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Make Up Your Mind is not to be confused with Make Up Your Mind (Belgium)

Make Up Your Mind
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Make Up Your Mind is a Dutch television program that is broadcast on RTL 4 following the success of Drag Race Holland. The program was created and developed by Herald Adolfs and Carlo Boszhard. Boszhard is also the host of the show.

In the show, a group of Dutch celebrities, transformed into drag queens, compete with each other.

Series Overview[]

Season No.
Episodes Originally aired
Premiere Finale
1 7 1 May 15, 2021
2 20 5 April 9, 2022 May 7, 2022
3 20 5 April 8, 2023 June 6, 2023
4 20 7 March 23, 2024 May 4, 2024


Season Prizes
  • Golden Pump trophy
  • The Emmi Beautycase
  • The Golden Beautycase
  • NOTE: for Season 2, the Golden Pump trophy was changed to the Emmi Beautycase trophy in honor of the deceased Peter R. de Vries, who appeared as mystery queen Emmi Beautycase in Season 1. The award was renamed to the Golden Beautycase in Season 3.


See: Judges/Make Up Your Mind

The current main judges are Envy Peru, ChelseaBoy Janey Jacké, Nickie Nicole and Vanessa Van Cartier.

The panelists who have to guess the queens' real identities are Fred van Leer and Nikkie de Jager.

International Versions[]

See: Make Up Your Mind (Franchise)


Viva la Diva - Wer ist die Queen?[]

See: Viva la Diva - Wer ist die Queen?
Viva la Diva - Wer ist die Queen? is a German reality drag competition show and the German version of Make Up Your Mind. It is hosted by Tim Mälzer and premiered on June 20, 2022.


Non Sono Una Signora[]

See: Non Sono Una Signora
Non Sono Una Signora is a Italian reality drag competition show and the Italian version of Make Up Your Mind. It is hosted by Alba Parietti and premiered on June 29, 2023.


Make Up Your Mind[]

See: Make Up Your Mind (Belgium)
Make Up Your Mind is a Belgian reality drag competition show and the Flemish version of Make Up Your Mind. It is hosted by An Lemmens and Davy Parmentier and premiered on September 8, 2023.

Live Events[]


Make Up Your Mind In Concert[]

Make Up Your Mind In Concert was announced on February 23, 2024 and will take place on June 22 of the same year.[3] The event will feature five memorable past contestants, one Mystery Queen, the show's judges panel lead by Envy Peru, and several performances by well known Dutch artists.[4] The winner of Season 4 will also be part of the show's line-up.[3] Carlo Boszhard hosts the event.[4]


Place Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4
1st Bobbi Bambam Dee Dee Sky Ria Sangria Miss Showbee
2nd Dolly Detox Tilly Turner Flash Gorgeous Star Sissy
3rd Britney Royale Juicy Andrews

Kikki Diamonds
Bonnie Éclair

Vera Tulip
Penny Smize
4th G G String

Lady Garga

The Mean Queen
Gladiola Holt


Polly Plush
5th Alexis Star Unique

Bunny Petit

Foxy Bangs

Alyssa Amora
6th Carry Vanity

Farah Sue

Juno Hearts
7th Miss Contessa Loulou Gal
8th Luna Leftover

Sydney Lekker
9th Gale Galore

GG L'Amour

Honey Haaibaai

Ivana D'art

Nina Fancy

Milly Charm

Miss Sea Ocean

Valery Porter
Miss B. Connie

Call Me Cartier

Kimmy Counter

Sissy Girl
10th Mary Hattan
11th Belinda Mental light

Bitchy Bobby

Priscilla Queen Of Fire

Sarah Be Sweet

La Prima Donna

Shirley Bestie

Abs Worst

Fay Runaway

Bo Talks

Tinie Bikini
13th Little Miss Know It All

Daisy Lucy

Liberty Sun

Jessie Slaaay
17th Hedy Gold

Miss Danger Rose

Tina Lady

Vikky Fuzz
Trixie McQueenie

Sjaan Elle

Busty Blue

Ally Lave
Mystery Queens
Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4
Ep. 1 Emmi Beautycase Brooke Fields Nutty Narissa Patty White
Ep. 2 Bonnie Blue Sjarra Tella Sylvie IJs
Ep. 3 Silvie Mercy Brenda Break A Leg Ivana Say Something
Ep. 4 Beaulicious Sweetie Tootsie Cora Zon
Ep. 5 Miss Studio 54 Skinny Jeany Speedy Kingzales
Ep. 6 Brrride
The contestant won Make Up Your Mind.


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