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In this season, the reading challenge was not as further seasons, in change, the girls had to dress up in cheer-leading costumes and "read" the other contestants in a cheer format. Here are all the quotes and reads from each of the queens on Episode 4: "All-Star Girl Groups"
Mini Challenge Winner: Team Yarlexis (Alexis Mateo and Yara Sofia)
Team Yarlexis (Alexis Mateo and Yara Sofia)

  1. to Raven: 5, 6, 7, 8! Raven, Raven, slow and sleek, you're so boring, I fall sleep! (snore)
  2. to Jujubee: Bean, Bean, Bean! Bam, bam, bam! Juju you look like Jackie Chan!
  3. to Chad Michaels: Chad, Chad, my little Consuela, you so old, you look like my abuela!
  4. to Shannel:
    Alexis Mateo: Knock knock!
    Yara Sofia: Who's there?
    Alexis Mateo: Shannel!
    Yara Sofia: Shannel who?
    Alexis Mateo: Exactly!
Team Rujubee (Raven and Jujubee)
  1. Jujubee to Alexis Mateo: Alexis Mateo, your look is really ghetto!
  2. Raven to Yara Sofia: Yara Sofia, you give us diarrhea!
  3. Raven to Chad Michaels: Chad, you look fierce, cheeks and lips of silicone!
  4. Jujubee to Shannel: Ooh, that Shannel, Ooh that ass, you don't need no styrofoam!
  5. Raven to Team Shad: Go Team Shad! Go home!
Team Shad (Shannel and Chad Michaels)
  1. Team Yarlexis: Granny panties, Dreadlocked hair, Phony pony, don't you dare. Rhinestone eyes and glitter lips. Shakira with her lumpy hips.
  2. Team Rujubee: Fran Drescher, whiney voices, Bea Arthur, real bad choices. One's from Russia, one's from Laos, Bibi and Juju in the house! YAY!

Here are all the quotes and reads from each of the queens on Episode 1: "All Star Talent Show Extravaganza"
Mini Challenge Winner: Alaska

RuPaul: "In the Great Tradition of Paris is Burning, Reading is what?"
The girls: "Fundamental!"
RuPaul: "Exactly!"
Alyssa: "Day 1 of All Stars, read the hell out of each other. Get up outta here!"
Phi Phi O'Hara
  1. to the girls: "It's so hard when they're your friends, which is why this should be easy."
  2. to Adore Delano: "Do you know what Adore and the value menu have in common? They're both cheap and full of fat."
  3. to Tatianna: "Sweetie, I'm sorry! If you don't have a wrist band you can't be in here for the meet and greet!"
  4. to Alyssa Edwards: "Alyssa, you are like the Abby Lee Miller of drag. Except when Abby Lee Miller dresses her body, she can cover her backrolls."
Alyssa: "Hold my clutch, bitch, and let me take this cape off."
  1. to Detox: "and Venus D-Lite."
Detox: "Bye!"
  1. (web extra) to Katya: "I'm a big fan of Katya. Very manly arms. I mean, can you blame her though? After carrying the weight of season 7 on your shoulders..."
  2. (web extra) to Coco Montrese: "Ornacia... Oh, I'm sorry. This is the first time I've seen you, Coco, without a filter."
  1. to Coco Montrese: "Janet Hagson, oh, I'm sorry, Coco Montrese. How exciting for you that Janet has a new album out, you can both come out of retirement."
  2. to Tatianna: "Tatianna, thank you... For letting the PA's know who to pack up first."
  1. to Coco Montrese: "Coco Montrese, I've always wanted to know what the female Gremlin would look like in twenty five years."
  2. to Ginger Minj: "Ginger Minj, in my eyes, the true winner of season seven... of TLC's I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant."
  3. to Roxxxy Andrews: "Roxxxy Andrews, I think about you all the time. Especially in the morning, at the bus stop. Too soon, too soon, sorry!"
  4. (web extra) to Phi Phi O'Hara: "Phi Phi O'Hara, since you've fixed your snaggletooth, I'll just talk about your face. You're ugly."
Coco Montrese
  1. to Alyssa Edwards: "Alyssa Edwards, my darling dear. I can't stand it when you're near."
  2. to Alaska: "Alaska, I'm sure Katya can see you from her backyard."
Ginger Minj
  1. to Coco Montrese: "Coco, thank you for proving in season five that orange is the new black."
  2. to Adore Delano: "Adore Delano, do you know what makes you the number one fan favorite of all the time?".
Adore: "No."
