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Lolita Banana is a Mexican-French drag performer and one of the contestants on the first season of Drag Race France. She would later be announced as one of the co-hosts of Drag Race México.

Drag Name Origin[]

Her drag name comes from one of the first time she performed in drag; she was wearing a very big rumbera dress with a huge wig with bananas & fruits and struggled to walk out of the main scene after her show was over; one of her colleague who had to walk on scene but couldn't because of how much space Lolita was taking told her "come on move Lolita Banana" because of how Latino her outfit looked, the name stuck since as Lolita liked it.[7]

Track Record(s)[]

Seasons Competed: France Season 1
Ranking: 4th Place
Maxi Challenges Won: 0
Mini Challenges Won: 1 (Ep. 1)
Times as Team Captain: 0
Times in Bottom Two: 1 (Ep. 6)
Episode Eliminated: Episode 7

Memorable Quotes[]

Drag Race France Season 1[]

  • "Mesdames et Messieurs... SHOWTIME!" (entrance quote)
  • "Est-ce que quelqu'un peut me donner son foutre, s'il vous plaît ? Le foutre ! Pour écrire." (as Rossy de Palma in Snatch Game)
  • ♪ "Me llamo Lolita, Lolita Banana. C'est moi l'Oompa Loompa, une bombe mexicana. Je danse le tango, le rock et la salsa. Shantay, enchantée, j'suis la reine de la casa!" ♪ (Verse in Boom Boom)
  • "¡Viva México, cabrones!" (exit quote)

Drag Race México Season 1[]

  • "Así que... Enciendan sus motores, y que la mejor drag queen... ¡gane!"
  • "La categoría es..."
  • "¿Excelentes? ¿De verdad están excelentes? ¿Después del lip sync, se sienten excelente? Es que estúvo de güeva. No se puede repetir, chicas." (referring to Miss Vallarta and Vermelha Noir's lip-sync in Episode 1)
  • "¡Silencio! Hemos tomado una decisión. Que me traigan de vuelta a mis chicas."
  • "Lo siento, mi amor, pero vas a lip-sync."
  • "Shantay, te salvas."
  • "Lamentablemente esta noche, sashay, te vas."

Farewell Message[]

Drag Race France Season 1[]

"Paloma, tu es une diva incroyable. Soa, t'es une star, une bombe. La Grande Dame, je suis ton fan numéro 1. 💗💗"


  • Despite Lolita claiming to be the first contestant in the Drag Race franchise to be of Mexican origin, this title actually belongs to Pavel Arámbula.
    • This makes her, however, the first contestant on Drag Race France to be originally from a non-Francophone nation.
  • Lolita is the first contestant on Drag Race France to win a Mini Challenge.
  • Lolita is the first contestant in the Drag Race franchise to shave her head during a lip sync.
  • Lolita is the fifth openly HIV-positive queen in the Drag Race franchise, after Ongina, Trinity K. Bonet, Charity Kase, and Enorma Jean. She came out in the fifth episode of the first season in the werkroom to her fellow contestants.
    • Additionally, her La nuit des 1000 Mylène look references this.
  • Credited under her real name, Lolita worked with Ubisoft Paris as the dancer for some of the songs featured in Just Dance 2019, Just Dance 2021, and Just Dance 2023 Edition.[8]
    • This includes Sissy That Walk, the first RuPaul song to ever appear in the franchise.[9]
    • Lolita additionally danced as a coach for Un Poco Loco, In the Navy, and We Don't Talk About Bruno


Drag Race France Season 1[]

Drag Race France Season 1 Looks[]

Drag Race México Season 1[]

Drag Race México Season 1 Looks[]

Drag Race France Season 2[]

Drag Race France Season 2 Looks[]

Drag Race México Season 2[]

Drag Race México Season 2 Looks[]


Drag Race México Season 1[]



Year Title Role Notes Ref.
2022 Drag Race France (Season 1) Self Contestant (Placed 4th)
2023 Drag Race México Self Co-Host

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