Lana Boswell (shortened to just Lana on the show) is the stage name of Alan Boswell, one of the contestants of the first season of the Youtube show "La Más Draga".

Drag Name Origin

"Lana" is an anagram of her real name, Alan, with "Boswell" being her real surname. Additionally, "lana" means "wool" in Spanish, and much like wool, she's very flexible and versatile.
-Lana in her introduction confessional on La Más Draga 1

Track Record(s) 

Season Competed LMD 1
Ranking: 5th
Maxi Challenges Won: 0
Times Placed High: 1 (Ep. 3)
Times Placed Low: 0
Times in Bottom Two: 2 (Eps. 2,4)
Episode Eliminated: Episode 4



La Más Draga 1 Looks

El Chou Para Llevar

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