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The third season of La Más Draga was officially announced on June 25, 2019, during the finale of Season 2, with casting beginning soon after. While the second stage of the audition process remained the same, this time the auditionees needed to first send an audition tape in order to be considered for the live auditions, unlike the past season where they only had to send their Instagram account.[1]

Based on the number of audition tapes received from each state, the live auditions were held on Monterrey, Guadalajara, Mexico City and Ciudad Juárez. A total of eight contestants were cast through these auditions.[2]

On June 27, 2020, the first promotional video for the season was released, confirming the season would be released on September. The promotional video also revealed that neither Vanessa Claudio nor Paris Bang Bang would return in any capacity and would be instead replaced by Karla Díaz and Pepe y Teo, respectively. Additionally, there would also be a change in the models line-up. Johnny Carmona, Letal and Yari Mejía remained in their same position.[3]

On September 1, 2020, a second and final promotional video was released featuring all thirteen contestants, officially confirming the five secret contestants of the season. The official full release date was also announced: September 22, 2020.[4]

At the end of the eleventh episode, Aviesc Who? was crowned as the winner, with Madison, Raga Diamante and Rudy Reyes placing as runners-up. Wynter was crowned as the Miss Congeniality (La Más Querida) and Luna Lansman as La Más Volada of the season.

About The Show

LA MÁS DRAGA es un espacio creado para conocer, apreciar y aplaudir el maravilloso mundo del drag mexicano enalteciendo nuestra hermosa cultura con brillo y muchas pelucas.

En este primer episodio conoceremos a nuestras nuevas feminosas que participarán a lo largo de esta tercera ronda para encontrar a la más feminosa, la más fabulosa, la más glamurosa, simplemente a LA MÁS DRAGA de México.[5]



(Biographical information stated from during time of contest)

Rank Contestant Photo Real Name Age Location Ep. 1 Ep. 2 Ep. 3 Ep. 4 Ep. 5 Ep. 6 Ep. 7 Ep. 8 Ep. 9 Ep. 10 Ep. 11
Runway Runway Runway Celeb.
Runway Runway Make
Brand Día de
(Orig. 9th/10th)
Aviesc Who?
(Live Audition,
AviescWhoSquarePromo.jpg Luis Jessy Ávila Escamilla[6] 33 Guadalajara,
(Live Audition,
MadisonSquarePromo.jpg Madison Basrey Basoria Herrera[7][8] 29 Guadalajara,
Raga Diamante
(Secret Contestant)
RagaDiamanteSquarePromo.jpg Yusef Alejandro Alcalá Tináh[9] 32 Mérida,
Rudy Reyes
(Live Audition,
RudyReyesSquarePromo.jpg Rodolfo Isaac Renovato Reyes[10] 27 Monterrey,
5th/6th Memo Reyri
MemoReyriSquarePromo.jpg Guillermo Reyes del Río[11] 33 Mexico City,
Mista Boo
(Live Audition,
MistaBooSquarePromo.jpg Alejandro Guadalupe Garza Chapa[12][13] 44 Monterrey,
7th Regina Bronx
ReginaBronxSquarePromo.jpg Luis Arnulfo Peña Gutiérrez[14] 30 Aguascalientes City,
8th Iviza Lioza
(Live Audition,
Mexico City)
IvizaLiozaSquarePromo.jpg Francisco Rafael Ayala Pulido[15] 27 Mexico City,
(La Más Volada)
Luna Lansman
(Live Audition,
Mexico City)
LunaLansmanSquarePromo.jpg Abraham Sinué Luna Ortíz[16] 32 Mexico City,
(La Más Querida)
(Live Audition,
WynterSquarePromo.jpg Luis Enrique Cedillo Lozano[17] 25 Monterrey,
11th Huntyy B
(Live Audition,
Ciudad Juárez)
HuntyyBSquarePromo.jpg Edgar Zárate De La O[18][19] 27 Ciudad Juárez,
12th StupiDrag
StupiDragSquarePromo.jpg José Luis Chavarria Favila[20] 29 Gómez Palacio,
13th Yayoi Bowery
YayoiBowerySquarePromo.jpg Jorge Amhed Kahuam Pérez[21] 32 Mexico City,
The contestant won La Más Draga 3.
The contestant was a runner-up.
The contestant won the main challenge.
The contestant was one of the main challenge winners.
The contestant was one of the best but did not win the main challenge.
The contestant was one of the worst but did not place in the bottom.
The contestant placed in the bottom and won the lip sync for your life.
The contestant placed in the bottom, lost the lip sync for your life and was eliminated.
The contestant placed in the bottom two and both were eliminated.
The contestant placed in the bottom two but no one was eliminated.
The contestant was previously eliminated but was voted back into the competition by the other contestants, additionally was one of the best but did not win the main challenge.
The contestant was voted "La Más Querida" (a title equivalent to "Miss Congeniality") by the fans.
The contestant was awarded the title of "La Más Volada", a prize sponsored by Viva Aerobus.
The contestant appeared as a guest, but was out of the running.
The contestant appeared on the "Reunion" episode and was still in the running.

