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A Maxi Challenge is the main challenge that the contestants are judged on and what determines who places in the top and bottom for the episode. There are several different types of Maxi Challenges but majority of them aim to test the contestants' skills in performance, comedy or fashion as they are typically expected to act, sing, dance or create outfits.

Maxi Challenges take place after a Mini Challenge, if one is present, and take up majority of an episode's runtime as the contestants prepare to perform to the best of their abilities in the challenge at hand. Additionally, the prize of winning a Mini Challenge can include some sort of advantage for the Maxi Challenge such as choosing roles, a head start on gathering materials, being a team captain, and pairing contestants.

The winners of a given week's Maxi Challenge win a prize of some sorts from sponsors such as a supply of a product, a cruise or an all-expense paid trip to a resort. Additionally, the first five seasons of the regular American series featured immunity from the next episode's elimination as a prize for winning one of the first five Maxi Challenges (not including shared wins). Starting from the twelfth season of the regular American series, the Maxi Challenge winners won cash tips instead and on the American All Stars series won cash tips in addition to sponsored prizes. RuPaul's Drag Race UK (and by extension, any other series taking place in the UK and airing on BBC Three) has regulations preventing cash prizes being rewarded so instead, the winners of each Maxi Challenge win a RuPeter Badge which they wear in the Werk Room to signify their standing in the competition.

After the judges have deliberated and all the contestants in the top and bottom have been called safe, only the contestants who performed the worst in the Maxi Challenge are left on stage where they have to go against each other in a Lip Sync For Your Life to secure their spot in the competition, with the loser of the lip sync ultimately being eliminated.

Important Challenges[]

Although there are eighteen different types of Maxi Challenges, six are considered to be especially iconic and are highly anticipated by both the contestants themselves and by the fans. The six Maxi Challenges considered to be important challenges are Snatch Game, the Ball, the Girl Group Challenge, the Makeover Challenge, the Roast, and the Rusical. These challenges are the ultimate tests to judge the contestants' Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent in comedy, look, performance and branding with most, if not all, being frequently present across the entire Drag Race franchise. Contestants who excel in these challenges are often established as front runners in the competition and typically place as finalists or semi-finalists overall. Additionally, the Talent Show may also be included in this list in relation to All Stars and vs The World seasons.

All Challenges[]

First Maxi Challenge Winners[]

By Series[]

By Challenge[]


Most Maxi Challenge Wins[]

Rank Contestant Seasons Wins Total Wins
1st Trinity The Tuck TrinityTaylorS9CastMug USA Season 9 3 11
TrinityTheTuckAS4CastMug USA All Stars
Season 4
TrinityTheTuckAS7CastMug USA All Stars
Season 7
2nd Shea Couleé SheaCouleéS9CastMug USA Season 9 4 8
SheaCouleéAS5CastMug USA All Stars
Season 5
SheaCouleéAS7CastMug USA All Stars
Season 7
3rd BenDeLaCreme BenDeLaCremeS6CastMug USA Season 6 2 7
BenDeLaCremeAS3CastMug USA All Stars
Season 3
Jimbo JimboCDR1CastMug Canada
Season 1
1 7
JimboUKvsTWCastMug UK vs The World
Season 1
JimboAS8CastMug USA All Stars
Season 8
Jinkx Monsoon JinkxMonsoonS5CastMug USA Season 5 2 7
JinkxMonsoonAS7CastMug USA All Stars
Season 7
Manila Luzon ManilaLuzonS3CastMug USA Season 3 3 7
ManilaLuzonAS1CastMug USA All Stars
Season 1
ManilaLuzonAS4CastMug USA All Stars
Season 4
Roxxxy Andrews RoxxxyAndrewsS5CastMug USA Season 5 2 7
RoxxxyAndrewsAS2CastMug USA All Stars
Season 2
RoxxxyAndrewsAS9CastMug USA All Stars
Season 9

Never in the Bottom for Any Maxi Challenge[]

Finalists With No Maxi Challenge Wins[]


  • Nina Flowers is the first contestant to win a Maxi Challenge in the entire Drag Race franchise.
  • Trinity The Tuck holds the record of the most Maxi Challenge wins in total, winning eleven Maxi Challenges across three seasons (three on USA Season 9 and four on both USA All Stars Season 4 and 7).
    • BenDeLaCreme (USA All Stars Season 3), Angele Anang (Thailand Season 2), Jinkx Monsoon (USA All Stars Season 7), and Cristian Peralta (México Season 1) hold the record for winning the most Maxi Challenges in only one season, all winning five Maxi Challenges in their respective seasons.
      • Cristian being the first and only one to accomplish this in the original Drag Race format as well as not sharing any Maxi Challenge wins.
      • Additionally, BenDeLaCreme and Angele hold the record for winning the most Maxi Challenges consecutively, winning four Maxi Challenges across four consecutive episodes.
  • Pandora Boxx holds the record for competing in the most amount of seasons without winning a single Maxi Challenge, being eliminated with no Maxi Challenge wins across three seasons (USA Season 2, USA All Stars Season 1 and 6).
  • Jujubee holds the record for competing in the most amount of episodes before winning her first Maxi Challenge, having competed in seventeen episodes prior to winning a Maxi Challenge.
    • Yara Sofia (USA Season 3), Crystal Methyd (USA Season 12), Kandy Muse (USA Season 13), and Eureka! (USA All Stars Season 6) hold the record for competing in the most amount of episodes before winning their first Maxi Challenge of their respective seasons, competing in nine episodes prior to winning their first Maxi Challenges.
      • However, Kandy holds the record for winning her first Maxi Challenge the latest in a season, earning her first win in the twelfth episode.
  • The third season of the American series is the first season to feature a shared win for the Maxi Challenge, with Alexis Mateo and Shangela both winning the third episode Acting Challenge.
  • During the first eleven seasons of the regular American series, the Design or Runway challenge was typically the first Maxi Challenge of the season. This long-lasting tradition was broken by the Rumix Challenge when it became the first challenge on the twelfth season.
  • Ginger Minj has won the most amount of money from Maxi Challenge wins in one season (USA All Stars Season 6), winning a total $60,000 USD from Maxi Challenge wins alone ($10,000 USD from two Maxi Challenges wins and $40,000 USD from two Lip Sync For Your Legacy wins).
    • In the fifth episode, however, Ginger chose to donate $2,500 USD to her teammates Jan and Pandora Boxx from her $35,000 USD earnings that episode.
  • Shangela is the first contestant to win a Maxi Challenge after being eliminated in a previous season.
  • Latrice Royale is the first contestant to win a Maxi Challenge after returning to the competition from being previously eliminated.
  • LaLa Ri and Jaymes Mansfield are the first contestants to win a Maxi Challenge despite already being eliminated from the competition.
    • Additionally, this means Jaymes has only won a Maxi Challenge when she was no longer in the competition.
  • Keiona (France Season 2) and Drag Sethlas (España All Stars Season 1) are the only contestants to place in the top for every Maxi Challenge in a season.
  • Drag Sethlas holds the record for winning the most Maxi Challenges possible in a single season, winning four out of five Maxi Challenges in a season (España All Stars Season 1).