Ginger: "Neither do I."
  1. (web extra) to Alyssa Edwards: "Alyssa Edwards, you've often been referred to as the dancing fool. I just wanna know, when did the dancing part get added?"
Alyssa Edwards
  1. to the girls: "Allow me to introduce to you Monsters Inc."
  2. to Alaska: "Alaska? Gutted."
  3. to Roxxxy Andrews: "Boxy Andrews? Rotted."
  4. to Phi Phi O'Hara: "Phi Phi O'Hara? Gila monster."
  5. to Coco Montrese: "And that brings us to Coco Montrese? BEAST!"
  1. to Alaska: "Alaska, I finally got to listen to Anus, and I get it. 'Cause it sounds like what my anus does after eating Mexican (originally Chipotle). Mmm, choices."
  2. to Alyssa Edwards: "Alyssa Edwards, you are so talented and you haven't let it go to your head. Nothing has changed you, or your overbite!"
Adore Delano
  1. to Coco Montrese: "Coco Montrese, doesn't it suck that it took you longer than my existence to figure out what shade of makeup to use?"
  2. to Ginger Minj: "Peg Bundy ate Kelly and Bud. Party!"
  3. to Roxxxy Andrews: "Roxxxy Andrews, It's good to see a filler bitch this season, and I'm not talking about that ass."
  4. (web extra) to Alaska: "Alaska, shut the fuck up."
  5. (web extra) to Katya: "And who's that. Um?"
RuPaul: "Katya."
Adore: "Katya! I have more followers than you."
Roxxxy Andrews
  1. to Alaska: "Alaska, like her outfit, trash."
  2. to Coco Montrese: "Coco, way too old."
  3. to Adore Delano: "And Adore Delano, uhm... really?".
  1. to Detox: "Detox, no really, I mean that. This is actually your intervention, you should really stop... this."
  2. to Adore Delano: "Adore Delano, these other girls are gonna say you have terrible makeup skills, you have no fashion sense, and you're dumb as a rock. But they're wrong! You don't have terrible makeup skills."
  3. to Roxxxy Andrews: "Roxxxy Andrews, obviously a diet consisting of nothing but hatred for Jinkx Monsoon does a body good!"
  4. (web extra) to Phi Phi O'Hara: "Phi Phi O'Hara, you hand make all of your outfits, and I love them. My favorite one was that, um, one that was like a jumpsuit, it was all orange. ... So good."
  5. (web extra) to Tatianna: "Tatianna, [looks at RuPaul] really?"
  6. (web extra) to Ginger Minj: "Ginger Minj, you're so full of shit, you should change your name to ginger rectum."
  7. (web extra) to Alyssa Edwards: "Alyssa Edwards, whoever said everything's bigger in Texas has obviously never seen your dick. But you know what they have seen? Your body."
Alyssa: "Lemme get my glock out my clutch."
referencing Laganja Estranja: "C'mon All Stars, let's get all star-ted, Okurrr!"

Here are all the quotes and reads from each of the queens on Episode 1: "All-Star Variety Show"
Mini Challenge Winner: BenDeLaCreme

RuPaul: "That's right ladies; the library's open! Because Reading is what?"
The girls: "Fundamental!"
RuPaul: "I can't wait to see how this turns out."
Thorgy Thor
  1. to Chi Chi DeVayne: "Wait, do you know where my wallet is? Chi Chi, did you take it when you stole my spot in the top 5 on Season 8?"
  2. to Shangela: "Shangela's the most annoying thing I've ever met in my life. She's like a pull-up toy that says 'Halleloo'. But the only thing more annoying than Shangela is Bob The Drag Queen. Just my opinion."
  3. to Aja: "By the way, Ru, did you know me and Aja used to work together in Brooklyn? Did you know she's a straight up witch? She cast a spell on the producers, how else do you think she ended up on All Stars?"
Chi Chi DeVayne
  1. to Thorgy Thor: "Miss Thorgy Thor! Girl, what the fuck you got on your head?! Christmas with the Kranks, hon."
  2. to Milk: "Big and Milky! Girl, just like the drink, you give me the shits."
  3. (web extra) to Shangela: "Shangela, halleloo! The only queen I know that can make epilepsy on stage look good."
  4. (web extra) to Kennedy Davenport: "Kennedy Davenport. Kennedy? Kennedy, I'm over here! I'm over here! Girl, that one eye confusing me girl."
Kennedy Davenport
  1. to Aja: "Aja! Welcome to the big leagues, where Charlotte Russe and Forever 21 won't cut it little girl."