Scores Overall

Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Total Average
Aviesc Who? 14 5 20 11 6 18 10 84 12
Madison 8 15 18 15 18 19 19 19 16 147 16.3
Raga Diamante 12 19 16 23 17 14 20 15 19 155 17.2
Rudy Reyes 12 10 9 15 10 7 19 13 20 115 12.8
Memo Reyri 17 11 15 12 19 16 13 6 8 117 13
Mista Boo 19 13 13 14 14 15 18 16 6 128 14.2
Regina Bronx 7 11 14 8 19 18 10 8 95 11.9
Iviza Lioza 6 13 10 10 13 9 8 69 9.9
Luna Lansman 11 8 18 19 15 8 79 13.2
Wynter 7 12 12 17 8 56 11.2
Huntyy B 11 10 8 9 38 9.5
StupiDrag 5 16 5 26 8.7
Yayoi Bowery 5 6 11 5.5

Lip Syncs

Episode Contestants Song Eliminated
1 StupiDrag vs. Yayoi Bowery "Tsunami"
by Yari Mejía
2 Aviesc Who? vs. Yayoi Bowery "Bandido"
by Ana Bárbara
Yayoi Bowery
3 Huntyy B vs. StupiDrag "Juana"
by Thalía
4 Huntyy B vs. Regina Bronx "Vive"
by Kabah
Huntyy B
5 Aviesc Who? vs. Wynter "Chacalón"
by Maribel Guardia
Aviesc Who?
6 Luna Lansman vs. Rudy Reyes "Mi Delirio"
by Anahí
Luna Lansman
7 Iviza Lioza vs. Regina Bronx "De Mi Enamórate"
by Daniela Romo
Iviza Lioza
8 Memo Reyri vs. Regina Bronx "Antes Muerta Que Sencilla"
by Los Horóscopos de Durango
Regina Bronx
9 Aviesc Who? vs. Memo Reyri vs. Mista Boo "Que Ricas Son Las Papas"
by Maribel Guardia
Memo Reyri
Mista Boo
The contestant was eliminated after their first time in the bottom.
The contestant was eliminated after their second time in the bottom.
The contestant was eliminated after their third time in the bottom.


Series # Episode # Episode Title Airdate
17 1 La Más Suertuda September 22, 2020
18 2 La Más Prehispánica September 29, 2020
19 3 La Más Fichera October 6, 2020
20 4 La Más Chespirito October 13, 2020
21 5 La Más Famosa October 20, 2020
22 6 La Más Legendaria October 27, 2020
23 7 La Más Bella Señorita México November 3, 2020
24 8 La Más Buchona November 10, 2020
25 9 La Más Antojable November 17, 2020
26 10 Día de Muertas November 24, 2020
27 11 La Gran Final December 1, 2020
Special Episode Desde el Cielito: El Purgatorio December 8, 2020

*NOTE: Serving as a second reunion for the season, Desde el Cielito: El Purgatorio was removed from the official YouTube channel the day after its release. One of the producers later claimed that this episode did not have his authorization to be released and would not be uploaded again.[22]

Episode 1: "La Más Suertuda"

"La Más Suertuda" Title Card

Episode 1 "Tabla de Estrellas"

