The Drag Makeover Challenge is a recurring main challenge featured on RuPaul's Drag Race where the contestants are tasked with giving a "drag makeover" to another person who's brought into the episode as a guest. Many different types of groups of people were made over throughout the seasons, mostly including masculine men in early seasons and women, eliminated queens or contestants' family members in a later season. It is often considered to be one of the most difficult challenges since contestants have to teach "regular" people to act and look like drag queens.

The judges are usually looking for "drag family resemblance" meaning that the contestant and their pair have to look alike.

Makeover Winners

Main Challenge Winners

Mini Challenge Winners

Makeover Eliminated


Season Makeover Challenge Type
RuPaul's Drag Race
1 Give drag makeover to masculine women[1]
2 Turn elderly gay men into drag mothers
3 Give drag makeover to athletic manly jocks
4 Give drag makeover to manly fathers
AS1 Give drag makeover to celebrities to form drag girl groups
5 Give drag makeover to military gay men
6 Turn a male pair of a heterosexual couple into a bride to attend their wedding as their drag mother
7 Give drag makeover to eliminated queens and bring the winning teams' eliminated queen back into the competition
8 Give drag makeover to the stars of Little Women: LA in a "Wonderful Wizard of Oz" theme
AS2 Give drag makeover to contestants' family members
9 Turn members of the show's filming crew into drag sisters
10 Give drag makeover to male social media influencers
AS4 Give drag makeover to contestants' best 'Judys' whether that be their best friend, partner or husband
11 Give drag makeover to eliminated queens[2]
12 Give drag makeover to Drag Race super-fans
Drag Race Thailand
S1 Paired with one of the eliminated queens, present a conjoined twins look[2]
S2 Ep.4 Turn a male pair of a heterosexual couple into a bride to attend their wedding as their drag mother
Ep.10 Give superhero-inspired drag makeover to contestants' family members
RuPaul's Drag Race UK
S1 Give drag makeover to contestants' family members
Canada's Drag Race
S1 Makeover Rainbow Railroad refugee newcomers
House of Drag
S2 Drag up a client and initiate them into your Drag Family
Drag Race Holland
S1 Give a drag makeover to contestants' friends or family members
La Más Draga
S2 Create an outfit made only with piñata materials, along with the Season 1 alumni.
S3 Makeover internet celebrities into "buchonas", the archetype of a rich, opulent and luxurious girlfriend of a narcotrafficker
  1. This idea later became its own short lived spin-off series known as RuPaul's Drag U.
  2. 2.0 2.1 Eliminated queen from the winning pair did not return to the competition like in Season 7.

All Makeover Challenges

Episode 5: Drag School of Charm

The girls are brought professional female fighters to teach the secrets of drag. Rebecca Glasscock wins the mini-challenge and picks the "prettiest" girl (Tempele) for herself, and pairs up the other girls with their "drag professor."

BeBe emphasizes culture with Michelle, Rebecca makes over Tempele in her own image, Nina puts her own 'Nina' spin on Mia, Ongina plays the masculine role to Jarrett's feminine touch, and Shannel goes for high glam with Sweepee. The judges love Shannel and Rebecca's output and name Rebecca the winner.

Contestant Looks Placement
Rebecca Glasscock and Tempele


Shannel and Sweepee


Nina Flowers and Mia


BeBe Zahara Benet and Michelle


Ongina and Jarrett


Episode 8: Golden Gals

The main challenge consisted of the girls taking older gay men and transforming them into their drag mothers for the runway. The contestants were also expected to perform a lip sync with their mothers to RuPaul's song "Main Event" Tatianna, who won the mini-challenge, got to pick who each girl would be teamed up. Each girl had different problems they had to overcome while working with their drag mothers, from Raven's partner being overly hairy to Tatianna's partner having a bad leg. After their performances, the girls were judged based on their transformation of their partner into drag queens as well as their lip sync performance.