  2. to BenDeLaCreme: "BenDeLaCreme, where you been? Like, literally, where you been?"
BenDeLaCreme: Oh, uh, Seattle.
Milk It's okay, I'm gonna Sia this bitch [Reajusts her wig]
  1. to Kennedy Davenport: "Kennedy Davenport; the only queen that doesn't have to turn to look both ways before crossing the street."
  2. to Shangela: "Shangela! I always thought her name was Angela and people were just telling her to shut up."
  3. (web extra) to Aja: "Aja, are you from outer space? Because your ass is out of this world and your face is cratered as fuck."
  4. (web extra) to Trixie Mattel: "Trixie Mattel, she's a fashion doll, she's beautiful... She's the personification of FUPA."
Morgan McMichaels
  1. to Chi Chi DeVayne: "Chi Chi DeVayne. Girl, with that mouth, you could put Black & Decker out of business, because you've got a mouth full of tools honey."
  2. to Kennedy Davenport: "Kennedy Davenport, you seem a little offended by our jokes. We weren't offended by your parents' little joke."
  3. (web extra) to Shangela: "Shangela! From the Haus of Concreta; you are a brick!"
  4. (web extra) to Milk: "Milk? No. Cottage cheese? Yes."
  5. (web extra) to Trixie Mattel: "Trixie Mattel; so pretty. A year ago, she was pretty fat."
  1. to Thorgy Thor: "Thorgy Thor! You know, I love clowns! And I never met an unfunny one until I heard you reading."
  2. to BenDeLaCreme: "The low-rent Michelle Visage. Sister, it's nice to see you here. It's nice to see you anywhere considering you've been unemployed since season 6."
  3. to Morgan McMichaels: "Morgan McMichaels, sister I know you love to perform Hard Rock music. And that's good, because that face is also a hard rock."
  4. (web extra) to Chi Chi DeVayne: "Chi Chi DeVayne! Started from the bottom, now y... Nope, you're still on the bottom."
  5. (web extra) to Trixie Mattel: "Trixie Mattel, bitch, you call yourself the lifesize Barbie. But actually, you look like a disgruntled Ken that ate Barbie and put on her wig and costume."
  6. (web extra) to Aja: "Aja, always representing Brooklyn. Honey, by the look of them clothes, you should be representing 'Broke-lyn', okay? Bitch, that outfit is so cheap, it looks like it was made by me. Oh, I just read myself, hold on."
Trixie Mattel
  1. toAja: "Aja, you're beautiful, you're gorgeous, you look like Seal."
  2. to Milk: "Wow Milk, you put a lot into this look. What, two percent?"
  3. to Shangela: "Shangela. What if this season, we put you IN a box? Cos you're gonna halle-lose."
  4. (web extra) to Thorgy Thor: "Thorgy Thor! Oh, girl, your drinking has affected me in the following ways."
  5. (web extra) to Aja: "Aja, girl, if you lose All Stars you can move on to your true destiny; which is killing teenagers in their dreams on Elm Street."
  6. (web extra) to BeBe Zahara Benet: "Heavy is the head that wears the crown. And heavier is the body."
  1. to BeBe Zahara Benet: "BeBe Zahara Benet, you look like an overweight Naomi Campbell."
  2. to Morgan McMichaels: "Morgan McMichaels, I would take the 'A' out of your name and replace it with an 'O', because I'm pretty sure we'd all like you 'Morgon'."
  3. to Trixie Mattel: "Trixie, you look like a Lisa Frank serial killer."
  1. to Thorgy Thor: "Well I'm very excited to read all of my sisters. Oh, Thorgy, I love this full outfit. I usually only get to see about this much [Gesturing to her face] when you're handing out balloons from that sewer grate."
  2. to Shangela: "Shangela! You have come so far! Initially, your makeup was kind of busted and your outfits were a mess and your personality was super grating, but look how far you've come now. You are much older."
  3. to Trixie Mattel: "Trixie, now, a lot of people clock your makeup, but I totally get it. You know, you're just painting for the back of the room, which makes sense because that's where your audience collects if you remember to lock the door."
  4. to BeBe Zahara Benet: "And BeBe, I hear that this is the year that you might get two crowns. Which is really not a lot of dental work as far as those early seasons are concerned."
  5. (web extra) to Chi Chi DeVayne: "Chi Chi, Alaska might have been the first one to wear garbage bags, and Alyssa might have done drop splits before you, and I might have made hot glue couture before you. But, AS3 is a whole new opportunity; you can still go home first."
