Winners of the Challenge

List of Reads

Here are all the quotes and reads from each of the queens on Episode 5: "Girl Groups"
Mini Challenge Winner: Crystal
Baga Chipz

RuPaul: "First up, Baga Chipz. Come on over here, darling. Assume the position."
Baga Chipz: "I'm so nice, though! I'm so nice!"
RuPaul: "You are..."
Baga Chipz: "Am I buggery! Pass me the bitch brew.(takes sip of tea) Ooh, much better! Ooh!"
  1. to Cheryl Hole: "Oh, Cheryl, you dumb, raggety-ass bitch! "I'm in the bottom! I'm in the bottom! I'm in the bottom!" We know you're a bottom! You could use the Eiffel Tower as a marital aid, you slack bitch!"
  2. to Blu Hydrangea: "And Blu... If the Milky Bar Kid and Casper The Friendly Ghost had a rent boy baby. Awww!"
Divina De Campo
  1. to Baga Chipz: "Baga Chipz... More like Baga Shite! She's like class in a glass... without the glass or the class!"
  2. to The Vivienne: "The Vivienne! Queen of the Mersey. It's time you got on that ferry and fucked off!"
Cheryl Hole
  1. to Divina De Campo: "Divina de Campo. Now, I love your work on the telly, but my favourite show you've done already is... The Grand National! NEIGHS (imitates a horse)"
  2. to Blu Hydrangea: "And Blu Hydrangea! My babe. Now, you're known as the make-up girl, but your best make-up job you've done is painting on that innocent look every single week."
The Vivienne
The Vivienne: "Oh, no. The milk's off!"
  1. to Cheryl Hole: "Cheryl Hole... Or as you're more affectionately known, Cheryl Baggy, Battered, Thirsty Hole!"
  2. to Crystal: "Crystal, my darling. How aptly named. Just like crystals, you are lifeless, stiff, and I can see you right through you!"
Crystal: "You know, I'm not sure I'm gonna be able to do this..."
  1. to Baga Chipz: "Baga Shitz... How many times are we gonna have to flush to get rid of you?"
  2. to The Vivienne: "The Vivienne... proof you can polish a turd!"
  3. to Blu Hydrangea: "And Blu, in the immortal words of Madonna, I loathe hydrangeas."
Crystal: "Sorry, I don't know what came over me."
RuPaul: Oh, the shade, the shade!"
Blu Hydrangea
RuPaul: "Up next, sweet little innocent Blu Hydrangea."
Cheryl Hole: "Oh, please!"
  1. to Cheryl Hole: "Cheryl Hole, we know your biggest drag inspiration is Alyssa Edwards. You've got the dancing, the outrageous personality, the overbite and the back rolls!"
  2. to Baga Chipz: "Baga Chipz, I've got one make-up tip for you. (takes a paper bag out of her pocket and tries to cover Baga's face with it) In the words of Baga Chipz, "much better"! My prop may not have worked. But the joke still did!"
RuPaul: "Ladies, the library is closed - officially. Damn! You UK queens are shady!"


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