The "Golden Gals" from left to right, Annalisha, Litter Boxx, Contessa Touchė, Big Tyra and Golda Lamė

  • Jujubee names her drag mother Contessa Touchė, and is poorly reviewed placing Jujubee in the bottom two.
  • Pandora Boxx names her drag mother Litter Boxx, she is also poorly reviewed and placed in the bottom two.
  • Raven names her drag mother Golda Lamė, who was considered an amazing tranformation, making Raven the winner of the challenge.
  • Tyra Sanchez names her drag mother Big Tyra, she is neither praised nor critiqued and is safe.
  • Tatianna names her drag mother Annalisha, her use of a wheelchair was well recieved, but Tatianna does not win the challenge.
Contestant Looks Placement
Raven and Golda Lamė


Tatianna and Annalisha


Tyra Sanchez and Big Tyra


Jujubee and Contessa Touchė


Pandora and Litter Boxx


Episode 12: Jocks in Frocks

The queens must make over five masculine, heterosexual jocks as their drag sisters. Alexis Mateo gets to choose which queen gets which jock for winning the mini-challenge. As a twist, RuPaul reveals the queens must also dress their jocks as cheerleaders and perform cheers about safe sex. The jocks soon discover the challenges of drag as the queens teach them to walk, paint, and tuck their way to the top. Carmen decides to show off her jock's body as an expression of her own drag persona, Raja tries to bring out the fierceness in her quiet jock by using a classic movie look, Alexis is hit on by her jock as she transforms him in her own image, Yara works on getting her jock to match her spicy, sexy runway style and Manila is frustrated by her jock's antics but is helped by his eagerness to learn.

  • Alexis Mateo names her drag sister Avals Mateo, the Mateos are critiqued for their cheer being too busy but

    The girls with their jocks, from left to right: Fuschia and Manila Luzon, Lolita Cruz and Carmen Carrera, Drewlita and Yara Sofia, Raja and Enigma, and Avals and Alexis Mateo.

    are praised for their mirror-image appearance.
  • Yara Sofia names her drag sister Drewlita Sofia, the Sofias are praised for their runway look despite not having as dynamic performance as the other queens.
  • Raja names her drag sister Enigma, Enigma's poor runway walk and losing the judges attention during their cheer place Raja in the bottom two.
  • Manila Luzon names her drag sister Fuschia Luzon, The Luzons dazzled the judges with their Chinese doll look and hilarious cheer routine, making Manila the winner.
  • Carmen Carrera names her drag sister Lolita Cruz Carrera, the judges rave over Carmen's personal look but critique her choice in wardrobe for her drag sister's muscular build, placing her in the bottom two.
Contestant Looks Placement
Manila and Fuschia Luzon


Alexis and Avals Mateo


Yara and Drewlita Sofia


Raja and Enigma


Carmen and Lolita Cruz Carrera


Episode 10: DILFs: Dads I'd Like To Frock

The queens are paired up with dads for a maternity runway/makeover and striptease. It is revealed that Kenya has returned to the competition and wins the mini-challenge. Chad and Phi Phi fare well in the challenge, with Phi Phi being declared the overall winner.

Contestant Looks Placement
Phi Phi and Gi Gi O'Hara


Chad Michaels and Lady Samantha
Chad & Lady Samantha.png


Sharon Needles and Robin Mansions


Latrice and Sharrell Royale


Kenya and Lil' Mama Michaels


Episode 4: All Stars Girl Groups

The queens had to perform as a girl group with daughters of famous celebrities, drag them up, and lip-sync to one of RuPaul's songs. All the teams had mixed critiques but in the end Team Shad was the winning team, while Team Yarlexis was eliminated.

Contestant Team Looks Placement
Chad Michaels Team Shad and Jillian Harvey
(Savage Sisters)


Jujubee Team Rujubee and Kady Z


Alexis Mateo Team Yarlexis and Kelly Osbourne
(Fanny Shosha)


Yara Sofia

Episode 10: Super Troopers

For the mini challenge, the remaining queens were exposed to drag boot camp by Storm (fitness trainer). Alaska won the challenge for outlasting the other queens, with her prize being to match the queens to a gay veteran for a drag makeover. Roxxxy was annoyed that Alaska picked Iszy, a short veteran for her, while Alaska gave Jinkx to the oldest veteran in order for her to perform badly due to her being Alaska's competition. On the main stage, the queens and veterans were challenged to perform a patriotic flag salute before walking the runway displaying their

From left to right: Nebraska, Beth Adome, Horchata Montrese, Fortuna Monsoon, and Isabella Andrews.

