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Vanda Maria Ribeiro Furtado Tavares de Vasconcelos, known professionally as Lio, is a Portuguese-Belgian singer, actress and comedian who was a pop icon in France and Belgium during the 1980s. On January 12, 2024, she was announced as a regular judge on Season 2 of Drag Race Belgique.


Lio was born in a village in the north of Portugal, located in the district of Viseu.

Her grandfather, a communist doctor named Dino, himself helped give birth to her; As she grew up, Lio developed admiration for this man who was politically committed to the left, who believed himself to be “immortal”.

She moved with her stepfamily to Belgium in 1968.

In 1979, she was student at the Athénée royal Isabelle Gatti de Gamond in Brussels, Vanda adopted her stage name “Lio”, inspired by a character from the comic strip Barbarella, by Jean-Claude Forest; the album Les Colères du mange-minutes. The character refers to a little brown girl, carrying the images necessary for her survival wherever she goes.

She achieved success at sixteen, with her first title, Le Banana Split, which sold more than two million copies. Under the cover of childish music, Lio cultivates the ambiguity of her nymphet character with lyrics with an erotic double meaning.

After an eclectic musical and cinematic career, several popular hit songs and having written an autobiographical work, Lio was named a Knight of l'ordre de la Couronne in 2004.

Between 2008 and 2010, she became judge of La Nouvelle Star, the French adaptation of Pop Idole.

Memorable Quotes[]

Drag Race Belgique Season 2[]

  • "TBA"


  • Prior being Main Judge of Drag Race Belgique from Season 2, Lio was a guest judge on Episode 7 of Drag Race Belgique Season 1.


Drag Race Belgique Season 2[]

Drag Race Belgique Season 2 Looks[]



Year Title
1980 "Lio"
1982 "Suite Sixtine"
1983 "Amour Toujours"
1986 "Pop Model"
1988 "Cancan"
1991 "Des fleurs pour un caméleon"
1996 "Wandatta"
2000 "Je suis comme ça - Lio chante Prévert"
2006 "Dites au prince charmant"
2009 "Phantom featuring Lio"
2018 "Lio canta Caymmi"

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