  6. (web extra) to Kennedy Davenport: Kennedy, I realise that your reads today weren't that great, but in fairness, I don't expect you to be a good reader because you [slowing her speech] always talk like you're sounding everything out."
  7. (web extra) to Morgan McMichaels: "Phoenix. Oh, I'm sorry, Nicole Paige Bro... Uh... Pass."
  8. (web extra) to Aja: "Aja, I feel like people didn't really get your whole thing. I mean, you do amazing special FX makeup; everybody in the room can look like they're brightly lit, but you still somehow look like you're under that one flickering light in a haunted hospital."
BeBe Zahara Benet Thanks, Mother. [Clears throat]
  1. to Thorgy Thor: "Thorgy Thor. Mother, she looks homeless."
  2. to Morgan McMichaels: "You know, I'm not going to read Morgan McMichaels, life already has.."
  3. to Kennedy Davenport: "Everybody, I'm the only African here! So why does it look like with Kennedy Davenport, you can sponsor her for thirty cents a day?"

Here are all the quotes and reads from each of the queens on Episode 1: "All Star Super Queen Variety Show".
Mini Challenge Winner: Latrice Royale
Monét X Change

  1. to Trinity The Tuck: Tiffany The Tuck, you've had so much plastic in you, you won't be buried in a coffin, you'll probably be buried in a recycling bin.
  2. to Manila Luzon: Manila Luzon. Emphasis on lose. Twice.
  3. (web extra) to Naomi Smalls: Naomi Smalls, you know you remind me ofone of those things that, the little car dealerships. Just kidding, those things make people laugh, you don't.
  4. (web extra) to Farrah Moan: Farrah Moan. the highlight of Season 9. Just like that makeup trend, you're probably out next week.
  5. (web extra) to Trinity The Tuck: Trinity The Tuck. You know what? If All Stars 4 does not work out for you, girl there is always Botched, alright? Seriously, there really is.
Naomi Smalls:
  1. to Monét X Change: Monét X Change. The sponge queen. Too bad you couldn't soak up a win.
  2. to Farrah Moan: Ru, thank you so much for bringing someone here that's going to make me look smart. What's up, Farrah Moan? Farrah Moan is so dumb, she thought Valentina was her best friend.
  3. (web extra) to Monét X Change: Monét X Change, you look like Steve Harvey without the mustache. Or the money.
  4. (web extra) to Trinity The Tuck: Trinity The Tuck. Since you got beat by a peppermint, why does your breath still smell like shit?
Trinity The Tuck: Damn. Monique Heart
  1. to Naomi Smalls and RuPaul: Naomi Smalls, legs you are known for. However, you should be known for toes, 'cause they're always hanging out. Just like you in that nineties video, Ru, you know, when you were in the bodega?
RuPaul: Security! Farrah Moan
  1. to Monét X Change: Monét X Change. Now I know why you have your name. You look so cheap, it looks like you've broken your piggy bank for some change.
Monét X Change: For workshopping, good to know.
  1. to Trinity The Tuck: Trinity Taylor. When is the second nose job planned? I think you could still cut a little bit more of her off.
Trinity The Tuck: You should tell that to your ass. Trinity The Tuck
  1. to Gia Gunn: G-G-G-Gia Gunn. I guess you can buy a gun at Walmart.
  2. to Jasmine Masters: Jasmine Masters, you know what--oh! (looking at the ground) Oh, my God. I'm sorry. I was just looking for her talent.
  3. (web extra) to Latrice Royale: Ru, did you know that Latrice is actually Monique Heart's bigger sister?
RuPaul: No, I didn't know that. Trinity The Tuck: Enlarged Heart. Latrice Royale: Wow. Valentina
  1. to Monique Heart: Monique Heart, you brag so much about how you make your own clothes, but your dresses are so ugly, they hang themselves.
  2. to Manila Luzon: Manila Luzon, I loved you so much on your season. But who's a booger now, bitch?
Manila Luzon: It's me, guys.
  1. (web extra) to Monét X Change: Monét X Change. Girl put some goddamn makeup on. You in full drag and you look like Bob The Drag Queen out of drag.
  2. (web extra) to Jasmine Masters: Jasmine Masters. So boxy. I don´t know whether to do my laundry on your teeth or your abs.
  3. (web extra) to Latrice Royale: Ru, Mystique was a mistake.Manila Luzon: Oh, look at her.Valentina: Oh wait, I'm sorry, it's Latrice. I love you girl.Manila Luzon: I'll hold her back. I'll hold her back.Latrice Royale: Honey!