Airdate: September 22, 2020

  • Special Guest: Gabilú Mireles from FOREO
  • Guest Judge: Regina Orozco
  • Mini Challenge: Quiz about Mexican culture and La Más Draga
  • Mini Challenge Winner: Memo Reyri
  • Mini Challenge Prize: Assigning the work stations
  • Main Challenge: Present an outfit inspired by the traditional Mexican Lotería and perform in a Talent Show.
  • Runway Theme: La Más Suertuda
  • Main Challenge Winner: Mista Boo
  • Bottom Two: StupiDrag and Yayoi Bowery
  • Lip Sync Song: "Tsunami" by Yari Mejía
  • Eliminated: None

Runway Inspirations, Talent Show Performances and Scores

Contestant Mexican Lotería Card Talent Photo Score
Rudy Reyes 01 El Gallo Dancing RudyReyesLMD3Talent.jpg 12
Madison 01 El Gallo Lip Syncing MadisonLMD3Talent.jpg 8
Huntyy B 35 La Estrella Burlesque HuntyyBLMD3Talent.jpg 11
Luna Lansman 30 El Camarón Lip Syncing/
Magic Show
LunaLansmanLMD3Talent.jpg 11
50 El Pescado
06 La Sirena
Yayoi Bowery 37 El Mundo Singing YayoiBoweryLMD3Talent.jpg 5
Regina Bronx 06 La Sirena Rhythmic
ReginaBronxLMD3Talent.jpg 7
Raga Diamante 52 La Maceta Singing RagaDiamanteLMD3Talent.jpg 12
Aviesc Who? 33 La Araña Painting AviescWhoLMD3Talent.jpg 14
Mista Boo 02 El Diablito Lip Syncing MistaBooLMD3Talent.jpg 19
Iviza Lioza 46 El Sol Monologue IvizaLiozaLMD3Talent.jpg 6
Memo Reyri 02 El Diablito Lip Syncing/
Fire Show
MemoReyriLMD3Talent.jpg 17
StupiDrag 02 El Diablito Lip Syncing/
Fire Show
StupiDragLMD3Talent.jpg 5
Wynter 46 El Sol Lip Syncing WynterLMD3Talent.jpg 7

Episode 2: "La Más Prehispánica"

"La Más Prehispánica" Title Card

Episode 2 "Tabla de Estrellas"

Airdate: September 29, 2020

  • Guest Judge: Ana Bárbara
  • Main Challenge: Present a look inspired by an ancient Pre-Columbian civilization.
  • Runway Theme: La Más Prehispánica
  • Main Challenge Winner: Raga Diamante
  • Bottom Two: Aviesc Who? and Yayoi Bowery
  • Lip Sync Song: "Bandido" by Ana Bárbara
  • Eliminated: Yayoi Bowery

Runway Inspirations and Scores

Contestant Pre-Columbian
Inspiration Score
Luna Lansman Maya Chac Mool 8
Aviesc Who? Aztec Cōātlīcue 5
Yayoi Bowery Aztec Coyolxāuhqui 6
Wynter Maya Aluxe 12
Memo Reyri Aztec Mictlāntēcutli 11
Regina Bronx Aztec Chalchiuhtlicue 11
Madison Aztec Ocēlōpilli 15
StupiDrag Aztec Xolotl 16
Mista Boo Aztec/Toltec/Maya Nagual 13
Raga Diamante Maya Ixchel 19
Huntyy B Aztec Tlāloc 10
Rudy Reyes 10
Iviza Lioza Aztec/Toltec Itztlacoliuhqui 13

Episode 3: "La Más Fichera"

"La Más Fichera" Title Card

Episode 3 "Tabla de Estrellas"

Airdate: October 6, 2020

  • Special Guests: Jorge Boyoli and Thalía
  • Guest Judge: Alejandra Bogue
  • Mini Challenge: "La Más Bailarina" - While in quick drag, dance off in teams.
  • Mini Challenge Winners: Rudy Reyes & Madison
  • Mini Challenge Prize: 3 extra stars added to their final Maxi Challenge score
  • Main Challenge: Present a look inspired by the "ficheras", women who entertained men at nightclubs during the 70's.
  • Runway Theme: La Más Fichera
  • Main Challenge Winner: Aviesc Who?
  • Bottom Two: Huntyy B and StupiDrag
  • Lip Sync Song: "Juana" by Thalía
  • Eliminated: StupiDrag