  • Alaska names her drag sister Nebraska, although her padding was off; which made Nebraska look squared, their look was moderately well received and their color guard salute was well reviewed.
  • Jinkx Monsoon names her drag sister/mother Fortuna Monsoon, they decided to pay homage to actress Judy Garland (whom Fortuna actually knew) and her daughter, actress Liza Minnelli for which they were well reviewed.
  • Detox names her drag sister Beth Adome, Detox fumbles through her flag salute and Beth-Detox's looks were not up to the judges par, placing Detox in the Bottom Two.
  • Coco Montrese names her drag sister Horchata Montrese, the judges read Coco for making herself the "pretty" sister and appearing to give Horchata the scraps left over from her outfit to make Horchata's. Coco is placed in the Bottom Two.
  • Roxxxy Andrews names her drag sister Isabella Andrews, they're perfectly matching looks and Isabella's remarkable transformation make Roxxxy the winner of this challenge.
Contestant Looks Placement
Roxxxy and Isabella Andrews GzihLP4.png


Jinkx and Fortuna Monsoon CCVnceN.png


Alaska and Nebraska TEhNMEb.png


Detox and Beth Adome OZz9TRV.png


Coco and Horchata Montrese HJQEu1U.png


Episode 10: Drag My Wedding

For this week's mini-challenge, the queens were challenged to use their bodies to create abstract paintings representing marriage equality. Bianca wins and is given the task of assigning each queen a bride-to-be for this week's makeover challenge. However, in a twist, it is revealed that the queens will be making over the grooms into blushing brides, not the brides themselves.

  • Joslyn Fox names her daughter Bradonna Fox and struggles with her bride's aversion to doing drag because of his profession. Joslyn ends up in the bottom two and Lip Syncs against Adore Delano and is sent home.
  • Courtney Act names her daughter Rien Act and is accused of upstaging her bride with her personal look. She is safe.
  • Bianca Del Rio wins the challenge with her daughter Fifi Del Rio.
  • Darienne Lake encounters problems when her couple decide they want a Gothic-themed wedding and she cannot find any appropriate material. Her goth-themed bride Ann Drogyny did not land with all the judges who also criticize her personal look. She was safe.
  • Adore Delano panics about not being able to sew and both her personal look and her bride Honey Bun Delano is also heavily criticized. She ends up in the bottom two against Joslyn Fox, gives an impassioned performance and she is saved again while Joslyn sashays away.
  • BenDeLaCreme and her daughter Suzette à la Mode are given very positive critiques from the judges, both the bride's makeover and BenDeLaCreme's personal look are praised.
Contestant Looks Placement
Bianca and Fifi Del Rio CZ343NI-0.png WINNER
BenDeLaCreme and Suzette à la Mode GyGWvKR-0.png


Courtney and Rien Act 3CQvOm0-0.png SAFE
Darienne Lake and Ann Drogyny QfeBP8w-0.png


Adore and Honey Bun Delano Sadore.png


Joslyn and Bradonna Fox Sfadfa.png


Episode 8: Conjoined Queens

For the mini-challenge the queens had to create Orange Is the New Black-inspired look, using only prison uniforms and personal items the queens have, under the supervision of season four contestant Latrice Royale. The queens walk a make-shift runway in the workroom, and Kennedy Davenport is declared the winner. RuPaul gathers the queens to address his previous announcement of intending to bring one of the eliminated queens back into the competition. All the eliminated queens return. The main challenge for each queen still in the competition will be paired up with an eliminated queen, and create a conjoined twins-inspired drag look. The eliminated queen from the winning pair will then return to the competition, and once again be in the running for the title of America's next drag superstar. Because she won the mini-challenge, Kennedy gets to pair the queens up.

  • Ginger Minj is paired with Sasha Belle. Ginger has difficulty doing the makeover because of her and Sasha's lack of sewing ability and is upset with Sasha being distracted while they are meant to be working on the challenge. Sasha Belle leaves Ginger and talks to other contestants instead of helping in the challenge. The two land in the bottom because of the poorly executed and "tacky" look and lip sync for their lives. They win and Ginger keeps her place in the competition.
  • Jaidynn Diore Fierce is paired with Tempest DuJour, because of their complete physical differences they have trouble coming up with a cohesive look and end up with a "basic" runway. They are put in the bottom against Ginger and Sasha. They lose the lip sync and Jaidynn is eliminated.
  • Katya is paired with Mrs. Kasha Davis. They created a strong concept and character with comedic value and Katya is safe from elimination.
  • Kennedy Davenport pairs herself with Jasmine Masters. Kennedy ends up safe.
  • Miss Fame is paired with Kandy Ho. The look is critiqued for not being original. Miss Fame is safe.
  • Pearl is paired with Trixie Mattel. The look they create is complimented for being diverse and funny, while still sticking to a twin theme. Pearl is announced the winner of the challenge and Trixie is allowed back her place in the competition.
  • Violet Chachki is paired with Max who was eliminated the previous episode. The look is praised and well done, Michelle comments on being happy to finally see Max in a different coloured wig. They are safe.
Contestant Looks Placement
Pearl and Trixie Mattel Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 20.16.08.png


