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Lip Sync For Your Life

A Lip Sync For Your Life is the most common style of lip sync used on the show.

At the end of each episode, the two queens who performed worst in that week's challenge will be placed up for elimination, indicating that they must lip sync for their life. Before the lip sync begins, Nicky Doll will state the following to the queens:

Following the lip sync, all the judges vote for the queen they think performed best. The queen who (in the judges' opinion) performed best will be told by Nicky to stay ("Shantay, tu restes") while the eliminated queen will be told to sashay away ("Sashay, c'est terminé").

Drag Race France Lip Sync Songs

Regular Lip Syncs

Episode Song Photo Bottom Two
Lip Sync Winner(s) Eliminated Queen
1 "Prière païenne"
by Céline Dion
DRFS1LS1.jpg Lova Ladiva La Kahena
2 "Toutes les femmes de ta vie"
by L5
DRFS1LS2.jpg Soa de Muse Lova Ladiva
3 "Pookie"
by Aya Nakamura
DRFS1LS3.jpg Soa de Muse La Briochée
4 "DJ"
by Diam's
DRFS1LS4.jpg La Big Bertha Kam Hugh
5 "Libertine"
by Mylène Farmer
DRFS1LS5.jpg Paloma Elips
6 "Corps"
by Yseult
DRFS1LS6.jpg Lolita Banana La Big Bertha

Lip Sync For The Finale

Episode Song Photo Top Three
Winner Loser
7 "Dieu m'a donné la Foi"
by Ophélie Winter
DRFS1LS7.jpg Soa de Muse Lolita Banana
"Le Banana Split"
by Lio
DRFS1LS8.jpg Paloma La Grande Dame
"La Grenade"
by Clara Luciani
DRFS1LS9.jpg Winner Eliminated
La Grande Dame Lolita Banana

Finale Lip Sync

Episode Song Photo Top Three
Winner Runners-Up
8 "Mourir sus scène"
by Dalida
DRF1LS10.jpg Paloma La Grande Dame &
Soa de Muse


  • Episode 4 and 5 lipsyncs are blocked outside France due to copyright.

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