"People always think they’re hiding shit. They think I don’t see. They’re wrong. I see everything. Everything. I only pretend I don’t, so they can pretend I don’t. I’m cool that way. But nobody’s fooling nobody except themselves… Some people are just blind"

— AJ on how people try to hide things from her

Louisville is the fourth episode of the first and only season of this dramedy that aired as a Netflix Original on Netflix on January 10, 2020 along with the other 10 episodes.


AJ and Robert encounter a new cast of queens as Ruby gets ready for a daring performance. Meanwhile, Damien's cruel cruel game claims another victim.


As they are driving, Robert gets a call from Damien, but turns the cell phone to his side of the RV to prevent AJ from seeing it. But she’s already seen it. Robert eventually rejects the call. As he’s locking the RV, Robert tells AJ that there’s good news and bad news about this drag club in Louisville. He goes onto say that the good news is that the backstage is really roomy, so he doesn’t have to get ready in the RV. The bad news however, is that the girls at this establishment aren’t particularly welcoming to headliners from out of town. Robert goes to sit at the makeup station next to Brian, but gets told that he hasn’t been around for a while. That no one sure or heard from him in a while because he keeps calling in to say he’s feeling under the weather. So in Brian's absence, the other Louisville Queens take turns doing Cher.

Later, Robert confides in Louis by telling him that Damien called him earlier that day.

Meanwhile, Brianna is out of jail and trying to get a new cell phone. But is told she has to put a $200 deposit for a new phone. She tries to plead with the manager of the store, but said manager is not very understanding, and treats her rather rudely. In order to get the money for the phone deposit, Brianna ends up servicing an unknown man in a car in plane daylight.

Back in Louisville, Robert is running through a dress rehearsal for his performance at the club when Officer Peter Dembrowski comes by to introduce himself. He tells Robert that Officer Patrick in New York contacted him. When Robert asks how he knows Patrick, Peter reveals that the two of them hooked up a couple of times after meeting during a gay cop ski weekend. Thanks to AJ giving Officer Peter the licence plate to Damien’s car, he says he will run it in the system, and see what comes up. He advises Robert to warn other queens, so that this doesn’t happen to them too.

AJ suggests doing an instagram story where Robert can tell other queens about what happened to him with Damien. However, Robert tells AJ that the last thing he wants is to become the poster child for a gay grifter. He goes on to say to AJ that he doesn't wants every queen online to know about his current problem, and feeling sorry for him. He admits that he’s not strong enough for that.

As Robert is getting ready for his show, he gets another call from Damien, and decides to answer the call. Inside his car, Damien is apologizing to Robert, saying how he’s not following Robert anymore. He goes onto say that seeing that look of fear in Robert’s eyes back in Columbus really brought him to his senses. Damien initially says that he didn’t mean to hurt Robert like this, but Robert gets angry, and tells him how Damien took everything from him. Damien admits to being a bad guy, and says how he knows he really hurt Robert.

Robert agrees, but says that he didn’t just hurt him, but also killed him. Damien then asks Robert to wait a week for him to scrap together $10,000. Robert asks if it will come from another unsuspecting drag queen that falls prey to him. Damien tells Robert that he was never like the others. He goes onto say that Robert is special to him. Robert tells Damien to just go back to New York and he never wants to see him again and subsequently hangs up on him.

Later, Damien tells Lady Danger that she was right, and that Robert bought every word he said on his call to him earlier.

Back in Louisville, Robert tells AJ that Damien called and he answered, but that it's all over now; end of story. AJ asks again about the other queens, to which Robert tells her that he's not a victim hotline.

Ruby begins to perform by lip singing to Sia's Chandelier, but as she is ascending with the harness, Kevin is unable to hold Robert’s weight and he falls on his face. But Ruby quickly picks herself up and receives a standing ovation from the audience despite the other queens trying sabotage her in vain.

At the laundromat, Robert finds out that AJ went behind his back and announced to the other queens about how he got grifted. Shortly thereafter, Robert’s phone begins to blow up with text messages from every queen he’s come across, telling him how sorry they feel for him.