Katya and Mrs. Kasha Davis Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 20.15.09.png


Violet Chachki and Max Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 20.15.56.png


Kennedy Davenport and Jasmine Masters Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 20.16.32.png SAFE
Miss Fame and Kandy Ho Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 20.15.31.png


Ginger Minj and Sasha Belle Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 20.16.17.png


Jaidynn Diore Fierce and Tempest DuJour Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 20.15.19.png


Episode Eighteen

The queens were tasked to make over male actors in her drag "clones".
This challenge had two parts, the first part was only to make up her twin drag, Stephanie won immunity for the second part, the second part was to present a lip sync show with her drag twins and from here the second winner of the challenge would come out. The winners are immunity for the Singing Challenge and can´t be eliminated. The bottom two of the singing challenge they face the elimination duel.

Contestant Looks Placement Final
Stephanie "La Botota" Fox
(1st round)
Sofía Camará
(2nd round)
Luna di Mauri
Rubí Blonde
Luz Violeta
Paulette Palmery

Episode 6: Wizards of Drag

The 7 remaining queens must make over the stars of Little Women: LA in a Wizard of Oz themed makeover challenge.

Contestant Wizard of Oz






Naomi Smalls and Jazzy Jems Scarecrow Image.png JasmineArteagaSorgeEP6Look-0.png


Kim and Miso Chi Wicked


KimEP6Look-0.png BrianaReneeEP6Look-0.png


Bob the Drag Queen and Rob the Faux Queen Glinda BobEP6Look-0.png ElenaGantEP6Look-0.png SAFE
Thorgy Thor and Thorgeous Emerald


ThorgyEP6Look-0.png Jkonlm.png SAFE
Chi Chi and Ti Ti DeVayne Dorothy ChiChiEP6Look.png TonyaEP6Look.png


Derrick Barry and Terra Barr Tin Man DerrickEP6Look-0.png TeraJoleEP6Look-0.png


Robbie and Hedda Turner Lion RobbieEP6Look-0.png Bjbj.png


Episode 7: Family That Drags Together

Contestant Looks Placement
Detox and D-Rama DetoxLookAS2Ep7B0.png DetoxLookAS2Ep7.png WINNER
Katya and Svetlana Borisnova KatyaLookAS2Ep7B.png KatyaLookAS2Ep7.png TOP 2
Alaska and Hawaii AlaskaLookAS2Ep7B.png AlaskaLookAS2Ep7.png BOTTOM 3
Roxxxy and Raquel Andrews RoxxxyLookAS2Ep7B.png RoxxxyLookAS2Ep7.png BOTTOM 3
Alyssa and Ava Edwards AlyssaLookAS2Ep7B.png AlyssaLookAS2Ep7.png ELIMINATED

Episode 10: Makeovers: Crew Better Work

In episode 10, the 6 remaining drag queens were asked by RuPaul to give make-overs of themselves, and six crew members of RuPaul's Drag Race. During the judges' critiques, Trinity Taylor won the challenge alongside her partner, with Sasha Velour receiving high critiques. Peppermint was declared safe, while Alexis Michelle, Nina Bo'Nina Brown and Shea Couleé were criticized for their make-over looks. Alexis Michelle was declared safe from the bottom two, while Nina Bo'Nina Brown and Shea Couleé lip-synced against each other to Demi Lovato's "Cool for the Summer"; Shea Couleé won the lip-sync, and Nina Bo'Nina Brown was sashayed away by RuPaul.

