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Mimi Imfurst is the stage name of Braden Chapman, a professional drag queen, actor, comedian, and DJ from Hanson, Massachusetts.

Imfurst competed on the third season of RuPaul's Drag Race. Excelling in the first two challenges, Mimi was destined to do well in the competition. After a stumble in the third week for trying too hard, she was up for elimination against India Ferrah. During the lip-sync, she picked up Ferrah over her shoulders, stirring up controversy; which ended up having her sent home early.

Returning for redemption on RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars, Imfurst aimed to showcase her growth. Paired with Season 2's Pandora Boxx, they were seen as outcasts because of Mimi's abrasive and un-welcomed presence by the other contestants. After a heated untucked argument, she was up for elimination during the premiere episode; eventually losing the first-ever All-Stars lip-sync, sending both her and teammate Boxx home.

She was best known on the show for her loud and proud sense of humor, which often grated on the other contestants and the viewers. She was often looked down on or picked on by her fellow contestants, especially for her surprise appearance in All-Stars, as well as criticized for her confrontational attitude. She is also known for picking up India Ferrah during a lip-sync for your life, leading to RuPaul saying that Drag is not a contact sport.

Drag Name Origin

Her first drag name during high school was Delilah DeMistra inspired by Hedy Lamarr’s character in Samson and Delilah. She liked DeMistra as a play on mistress. When she moved to New York, there was another drag queen named Delilah so she had to change it. She wanted her name to be a funny pun. She narrowed down to Heidi Schlong, Rhoda Dickins, Dyna Cancer, and Mimi Imfurst. Her friend Portia, who was the sidekick on The Wanda Sykes Show said, “If you don’t pick Mimi Imfurst, you’re an idiot.” Her drag mother was New York City drag queen Sweetie, that played Olestra in Starrbooty. Mimi was also a member of the Haus of Acid, a former group started by Acid Betty.

RuPaul's Drag Race

Mimi Imfurst
Season Competed Season 3 All Stars 1
Ranking: 11th Place 11th/12th Place
Mini-Challenges Won: 0 0
Times as Team Captain: 0 0
Times Placed High 2 (Eps. 2, 3) 0
Main Challenges Won: 0 0
Times Placed Low 0 0
Times in Bottom: 1 (Ep. 4) 1 (Ep. 1)
Episode Eliminated Episode 4 Episode 1

Season 3

Mimi was eliminated in the fourth episode of Season 3. The challenge was to have the queens split into teams to create a motivating, funny, exercise video. Mimi Imfurst was chosen to be on Manila Luzon's team against Carmen Carrera's team. Mimi's chosen exercise was to do the jump-rope.

According to the judges, Mimi's video was hard to watch because it was too silly and over-the-top. Mimi came up with a gimmick of creating a high-pitched, female voice to do the talking for her part of the video. Michelle Visage even called it stupid.

Mimi Imfurst fell into the bottom two against India Ferrah, which resulted in a memorable, high-drama lip-sync. During the middle of the number, Mimi went down to the judges' panel with India, ducked underneath India, and picked India up on her shoulders, carrying her back onto the main stage.

At the end of the lip-sync, RuPaul quoted to Mimi, "drag is not a contact sport", and Mimi was eliminated.

All Stars 1

Mimi made a surprise appearance on RuPaul's All Stars Drag Race, possibly because of her #3 ranking in the Facebook contestant voting contest for the show. However, she was eliminated in the first episode.

RuPaul delivered a surprise twist at the very beginning of the show: each contestant was to compete in teams of two for the majority of the season. The judging of the pairs depended on the poorer performing queen, and both could be sent home if the queen chosen from the pair to lipsync did not perform well in it.

In the first episode when pairs were selected, Mimi and Pandora Boxx were paired last. Mimi wasn't chosen by any of her contestants. Mimi and Pandora had no choice but to team. Pandora was devastated. She didn't want to be paired with Mimi, and this led the pair to struggle.

Mimi tried her best to convince Pandora Boxx to work with her to get in the top, but there was too much tension between the two. The pair did not collaborate sufficiently to succeed.

The main challenge was to take outrageous photographs. One photo for "Half-Baked:" the queens don't put on their makeup fully and pose for a crazy, but the effective photograph on how both of the teammate's personas are different. Additionally, The teams shot another photo called "Opposites Attract", which conveyed their opposite sides.

On the runway, Pandora and Mimi's team was called team "Mandora".

The team was criticized for lack of self-confidence, weaknesses in the challenge, the outfits, and the tension. These reasons put Mimi and Pandora in the bottom two together, against team Shad (Chad Michaels & Shannel).

Mimi and Pandora both agreed that Mimi would lip-sync to save the team from elimination. In the end, it came down to Mimi and Chad Michaels to lip-sync. Chad Michaels outshined Mimi Imfurst, and it sent both Pandora Boxx and Mimi Imfurst home.

Memorable Quotes

  • "I brought cookies!!!!"
  • "I got a big everything girl."
  • "I only weigh 98 pounds. The rest of this is liver."
  • "I am your father..... AND YOUR MOTHER!"
  • "Boo just 'cause you got a sugar daddy who pays everything for you..."
  • "I try to put the B in subtle."
  • "I think I could win All-Stars because I'm a well rounded, fierce queen."
  • "This time around, I will pick nobody up, it is time for America to see who I really am."
  • "Life is like a pay-check, a generous figure is always nice."
  • "This is Deja-Ru!"
  • "Pandora is being a little bitchy!"
  • "You listen to me for one hot minute!"
  • "Fucking shenanigans!! I don't have time for this!'"
  • "Do not attack my fans bitch!"
  • "Shangela's lampshade has become a weapon."
  • "The lip-sync's starting to get a little violent."
  • "When her mom asked if it was a boy or a girl, the doctor said no." (referring to Detox in the Roast of Michelle Visage)

Farewell Message

Season 3

" life is too short to live someone elses."


  • In May 2018, Braden engaged in ongoing unwanted sexual advances toward several young gay men in the Philadelphia scene that feared they would be blacklisted from the community if they did not comply. He has later admitted to these allegations.
  • At the age of 16, Mimi was adopted to a lesbian couple.
  • Mimi attended Marymount Manhattan College.
  • Mimi used to sleigh with snow dogs with her adopted parents.
  • Mimi was in a band called XELLE.
  • Mimi played Fag Hagrid, a parody of Rubeus Hagrid, in the 2010 gay pornographic film Whorrey Potter and the Sorcerer's Balls.
  • Mimi started doing drag professionally at the age of 16.
  • Out of drag, he listens to the news a lot. He puts on MSNBC while putting on makeup.
  • Mimi is the third lowest placing contestant to compete on an All-Stars season, having placed 11th in her original season.
  • Mimi almost ended up in a fist-fight with Alyssa Edwards during a tour, if it wasn't for fellow-Drag Race alumni Milk intervening. Trixie Mattel was also present during this fight.
  • In the Season 3 Casting Episode, Mimi's Opposites Attract runway look can be seen in her video.


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