Loris Volkle, or simply Loris, (formerly know as Serket Vane) was one of the nine contestants to compete on the first season of The Boulet Brothers' DRAGULA. Loris was exterminated on the fourth episode alongside Xochi Mochi, and finished 5th/6th. On October 6th, 2020, it was announced that she would be a contestant on the first season of The Boulet Brothers' Dragula Resurrection, where she was exterminated after failing to win.


Loris Volkle was born and raised in Winterthur, Switzerland. When she was young, she would watch her mother practice burlesque, which was a huge inspiration to her and her drag. Contrary to many beliefs, she did not know English until 4th grade, making her a bilingual queen speaking both German and English.

Drag Name Origin

As mentioned, Loris' former drag name was Serket Vane, but she decided to change to her real name, because it was more eccentric and androgynous. Another reason for her name change is that the most popular queens use their real names, such as Willam, Chad and RuPaul. She wanted to do the same.

Track Record(s)

Season Competed: BBD 1 BBD Resurrection
Placement: 5th/6th Place 4th-7th Place
Main Challenges Won: 1 (Ep. 2) N/A
Times Placed High: 0
Times Placed Low: 0
Times in Bottom: 3 (Eps. 1, 3, 4)
Episode Eliminated: Episode 4
Ran over by a car Nose bleed.
Died as one of the first.

Memorable Quotes

Dragula Season 1

  • "Oh yeah piss on me daddy!" (During the extermination challenge on the first episode)

Dragula Resurrection

  • "TBA"


  • Her (and Xochi Mochi)  are the first "Double Elimination" of the franchise.
  • She is the first Dragula contestant to be up for extermination, and then win the very next episode.
  • She is the first Dragula contestant to be up for extermination three times.
  • Loris's picture appears at the beginning of Victoria Elizabeth Black's extermination. It was on a milk carton (stating that she went missing since November 2016, around the time the episode she was eliminated was filmed) .
  • She did Honey Davenport's makeup for the Season 11 reunion and finale.
  • She fitted Latrice Royale's plastic look for All Stars 4.
  • She appeared in Manila Luzon's music videos for "Go Fish" and "Gay Man."
  • She is currently in a relationship with RuPaul's Drag Race Season 11 contestant Honey Davenport.


Dragula Season 1 Looks

Dragula Resurrection Looks


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