Contestant Looks Placement
Trinity Taylor and Glittafa Dayze TrinityTaylorGlittafaDayzeE10Look.png WINNER
Sasha and Dunatella Velour SashaVelourDunatellaE10Look.png HIGH
Peppermint and Wintergreen PepWintergreenE10Look.png SAFE
Alexis Michelle and Rye Ann Stardust AlexisMichelleRyeAnneStardustE10Look.png LOW
Shea and Bae Couleé SheaBaeCouleeE10Look.png BOTTOM 2
Nina and Ariana Bo'Nina Brown NinaBoninaArianaE10Look.png ELIMINATED

Episode 10: Social Media Kings Into Queens

In episode 10, the final six remaining queens were challenged by RuPaul to change six social media kings into Drag Queens.

Contestant Looks Placement
Miz Cracker and Miz Cookie Miz Cracker & Miz Cookie.png WINNER
Asia and America O'Hara Asia & America O'Hara.png HIGH
Eureka O'Hara and Eufreaka Eureka & Eufreaka.png HIGH
Aquaria and Capricia Corn Aquaria & Capricia Corn.png LOW
Kameron and Kelly Michaels Kameron & Kelly Michaels.png BOTTOM 2
Monét X Change and Short Change Monet X Change & Short Change.png ELIMINATED

Week 14

The queens were tasked to make over masculine man in her drag mothers.
The loser will face the Extreme Duel of elimination.

Contestant Looks Placement
Miss Leona and Lady Pantera
Pavel Arámbula and María Teresa
Diva and Divina Houston
Luz Violeta and Violencia

Episode 8: RuPaul's Best Judy's Race

On this episode of the fourth season of All Stars, the queens were tasked to make over their best 'Judys' which were their best friends, partners or husbands.

Contestant Looks Placement
Naomi and Extra Smalls NaomiMakeoverLook.png WINNER
Monét X Change and Patty Cash MonetMakeoverLook.png TOP 2
Monique and Shanida Heart MoniqueMakeoverLook.png HIGH
Trinity and Indigo The Tuck TrinityMakeoverLook.png HIGH
Latrice Royale and Alexis Knight LatriceMakeoverLook.png BOTTOM 2
Manila and Iyowife Luzon ManilaMakeoverLook.png ELIMINATED

Episode 4: Mother and Daughter

On the fourth episode, the queens are challenged to makeover the grooms of 11 heterosexual couples into beautiful brides, in a similar way to Season 6's makeover challenge'

Contestant Looks Placement
Angele Anang 50501361 2274881269502416 6626531568942120305 n.jpg WINNER
Miss Gimhuay 51159511 595379717541237 7243320513883208715 n.jpg


Bandit 50882611 243031046651926 1127768449012061916 n.jpg SAFE
Genie 51508008 119483179111890 1111198654643519414 n.jpg SAFE
Maya B'Haro 51014239 2275117219397818 3065908287647987901 n.jpg SAFE
Mocha Diva 50986892 404606393447252 7140541205275936467 n.jpg SAFE
Tormai 51417733 227502141533863 679358433236957935 n.jpg SAFE
Vanda Miss Joaquim 50557612 314237905772962 960445328584394968 n.jpg SAFE
Kana Warrior 50831243 633778050374277 4595845968690792182 n.jpg


Srimala 50867094 294437614602686 8915536877366564493 n.jpg


Kandy Zyanide 50570921 538143323355523 8243911695752281116 n.jpg


Episode 10: Family Superheros

On the tenth episode, the queens are each paired with one of their own family memebers and are asked to turn them and themselves into couples of twins superheroes

Contestant Looks Placement
Kandy Zyanide KandyZyanideTwinHeroesLook.jpg WINNER
Kana Warrior KanaWarriorTwinHeroesLook.jpg


Angele Anang AngeleAnangTwinHeroesLook.jpg


Bandit BanditTwinHeroesLook.jpg


Vanda Miss Joaquim VandaMissJoaquimTwinHeroesLook.jpg


Srimala SrimalaTwinHeroesLook.jpg


Episode 11: Bring Back My Queens!

On the eleventh episode of Season 11, the six remaining queens were tasked to make over queens that had previously been eliminated.

