Dwayne Milan, also known as just Milan, is the stage name of Dwayne Cooper, a former drag performer and actor who appeared in Season 4 of RuPaul's Drag Race.


Milan was eliminated in Episode 6, Float Your Boat. It was her third lip-sync, and she was up against Jiggly Caliente in the bottom two.

Drag Name Origin

In college during Halloween, she and her friends got in drag and picked names. They were all in model mode and she picked Milan as she thought that is where all the big models go to. She also wanted a name that was androgynous, ambiguous, and original. She now goes by Dwayne Milan as she was inspired by Chad Michaels and Willam Belli who kept their real names. Her drag mother is Nicole Roberts from Columbia, South Carolina.

Memorable Quotes

  • "Hey, there's a new girl in town! Let's get to business!" (Entrance Quote)
  • "Milan is FIERCE! She's FABULOUS, she's DIVA! She can act, sing, dance, produce, and you don't want it from her!"
  • "Black people don't stand there when zombies are coming at them, they run bitch!"
  • "This is called Drag Race not Drag Walk."
  • "I just wanna say Lady Gaga, that I'm the only boss here!"
  • "When she got on that scale, it said "Mahogany!"
  • "Her hair don't move! No, but mine do!"
  • "Colored Girl, why your base look like chalk!?"


  • Milan is the second queen to lip-sync three times in a row, the first being Akashia in Season 1.
  • Milan has stopped doing drag and is now focused on his acting career.


Season 4 Looks

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