Mini Challenge Teams and Scores

Dance Team Contestant Score
Las Pepas
(Team Pepe)
Wynter 12
Regina Bronx 14
Iviza Lioza 10
Rudy Reyes 9
Luna Lansman 18
Memo Reyri 15
Las Teas Chingonas
(Team Teo)
Raga Diamante 16
Huntyy B 8
Mista Boo 13
StupiDrag 5
Aviesc Who? 20
Madison 18

Episode 4: "La Más Chespirito"

"La Más Chespirito" Title Card

Episode 4 "Tabla de Estrellas"

Airdate: October 13, 2020

  • Special Guest: Mario Bustamente from Impulse CDMX
  • Guest Judge: Apio Quijano
  • Mini Challenge: "Cápsula Informativa Diverstida" - Divided in five teams and in quick drag, write and act in short commercials about HIV awareness and prevention.
  • Mini Challenge Winners: Iviza Lioza, Raga Diamante and Regina Bronx
  • Mini Challenge Prize: 3 extra stars added to their final Maxi Challenge score.
  • Main Challenge: Present a look inspired by one of the characters created by Chespirito (Roberto Gómez Bolaños), a Mexican actor and screenwriter.
  • Runway Theme: La Más Chespirito
  • Main Challenge Winner: Raga Diamante
  • Bottom Two: Huntyy B and Regina Bronx
  • Lip Sync Song: "Vive" by Kabah
  • Eliminated: Huntyy B

Mini Challenge Commercials, Runway Inspirations and Scores

HIV Commercial
Contestant Chespirito
"PEP y PrEP" Aviesc Who? El Chavo 11
Madison El Doctor Chapatín 15
El Chapulín Colorado
"Indetectable =
Luna Lansman La Chilindrina 19
Wynter El Chapulín Colorado 17
"Estigmas sobre
Mista Boo La Chimoltrufia 14
Rudy Reyes El Chapulín Colorado 15
"Uso del Cristal" Huntyy B El Doctor Chapatín 9
El Chapulín Colorado
Memo Reyri El Chavo 12
"Hazte la Prueba" Iviza Lioza La Bruja del 71 10
Raga Diamante La Chilindrina 23
El Chómpiras
Regina Bronx El Chapulín Colorado 8
Eliminated Contestants
Contestant Chespirito Character
StupiDrag El Chapulín Colorado
Yayoi Bowery El Chavo's ham sandwich

Episode 5: "La Más Famosa"

"La Más Famosa" Title Card

Episode 5 "Tabla de Estrellas"

Airdate: October 20, 2020

  • Special Guest: Ricky Lips
  • Guest Judge: Maribel Guardia
  • Main Challenge: Impersonate Mexican celebrities on the runway and in Obteniendo al Chacal, a parody of The Dating Game.
  • Runway Theme: La Más Famosa
  • Main Challenge Winners: Regina Bronx and Memo Reyri
  • Bottom Two: Aviesc Who? and Wynter
  • Lip Sync Song: "Chacalón" by Maribel Guardia
  • Eliminated: Aviesc Who? and Wynter

Celebrities Impersonated and Scores

Group 1 Group 2
Stud: Veneno Stud: Tóxico
Contestant Celebrity Results Score Contestant Celebrity Results Points
Runway Challenge Runway Challenge
Luna Lansman Verónica Castro LOSS 15 Mista Boo Irma Serrano LOSS 14
Memo Reyri Tin-Tan Cantinflas WIN 19 Madison María Félix LOSS 18
Wynter AMLO La Tesorito LOSS 8 Iviza Lioza Irma Serrano WIN 13
La Tesorito
Rudy Reyes Niurka LOSS 10 Raga Diamante Gloria Trevi LOSS 17
Regina Bronx La India María LOSS 19 Aviesc Who? Doña Lucha LOSS 6
Eliminated Contestants
Contestant Celebrity
Huntyy B Mía Colucci
StupiDrag María Félix
Yayoi Bowery Dr. Simi

Episode 6: "La Más Legendaria"