Contestant Looks Placement
Brooke Lynn Hytes and Plastique Tiara Brooke&PlastiqueMakeOverLooks.png WINNER
A'keria C. Davenport and Honey Davenport A'keria&HoneyMakeOverLooks.png HIGH
Vanessa Vanjie Mateo and Ariel Versace Vanessa&ArielMakeOverLooks.png HIGH
Yvie Oddly and Scarlet Envy Yvie&ScarletMakeOverLooks.png LOW
Silky Nutmeg Ganache and Soju Silky&SojuMakeOverLooks.png BOTTOM 2
Nina West and Shuga Cain NinaWest&ShugaMakeOverLooks.png ELIMINATED

Episode 4: La Más Piñata

Contestant Looks Scores Placement
Alexis 3XL and Bárbara Durango Alexis3XLEp4Look.jpg BarbaraDurangoPartnerLook.jpg 18 WINNER
Sophia Jiménez and Deborah La Grande SophiaJimenezEp4Look.jpg DeborahLaGrandePartnerLook.jpg 17 HIGH
Amelia Waldorf and Cordelia Durango AmeliaEp4Look.jpg CordeliaDurangoPartnerLook.jpg 11 SAFE
Soro Nasty and Eva Blunt SoroNastyEp4Look.jpg EvaBluntPartnerLook.jpg 11 SAFE
Job Star and Margaret Y Ya JobStarEp4Look.jpg MargaretYYaPartnerLook.jpg 10 BOTTOM 3
Gvajardo and Debra Men Gva4.PNG DebraMenPartnerLook.jpg 10 BOTTOM 3
Red Rabbit Duo and Lana RedRabbitDuoEp4Look.jpg LanaBoswellPartnerLook.jpg 8 ELIMINATED

Episode 7: The Family That Slays Together

On the seventh episode of RuPaul's Drag Race UK Season 1, the four remaining queens were tasked to make over their mothers and sisters.

Contestant Looks Placement
Divina and Delisha De Campo Divina&DelishaDeCampo.png WINNER
The Vivienne and The Mother TheVivienne&TheMother.png HIGH
Baga Chipz and Sacka Spudz Baga&SackaSpudz.png BOTTOM 2
Cheryl and Sissy Hole Cheryl&SissyHole.png ELIMINATED

Episode 7: Client Makeover

Contestant Looks Placement
Claire Voyant and Eh-lemental ClaireVoyantMakeoverLook.jpg ClaireVoyantMakeoverLookB.jpg WINNER
Bionica and Seancé Knowles BionicaMakeoverLook.jpg BionicaMakeoverLookB.jpg SAFE
Elektra and Toxic Shock ElektraShockMakeoverLook.jpg ElektraShockMakeoverLookB.jpg SAFE
Miss Geena and Miss Jaimé MissGeenaMakeoverLook.jpg MissGeenaMakeoverLookB.jpg SAFE
Spankie and Skankie Jackzon SpankieJackzonMakeoverLook.jpg SpankieJackzonMakeoverLookB.jpg BOTTOM 2
Lilly and Louis Loca LillyLocaMakeoverLook.jpg LillyLocaMakeoverLookB.jpg ELIMINATED

Episode 10: Superfan Makeover

On the tenth episode of Season 12, the six remaining queens were tasked to make over Drag Race super fans.

Contestant Looks Placement
Jaida and Jazz Essence Hall
Crystal and Opal Methyd
Sherry Pie and Tara Misu
Gigi Goode and Bebe Bad
Heidi N Closet and Honey Almighty
Jackie and Lil' Snacky Cox

Episode 8: Welcome To The Family

Contestant Looks Placement
Priyanka and Elektra
Scarlett and Violett BoBo
Jimbo and Bimbo
Rita and Tari Baga
Lemon and Lime

Episode 6: It Takes Two

Contestant Looks Placement
Envy Peru and her Mother
Miss Abby OMG and her Brother
Ma'Ma Queen and her Father
Janey Jacké and her Mother
ChelseaBoy and her Best Friend

Episode 8: La Más Buchona

Contestant Look Placement
and Zoila Jeny Ta
MadisonEp8LookA.jpg WINNER
Aviesc Who?
and Madame Who?
AviescWhoEp8LookA.jpg HIGH
Mista Boo
and Ka Boom
MistaBooEp8LookA.jpg HIGH
Raga Diamante
and Piedra Pomex Diamante
RagaDiamanteEp8LookA.jpg SAFE
Rudy Reyes
and Topanga Reyes
RudyReyesEp8LookA.jpg SAFE
Memo Reyri
and Mema Mar Reyri
MemoReyriEp8LookA.jpg BOTTOM 2
Regina Bronx
and Vagina Bronx
ReginaBronxEp8LookA.jpg ELIMINATED


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