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Luz Violeta is the stage name of Sebastián Aguirre,[1] a Chilean drag queen, best known for winning the first season of The Switch Drag Race, the Chilean version of Drag Race.

She later returned for the second season, quitting the competition due to differences with the producers, placing 9th.

Drag Name Origin

She chose her drag name because, in the chinese chromotherapy, the violet light is the one that transmutes, just like she does, from man to woman. She most likely experienced treatment with chromotherapy.[2]

Memorable Quotes

  • "Yo quiero ella por qué sí." (when nominating Sofía Camará to go directly to the Singing Gala)


  • Luz is the first winner in the franchise to land in the bottom 2 more than twice on the season they won, landing in the bottom 3 times.
  • She is the first queen on the show to perform without a wig on, being bald in the singing gala on Episode 6 of Season 1.
    • She did this to spread awareness about breast cancer, which her grandmother died from.
  • Luz is the second winner in the franchise to compete on another season, the first being BeBe Zahara Benet on the American version, who competed on Season 1 and All Stars 3.
  • She quits the second season because of differences with the producers.
    • In an interview, she mentioned that the conditions were horrible, and even mentioned homophobia from the crew.[3]
  • Luz Violeta started doing drag around 2011, as a comedian in a friend's birthday party.
  • On the first season, she refused to do a challenge. As a punishment, she would only be able to receive a maximum score of 5 in the "gala", opposed to the maximum score of 7 that the other queens could receive.


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