"La Más Legendaria" Title Card

Episode 6 "Tabla de Estrellas"

Airdate: October 27, 2020

Runway Inspirations and Scores

Contestant Legend Score
Rudy Reyes Nahual 7
Madison El Chupacabras 19
Raga Diamante El Huay Chivo 14
Luna Lansman El Chupacabras 8
Memo Reyri El Chupacabras 16
Iviza Lioza Witch 9
Regina Bronx La Pascualita 18
Mista Boo Witch 15
Eliminated Contestants
Contestant Legend
Aviesc Who? Nahual
Huntyy B La Pascualita
StupiDrag La Pascualita
Wynter El Charro Negro
Yayoi Bowery The Island of the Dolls

Episode 7: "La Más Bella Señorita México"

"La Más Bella Señorita México" Title Card

Episode 7 "Tabla de Estrellas"

Airdate: November 3, 2020

  • Special Guests: Maribel Rubio & Alex Córdova
  • Guest Judge: Aldo Rendón
  • Mini Challenge: "La Más Foreada" - Partake in a beauty photoshoot holding a Foreo product.
  • Mini Challenge Winner: Madison
  • Mini Challenge Prize: An exclusive Foreo kit and 3 extra stars added to their final Maxi Challenge score.
  • Main Challenge: Present a gown with a reveal to a swimsuit, based on the Miss México pageant.
  • Runway Theme: La Más Bella Señorita México
  • Main Challenge Winner: Raga Diamante
  • Bottom Two: Iviza Lioza and Regina Bronx
  • Lip Sync Song: "De Mi Enamórate" by Daniela Romo
  • Eliminated: Iviza Lioza

Photoshoot Pictures and Scores

Contestant Foreo
Mista Boo Mista Boo Photoshoot.jpg 18
Iviza Lioza Iviza Lioza Photoshoot.jpg 8
Memo Reyri Memo Reyri Photoshoot.jpg 13
Regina Bronx Regina Bronx Photoshoot.jpg 10
Rudy Reyes Rudy Reyes Photoshoot.jpg 19
Madison Madison Photoshoot.jpg 19
Raga Diamante Raga Diamante Photoshoot.jpg 20

Episode 8: "La Más Buchona"

"La Más Buchona" Title Card

Episode 8 "Tabla de Estrellas"

Airdate: November 10, 2020

  • Guest Judge: Albertano (Ariel Miramontes)
  • Returned: Aviesc Who?
  • Main Challenge: Makeover internet celebrities into buchonas, the archetype of a rich, opulent and luxurious girlfriend of a narcotrafficker
  • Runway Theme: La Más Buchona
  • Main Challenge Winner: Madison
  • Bottom Two: Memo Reyri and Regina Bronx
  • Lip Sync Song: "Antes Muerta Que Sencilla" by Los Horóscopos de Durango
  • Eliminated: Regina Bronx

Makeover Pairs and Scores

Contestant Internet Celebrity Score
Name Drag Name
Regina Bronx Paco Del Mazo Vagina Bronx 8
Raga Diamante Raúl G. Meneses Piedra Pomex Diamante 15
Rudy Reyes Emiliano Gama Topanga Reyes 13
Memo Reyri Pablo L. Morán Mema Mar Reyri 6
Madison Manu Nna Zoila Jeny Ta 19
Aviesc Who? Charlie De Aguinaga
"La Madame"
Madame Who? 18
Mista Boo Ray Contreras Ka Boom 16

Episode 9: "La Más Antojable"

"La Más Antojable" Title Card

Episode 9 "Tabla de Estrellas"

Airdate: November 17, 2020

  • Special Guest: Neiko
  • Guest Judge: Carmen Salinas
  • Main Challenge: Write, direct and film an infomercial with a past contestant of La Más Draga based on a typical Mexican dish, and present an outfit based on the same dish.
  • Runway Theme: La Más Antojable
  • Main Challenge Winner: Rudy Reyes
  • Bottom Three: Aviesc Who?, Memo Reyri and Mista Boo
  • Lip Sync Song: "Que Ricas Son Las Papas" by Maribel Guardia
  • Eliminated: Memo Reyri and Mista Boo