Jasmine Masters
  1. to Latrice Royale and RuPaul: Latrice Royale. You are my sister, bitch. I liked it better when you was my bodyguard. And Ru. Thank you for having me back, bitch. I want my suit back.
  2. (web extra) to Monique Heart: (to RuPaul) Her name's Monica, right?
RuPaul: That's Monique Heart Gia Gunn
  1. to Trinity The Tuck: Trinity The Tuck, was that legal or illegal silicone, and whose kitchen table did you get done on?
Trinity The Tuck: I'll give you my doctor's number. Gia Gunn: I don't wanna die. Thank you.
  1. to Farrah Moan: Miss Farrah Moan. Sweets, if I was as untalented and unoriginal as you are, I too would invest everything I had in looking like somebody more famous than I.
Farrah Moan: Okay.
  1. (web extra) to Monique Heart: Miss Monique Heart. I know you thought that we were very alike in our entrance looks, but the different between mine is that yours is glued, and mine is actually constructed. There's a difference between E6000 and couture.
Monique Heart: Oh! Okay.
  1. (web extra) to Valentina: Hola mi amor. ¿Cómo estás?
Valentina: Muy bien, mi vida. Gracias. Gia Gunn: Solo porque estamos en All Stars no significa que todos somos una estrella. (to RuPaul) Translation? RuPaul: Yes, please. Gia Gunn: Just because we're on All Stars, doesn't mean that we are all stars. Latrice Royale
  1. to Naomi Smalls: Naomi Smalls, legs, legs, legs. Could we get a side of brains with that?
  2. to Valentina: Valentina, take that thing off your face. Oh. It is your face. Your other one.
  3. to Jasmine Masters: Jasmine, say it's true.
Jasmine Masters: You got a key to my house, bitch. Latrice Royale: Girl, welcome to a season that somebody will give a shit about. That's how it's done, ladies.
  1. (web extra) to Monét X Change: Monét X Change. Or shall I call you Sponge Bob Square shape?
  2. (web extra) to Trinity The Tuck: Trinity The Tuck. She's had so much plastic surgery, I went to her Instagram and it looks like somebody face-tuned a chicken.
  3. (web extra) to Manila Luzon: Manila Luzon. You remind me of a Mound and Almond Joy. Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't.
Manila Luzon
  1. to Monét X Change and Naomi Smalls: Monét X Change, I'm sure you get compared to Bob the Drag Queen
all the time. And in this competition, that's a good thing, because at least you know you'll beat Naomi Smalls. Monét X Change: Oh-ho-ho. (laughs) Naomi Smalls: A two-for-one read.
  1. to Monique Heart: Monique Heart, do you remove your makeup with flushable toilet wipes? Because you're an ass and your makeup is shit.
  2. (web extra) to Farrah Moan: Farrah Moan. You're just like cotton candy. Pink, so sweet and all hot air.
  3. (web extra) to Valentina: Valentina, have you ever tried eating your makeup? So you'll be pretty on the inside, too?
  4. (web extra) to Trinity The Tuck: Trinity The Tuck. You on All Stars is just like what's in your face. Filler.

Here are all the quotes and reads from each of the queens on Episode 1: "All Star Variety Extravaganza".
Mini Challenge Winner: Blair St. Clair and Jujubee
Ricky Martin

  1. to RuPaul: RuPaul, baby, eres tan vieja que cuando empezaste a ser draga, la bandera del arcoíris era blanco y negro.
    Ru: (to the girls) I have no idea what he just said, but I didn't like the sound of it. (to Ricky) You know what?
    Ricky: What?
    Ru: You know what?
    Ricky: What?
    Ru: (slaps him)
    Ricky: Ru, you slap like mi abuela. Give me a break. (slaps him)
    Ru: Escándalo! And that concludes today's lesson in bilingual shade.
Alexis Mateo
  1. to everyone: Oh, these glasses make you all look ugly. (Re-adjusts the glasses) Oh, it's not the glasses.
  2. to Jujubee: Jujubee, I can't wait to see your clearance retail store collection you brought.
  3. to Blair: Blair St. Clair, bitch, you look hungry. Eat a burger.
    Blair: Girl, whatever weight I lost, you found.
    Alexis: Ay! Callate!.
  4. (web extra) to Derrick Barry: Derrick Barry, girl, Britney again? You're tired, moving on...
  5. (web extra) to Mayhem Miller: Mayhem, girl, it is what it is. It is what it is
  6. (web extra) to Miz Cracker: Aquaria! Oh sorry, it's just Miz Cracker.
