Meatball was one of the nine contestants to compete on the first season of The Boulet Brothers' DRAGULA. Meatball was exterminated on the fifth episode, and finished 4th.


Statistics: BBD 1
Placement: 4th
Main Challenges Won: 1 (Ep. 4)

Times in Bottom:

1 (Ep. 1)
Episode Eliminated: Episode 5
Extermination Reenactment: Decapitated


  • Meatball returned in a cameo during the second season of DRAGULA, the only monster to do so besides winner Vander Von Odd.
  • She, along with with Big Dipper, host two podcasts; UnBEARable & Sloppy Seconds.
  • She is Hornet's main correspondence during all DragCon LA & NYC conventions, she also interviewed for the network during the premiere of season 2 of DRAGULA.
  • She has her web series, 'Welcome to Meatland', on Hornet's YouTube page.
  • She is one of the few DRAGULA contestants to have won the club version of DRAGULA before it became a television show. Other winners include Pinche and Drag Race's Valentina.
  • Along with Loris, they are the first ever queens to survive an extermination in DRAGULA.
  • She is in high demand for a season of All Stars for Dragula contestants, due to her remaining in the spotlight after her season.

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