Infomercial Pairs, Dishes and Scores

Contestant Assigned Partner Mexican Dish Score
Memo Reyri Eva Blunt Chiles en Nogada 8
Madison Gala Varo Tacos 16
Aviesc Who? Deborah La Grande Maíz 10
Rudy Reyes Nina De La Fuente Chiles en Nogada 20
Mista Boo Soro Nasty Flautas 6
Raga Diamante Génesis Faux Salbut 19
Eliminated Contestants
Contestant Mexican Dish
Huntyy B Tacos al Pastor
Iviza Lioza Antojitos
Luna Lansman Pambazo
Regina Bronx Esquite
StupiDrag Totopos
Wynter Antojitos
Yayoi Bowery Tacos al Pastor

Top Four of Season 3

Contestant Challenge Wins Up For Elimination
TeamAviescWho?.jpeg 1 (Ep. 3) 3 (Eps. 2, 5, 9)
TeamMadison.jpeg 2 (Eps. 6, 8) 0
TeamRagaDiamante.jpeg 3 (Eps. 2, 4, 7) 0
TeamRudyReyes.jpeg 1 (Ep. 9) 1 (Ep. 6)

Episode 10: "Día de Muertas"

The Drag Altar

The Contestants Reunited

Airdate: November 24, 2020

  • Runway Theme: Día de Muertas
  • Discussions:
    • Yayoi's struggles while preparing for the show and her relationship with her family.
    • Luna's strong relationships with the other contestants and her elimination.
    • Huntyy gifting several of her things, her love for shoes and losing her mother.
    • Memo's ability to adapt his drag for the challenges and his overall performance on the show.
    • Madison being underestimated at the beginning and some of her things being stolen.
    • StupiDrag's financial struggles and constantly being asleep.
    • Iviza's love for stirring drama and explosive attitude.
    • Wynter's family, double elimination and peculiar voice.
    • Raga's professionalism and troubled youth.
    • Mista's experiences as a witch and being deemed as a bully with Madison and Rudy.
    • Aviesc mixing her fashion expertise with the drag world and managing her own brand.
    • Rudy's dance background and coining several phrases.
    • Regina's short time as a drag queen and rapid evolution.
    • The contestants vote for their favorite and least favorite looks of the night.

"Who has your favorite and least favorite runway look today?"

Contestant La Más La Menos
Yayoi Bowery Aviesc Who? Luna Lansman
Luna Lansman Regina Bronx Yayoi Bowery
Huntyy B Raga Diamante Luna Lansman
Memo Reyri Regina Bronx Iviza Lioza
StupiDrag Yayoi Bowery Iviza Lioza
Madison Wynter Iviza Lioza
Wynter Huntyy B Iviza Lioza
Raga Diamante Huntyy B Iviza Lioza
Mista Boo Huntyy B Iviza Lioza
Aviesc Who? Regina Bronx Iviza Lioza
Rudy Reyes Wynter Memo Reyri
Regina Bronx Huntyy B Herself
Aviesc Who?
Iviza Lioza Karla Díaz Luna Lansman

Episode 11: "La Gran Final"

"Lo Que Más Amo de México" Title Card

"La Más 360" Title Card

Airdate: December 1, 2020

  • Special Guests: Paco Del Mazo, UnTalFredo, Neiko, Margaret Y Ya, Gvajardo, Eva Blunt & Alexis 3XL
  • Guest Judges: Andrea & Miguel (won the invitation through an online contest)
  • Finale Challenge: "La Más 360" - The four finalists have to produce, direct, and star in their own original performance on an original track recorded by themselves with DJ Neiko.
  • Finale Runway Theme: Lo Que Más Amo De México
  • La Más Querida (Miss Congeniality): Wynter
  • La Más Volada: Luna Lansman
  • Winner of La Más Draga Season 3: Aviesc Who?
  • Runners-Up: Madison, Raga Diamante and Rudy Reyes

