly, upon examination of the Mexican trademark database, it is discernible that the trademark "TODAS LAS MÁS LMD" is currently registered under the name of one of the producers, although the process has not been finalized.[5]
      • However, there exists another similar trademark, "TODAS LAS MÁS - TOUR", registered under an entirely unrelated name. This raises the possibility that the latter trademark may be the one referenced in their statements.[6]


  1. This immunity is revoked in the semifinals, with all contestants still in the competition being eligible to receive votes.
  2. The contestant that receives the most votes during the first episode will be automatically placed under the nominee status, as they will not have an opponent to face in a lip sync.


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