Mayhem Miller
  1. to Derrick: Oh, my dear friend, Derrick Barry. You are a Las Vegas showgirl. And you're also a lost Vegas showgirl, 'cause why the hell are you here?
  2. to Ongina: Ongina, I can't wait to put you on top of my Christmas tree.
  3. (web extra) to Alexis Mateo: Alexis Potato, I mean- I'm so sorry, girl. Look, I know you've been here before, hopefully you bring actual talent this time... Vanjie? Vanjie? Miss Vanjie?
  4. (web extra) to Jujubee: Jujubee, this is determination. You've been here how many times? I've watched this girl crack open chicken bones and suck out the marrow. Makes me wonder, what is she willing to do this time?
  5. (web extra) to Mariah Paris Balenciaga: My dear friend and beautiful, Mariah Paris Balenciaga, they say you have mug for days, but with shoulders like that you need to be thug for days.
Derrick Barry
  1. to Mayhem: Mayhem Miller.
    Mayhem: Yes?
    Derrick: I think maybe you should switch out the Miller for Coors Light.
  2. to India: India Ferrah, this shade is all real. It's no wonder you work in a place called Piranha in Las Vegas, because with those teeth, you're a walking billboard for them. (all laugh) And also, I'm really surprised to see you, because I thought you had retired, and now I just see that you're tired.
  3. (web extra) to Alexis Mateo: So... Miss Alexis Mateo,it's really nice to have you back competing for the third time, maybe this time you won't be so overshadowed by Yara Sofia.
    Alexis: Thank god.
  4. (web extra) to Mariah Paris Balenciaga: Let's see, Mariah, Paris, Balenciaga. Three iconic names that are all known worldwide... yet you remain completely unknown.
  1. to Mariah: Mariah Paris Balenciaga. Great, you're here, so we have to change the name to RuPaul's Drag Race "Some Stars".
  2. to Mayhem: Mayhem Filler. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I mean, Meh-hem Miller.
  3. to Alexis: Alexis Mateo. I don't wanna be shady, so I'm not gonna bring up your weight. But when you work, do they pay you in pounds? (all laugh)
    Alexis: Bitch.
  4. (web extra) to Ongina: Oooooon-gina, is there an off-gina button?
    Ongina: Never
  5. (web extra) to India Ferrah: Miss India Ferrah. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, don't unpack, go back. Okay?
  6. (web extra) to Blair St. Clair: And here's my sister, Blair St. Clair. Winning the crown is like your hit song "Now or Ever". Not now, and probably never.
Shea Couleé
  1. to Mariah: Mariah Paris Balenciaga, you look like what would happen if Will Smith absorbed Jada Pinkett.
  2. to Ongina: Ongina, thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule of auditioning for All Stars to finally join us on All Stars.
Miz Cracker
  1. to India: India Ferrah. I'm not gonna read you 'cause I'd never kick a man... while he's down.
  2. to Blair: Okay, Blair St. Clair. You know me.
    Blair: Mm-hmm.
    Cracker:I don't read somebody unless I have a genuine respect for them... so I think we're done here.
Mariah Balenciaga
  1. to Miz Cracker: Oh, Miz Cracker, you remind me of my childhood, picking Adam's apples.
  2. to Shea: Shea Couleé. (spreading rose petals to the floor) Why so emotional, baby?
India Ferrah
  1. to Mayhem: Mayhem Miller.
    Mayhem: Hi.
    India: Every time I look at your face, I'm always reminded it's 5:00 somewhere.
  2. to Derrick: Derrick Barry. You give us Britney like it's always 2008. Now, Ru, can we go ahead and open the door and #FreeBritney?
  1. to Shea: Shea Couleé, you always say that you've come to slay. How hard are you gonna slay this season?
    Shea: Is that a question or a read?
    Ongina: No, it's a read. I'm trying my best, you guys.
  2. to Alexis: Alexis Mateo, you actually have a really good chance of winning this competition, because they've never had a Puerto Rican or a big girl winner.
    Alexis: Right!
Blair St. Clair
  1. to Derrick: Derrick Barry. you know, the girls in your season said you weren't a real drag queen because you couldn't paint and you could only do Britney, but I completely disagree. I don't really think you can do Britney.
  2. to Mariah: Mariah, girl I love you, but your career only has movement because the earth has to spin on its axis.
  3. to India: And India Ferrah... Oh! I'm pausing so we can all Google who you are.


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