"I once saw a horror movie where they told this little girl to go into the light. That didn’t end well for any of them. I’ve never been scared of the dark. I’m way more comfortable at night. I mean what can happen to me in the dark that hasn’t already happened to me in the light?"

— AJ on why she’s not afraid of the dark

Little Rock is the sixth episode of the first and only season of this dramedy that aired as a Netflix Original on Netflix on January 10, 2020 along with the other 10 episodes.


A late-night rest stop leads to a last minute musical as Robert makes friends in a rural RV park. Meanwhile, his history with "Hector" comes to light.


Late at night, Robert is driving his RV, and not too far behind are Lady Danger and Damien following. Lady Danger urges Damien to go faster, and thinks this is the perfect time to run the bitch off the road. She tells Damien he drives like an old lady, and he takes offence to that. He tells her that for the record he drives like a young man, because that is what he is. Ultimately, just as they are about to make their move, an unsuspecting Robert makes a turn and Damien misses them by a fraction.

Robert drives up to the Little Rock Little Lake RV Park, and he tells AJ that they will be staying for a couple of nights to regroup and take a breather. He mentions that it was perfect timing, too, since he has a break in his tour schedules. Which AJ points out is because the club cancelled when they didn’t like Robert’s attitude on the phone. Robert tries to minimize it by saying that all he said was, “does your club still smell like backwater swamp air?” and they overreacted.

Once Robert goes to shower, AJ stays behind and after hearing the sound of a windchime, she ends up flashing back to when her mom bought her popsicles for her birthday. She asks Brianna, where her birthday present is at, and she answers by saying it’s in her dang purse. AJ goes to look for it, but Brianna stops her; saying she knows right where it’s at and takes out a blue envelope. AJ remarks how Pop-Pop never forgets her birthday as she opens the envelope and some money falls out when she opens the card. AJ asks if they can go meet Pop Pop and all the animals she keeps in the farm one day. Brianna promises that they will some day.

Back in the present, Lady Danger and Damien are staying at a Comfort Inn that’s two miles away from the RV Park where Robert is at. Damien asks Lady Danger why they have to stay at a Comfort Inn every single time, and she mentions how she stole Lorraine Braco’s card and that she is platinum member; hence why they always stay at a Comfort Inn. After his shower, Robert accidentally gets into an RV that looks just like his.

The next morning, AJ takes Robert down to a diamond field to dig up some diamonds. They end up renting some donkeys, with AJ naming hers Sludge and Robert names his Celine Dion-key. Ultimately, AJ finds no diamonds, and goes to the owner of the RV park telling him the advertisement is such bullshit. The owner tells AJ that maybe she was having an off day and points to Brick who found a diamond. The owner explains that some people will overlook them as simply just rocks, but that form Brick found them in is how diamonds starts.

Later, Robert calls Louis after he decides to clean up his laptop. He mentions to his friend that he found a file labeled Hector and Me. To which Louis advises to delete it without even looking at it. He ends up listening to Louis and deletes the file. But after he hangs up and ends up taking the folder out of his macbook’s trash can. He opens it, and one of the files is of his five year plan with Hector. Which lists the nightclub, then eventually owning a townhouse in Harlem and going on vacations to Greece, Spain, Morocco and Paris. It also lists owning a summer home with Hector, opening up a second club and maybe even adopting. Robert harkens back to telling Hector about his five year plan, and him saying yes to all of it.

At the RV Park, Robert ultimately decides to direct the show that the people of the RV park put for the other folks staying there. While keeping an eye on Robert, Damien lets it slip that he played Danny Zuko in Grease when he was in high school. Lady Danger is shocked, and asks him if he really was a theater kid. She then jokes, and says she wonders what team he really plays for. Later, while looking for some lights for Grease production he is putting on the patio, he runs into Jack, who looks just like Danny. Robert tries to recruit him, but as soon as Robert starts dancing and singing to “You’re the One that I want” Jack walks away. Later, the girls at the RV Park fire Robert. They go on to say that this is all becoming too much, and that while Robert is talented, this is their one day in the year, where they flaunt their stuff.

While looking for his sewing machine, he opens one of his RV’s cupboards, and finds a rattlesnake there. It pounces on him, but fortunately is only stuck to his robe, and not anywhere near his body yet. He runs out of the RV, calling for help. Carl, one of the two cowboys, shoots the snake once Robert stays still. After the whole ordeal, Robert finds out that AJ has spent the whole day looking for diamonds. Robert tries to make her leave, but she refuses. Eventually, he tells Robert that she doesn’t have any money, and needs to find a diamond to pay Pop Pop so he will keep her when they get to Texas. Robert tells AJ that she is a diamond, and is more than enough for her Pop Pop. Midway through the performance of “Born to Hand Jive”, Brick’s blonde wig falls off, and his dad takes him off the stage. The Pink Ladies tell the man that they are all just having some fun, and to let the kid be. Even his wife tries to calm him down, but the man refuses to listen and calls the whole show “too much”. AJ tells Robert that it was Brick’s idea to switch costumes, and says that it was the first time she had seen him smile since the three days that they have been at the RV park.

Robert ends up showing up dressed as Sandy to the RV belonging to Brick’s parents. He agrees that Robert is making a lot of good points and says he and wife have a lot to talk about. Robert tells the other man to let his son be too much, because rather than protecting him, he is doing the opposite. Brick loads one of his dad’s guns, and tells him that he will wear the dress no matter what, AJ ends up seeing a GPS tracker on their RV, and puts it on another one to buy themselves some time.

Title and Background

  • Little Rock is the city where Robert and AJ find themselves in this episode.



Guest Starring

  • Rey Gallegos as Karl
  • Adam Bartley as Chris
  • E.E. Bell as Clem
  • Bridget Everett as Anna
  • Terryn Westbrook as Beth
  • Natasha Leggero as Kath
  • Drew Powell as Carl
  • Rebecca Metz as Yolanda
  • Armen Nahapetian as Brick


  • Shane Sandler as Jack
  • Aylam Orianas Bud


Song Performer(s) Scene
"You're the One That I Want" John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John Robert and Jack, who's playing Danny rehearse their number.
"Born to Hand Jive" SHA NA NA Grease musical performance.


  • Damien reveals to Lady Danger that he played Danny Zuko from Grease when he was in high school.


Musical Scenes


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