AJ apologizes and also tells Robert that her mom’s name is Brianna Douglas. Shortly thereafter, Robert gets a call from Brian, who ends up telling Robert that Damien grifted him too. Brian tells Robert he met Damien on a gig in NYC a year ago. However he used a different name; introducing himself as Juan. Brian then goes onto say that Damien tends to use five different aliases according to what the private investigator he hired told him.

Brian admits that said private investigator cost a fortune, and that in order to pay for it, he had to sell his custom framed autographed Cher debut album on Etsy. He goes onto tell him that the PI also said that there were other girls Damien targeted too.

Back in the club, Brian and Robert are sipping some drinks and laughing at their terrible misfortune. They say that at least Damien was fine, but when Robert says that those lips of Damien were worth every penny, Brian is surprised. He tells Robert that Damien told him he had a thing about kissing.

Later, Brian begins performing Waterloo, but at seeing at a same sex gay couple kissing, it makes him temporarily stop singing. However, Robert is there backstage to coach him and take away some of the nerves.

At an unknown bowling alley, Lady Danger is playing a game of bowling.

Later that night, AJ receives a call from her mom, as she recalls how happy she was when she and her mom got the tank top for $2 from a Goodwill. The same shirt Brianna ended up putting on when she would go out at night prostituting herself. However AJ rejects the call.

Robert also flashes back to going on a date with Damien and kissing in front of the Golden Pearl; their favorite chinese restaurant.

Once he’s out of drag, and back in his RV, Robert calls Louis, and tells him that he was afraid to call him. He tells Louis that he wants to hear the truth, but is wondering if there was any chance that he could have been special to Damien. He continues by asking if there was any way that, in spite of all the bad he did, that he thought he (Robert) was special.

Back in New York City, at 4:30AM, Louis is quick to say to his friend that there’s no way in hell. Instead he tells Robert to go to bed and get that thought out of his head.

At the Wick Bowl, Damien is trying to call Robert multiple times, but each time it goes to voicemail. A cop’s lights begin to flash along with the sound of a siren. Lady Danger tells Damien to act cool, and orders him to kiss her. When he doesn’t budge, she rhetorically asks him that if they’re not kissing, what exactly are they doing sitting in the middle of an empty parking lot. He gives in, and they eventually stop when a cop asks them to pull the window down.

She explains that a fellow officer warned her that there was a car with donut tires, and New York licence plates roaming about, and causing a lot of trouble in Kentucky. They end up getting off scot free when the cop takes the cash and Birkin bag Lady Danger had.

Damien tells Lady Danger this was the last straw, and that he’s done spendin’ any more of his life chasing after this particular queen. Lady Danger suggests they should kill Ruby. But Damien says that he’s not killing anybody because she lost a purse. She then asks him if he has changed his mind, when she shows him the article where AJ with Officer Peter’s help exposed Damien.

Title and Background

  • Louisville is the city AJ and Robert find themselves in this episode.



Special Guest Stars

Guest Starring

  • Matthew Wilkas as Officer Patrick Kennedy[2]
  • Angel Laketa Moore as Cherise
  • Brett Tucker as Officer Peter Dembrowski
  • Patrick Bristow as Kevin Prescott
  • Jen Kober as Female Officer


  • Robert Arce as Bowling Alley Man


Song Performer(s) Scene
"Chandelier" Sia Ruby's Louisville number.
"Honeysuckle Rose" Nedward and Keoki Kaapana The Queens get ready in the green room.
"Black Velvet" Alannah Myles Lady Danger dances in a bar.
"Waterloo" Cher Brian gets back on stage and perform this number with the help of Ruby.
"Honeysuckle Rose" Sarah Vaughan Ruby goes to get ready with the queens


  • Ongina, Jade Jolie, Kennedy Davenport and Mariah Balenciaga appear in this episode as unnamed queens.
  • From the list above, Chad Michaels is the only RuPaul's Drag Race alumni in this episode to have her character actually have a name.


Musical Scenes


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