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Leona Winter, formerly known as Miss Leona, is the stage name of Rémy Solé,[1] a French drag queen, best known for winning the second season of The Switch Drag Race, the Chilean version of Drag Race.

Drag Name Origin

Her drag name comes from her love with lions and how they represent a quiet strength, a part of her personality. She is also a huge fan of Leona Lewis.

When she started doing drag, she worked with Lady Diamond, and decided to use "Miss" to keep the same line.

She decided to remove the "Miss" from her name, since she competed in Miss Europa Continental and it is no longer possible to have Miss as your name, and you can't win a "Miss" if you already have one.

Winter comes from the fact that she wanted her initials to look like her husband's, Lorenzo Werner (LW) and also because it goes with a commercial for Continental Europe of Miss Universe in Chicago, in which her photo had the phrase "Winter is coming" as in the show Game Of Thrones.[2][3]

Memorable Quotes

Queen of the Universe Season 1

  • "The French Revolution has started, every girl on her own!"


Week Song Selection Result
1 "Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien" by Édith Piaf ADV
3 "The Winner Takes It All" by ABBA BTM3
4 "Friends Forever" by La Voix and Leona Winter ELIM


  • Leona is the youngest queen from the foreign team, at 21.
  • Leona competed on the 8th season of the French version of The Voice in 2019.
    • She reached the semi-finale.
  • Leona is the second winner in the franchise to also be the youngest contestant of her season, the first being Aquaria on Season 10.
  • As revealed in an Instagram live, she was called by the producers of RuPaul's Drag Race upon winning the second season of The Switch Drag Race. In the same occasion, she mentioned her lack of interest in competing in Drag Race as she thinks the format is not for her.[4]
    • She later appeared on the first season of Queen of the Universe, another show produced by RuPaul and World of Wonder.


The Switch Drag Race Season 2

Queen of the Universe Season 1

Queen of the Universe Season 1 Looks


Singles and EPs

Year Title Notes
2020 "Como Soy"


Year Title Artwork Notes
2021 "Friends Forever" QOTUAlbumArtwork.jpg by Queens of the Universe
2021 "Every Day is a Holiday
When You're a Drag Queen"
QOTUAlbumArtwork.jpg by Queens of the Universe

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