Finale Runway Inspirations and Performances

Contestant Runway Inspiration Song
Aviesc Who? Mexican Art "Impacto"
Madison Lele Doll "Pavonéate"
Raga Diamante Family Tree "Diamante"
Rudy Reyes Gulf of Mexico "Doradísima"
Eliminated Contestants
Contestant Song
Yayoi Bowery "Así Soy" by Maite Perroni
StupiDrag "Suertuda" by herself
Huntyy B "Muñeca" by herself
Wynter "En La Cima" by herself
Luna Lansman "Hay Que Venir Al Sur" by Raffaella Carrà
Iviza Lioza "Ultraluminaria" by Daiana Liparoti
(from Netflix's movie "Más allá de la Luna")
Regina Bronx "Pelea De Gallos" by María de Lourdes
"Viva Aguascalientes (Tribal)" by DJ Cobra
"Chihuahua" by DJ BoBo
Memo Reyri "Chicharos Mágicos" by Liquits
Mista Boo "Diva Dance" by Inva Mula
(from the movie "The Fifth Element")
Other Performances
Judge/Guest Song
Karla Díaz "Junglam" by Karla Díaz
Yari Mejía "Pasarela" by Yari Mejía
Neiko & Eva Blunt "Rufián, Eso Que Enamora" by Neiko & Eva Blunt
Yari Mejía
(with the cast
and crew of Season 3)
"Posa Que Posa" by Yari Mejía

Special Episode: "Desde el Cielito: El Purgatorio"

The Contestants Reunited

Airdate: December 8, 2020

  • Runway Theme: Pijamadrag[23]
  • Discussions:
    • The contestants shading each other during their reviews.
    • The contestants not agreeing with their edits, critiques and eliminations.
    • Fan reaction and hateful comments towards the contestants.
    • Mista feeling utilized by the production team.
    • The definition of being La Más 360.
    • The smear campaign against Madison.


  • Known by the producers as "La Temporada del Milagro", this season wrapped up filming on March 1st, 2020, just three days before the studios were the season was filmed had to be closed down after the news about COVID-19 started spreading around the country.[24]
  • Tiresias, Rebel Mörk, Vera Cruz, Iris XC, Liza Zan Zuzzi and Deseos Fab are all featured at the beginning of Episode 1 during the montage of all the audition tapes sent for the season.[5]
  • According to the producers, this season originally featured 14 contestants, with one of them being dropped at the last moment for breaking the rules. This contestant was referenced several times both inside and outside the show, but their identity was never revealed.[24]
  • This is the first season of La Más Draga...
    • with 13 contestants.
    • to be released on the second half the year.
      • In fact, the release date of the season was left to the vote of the contestants with the purpose of aiding them during lockdown.[24]
    • to have a drag king competing, Memo Reyri.
    • to have a contestant who's 40+ years old competing, Mista Boo.
    • where the first challenge is not a runway challenge.
    • where the first lip sync song is not by Susana Zabaleta.
      • This is because this was also the first season where Susana Zabaleta wasn't the first guest judge or even appears in the whole season.
    • where the decision to eliminate a contestant was solely entrusted in the guest judge of the episode.
    • with El Salseo, a companion behind the scenes web series that focuses on showing the contestants' conversations while backstage during the judges' post-critique deliberations.
    • to leave the result of a Lip Sync unknown until the next episode.
      • Due to the result of the lip sync in episode 5 only being revealed in episode 6, this is (technically) the first season of the show to feature 3 eliminations in a single episode.
    • to feature a double elimination, between Aviesc Who? and Wynter.
    • to have a contestant come back to the competition after being eliminated, Aviesc Who?.
    • to crown a returning queen as the winner, Aviesc Who?.
    • to have every contestant eliminated at some point in the competition (including the winner Aviesc Who?).
    • to not feature any lip sync to a remix of multiple songs.
    • where the winner of La Más Querida didn't place 6th.
    • to award La Más Volada and La Más Querida separately.
    • where the finale wasn't uploaded to YouTube until several weeks after its original airing.
  • This is the third season of La Más Draga...
    • to have a double save in the first episode.
      • The contestants were in fact asked if they wanted this "tradition" to stay, and everyone said yes.
    • to have a contestant win two maxi challenges by their fourth episode competing (Raga Diamante), after Margaret Y Ya on Season 1 and Sophia Jiménez on Season 2.
    • to feature a lip sync between the winner and La Más Querida (in episode 5).
  • Four contestants of the season are or were drag-related to previous La Más Draga alumni:


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