Miss Abby OMG (pronounced as Miss Abby Oh My God) is the stage name of Henrique dos Santos, a drag performer and one of the Season 1 contestants of Drag Race Holland.

Drag Name Origin

Her drag name comes from "Abigail Lemonparty", one of the many Roger's alter egos from the animated series American Dad!. However, "Abigail Lemonparty" was too long, so the people started calling her "Abby". The "Oh My God" comes from the reaction of her younger brother when he saw her in drag for the very first time.

Track Record(s)

Miss Abby OMG
Seasons Competed: DRH 1
Ranking: 3rd/4th Place
Maxi Challenges Won: 0
Mini Challenges Won: 1 (Ep. 1)
Times as Team Captain: 0
Times Placed High: 2 (Eps. 2, 6)
Times Placed Low: 0
Times in Bottom: 4 (Eps. 3, 4, 5, 7)
Episode Eliminated: Episode 8

Memorable Quotes

  • "OH MY GOD! Abby OMG." (entrance quote)
  • "I'm gonna show you ass."
  • "Meow, bitch!" (upon seeing Janey Jacké's entrance look)
  • "Klemtoon? Klemtoon? Klemtoon? Ach joh, schei is uit. Klemtoon."
  • "Het enige safer dan PrEP is Chelsea's look." (during the reading challenge)
  • "We ChelseaBoy..."
  • "You fuck with me once...and Imma get you!"
  • "Mijn nieuwe winst; vier keer in de bottom, ga ik de finale in! Haha, lekker voor jullie allemaal!"


  • "Eu vi só um, só, que a Raven tava falando que minha maquiagem tava parecendo com a dela, que eu tava copiando a maquiagem dela. Olha, se há uma pessoa que eu copiei, que eu peguei como inspiração pra fazer a maquiagem, não foi ela, não, meu amor, foi a Valentina. Tchau! Tchau, Raven! Odeio essa mulher!" (On Instagram live)[1]


  • Miss Abby OMG is the second Brazilian queen to compete in the Drag Race franchise, after Diva Houston from The Switch Drag Race (Season 2).
    • However, Miss Abby OMG is the first Brazilian queen to compete in the original Drag Race format.
  • Miss Abby OMG is trilingual, being able to speak Portuguese, English, and Dutch.
  • Miss Abby OMG grew up in Brazil before coming to the Netherlands.
  • Before coming to the Netherlands, Miss Abby OMG also lived in Spain.
  • Miss Abby OMG founded the drag house "Mermaids Mansion" along with Envy Peru.
  • Abby owns over 50 wigs; her favorite being the green wig she wore in her entrance look.
  • Her drag mother is Lady Galore.
    • Lady Galore is also Patty Pam-Pam's drag mother, making Abby and Patty drag sisters.
  • Abby did not talk to her mother for two years after her coming-out.
  • Abby won the first ever mini-challenge on Drag Race Holland.
  • Abby is a prominent figure in the Breda drag-scene.
  • Abby, along with Megan Schoonbrood, is the first queen to Lip-Sync for their life to a song by a Dutch artist.
  • Abby is the first queen of Holland to survive three Lip-Syncs For Their Life.
  • Abby is the first queen in the franchise to survive four Lip-Syncs For Your Life.
    • Abby is the second queen in the franchise to reach the finale after four Lip-Syncs For Their Life, the first being Kana Warrior on Drag Race Thailand (Season 2).
      • Though, Kana was actually eliminated on her third lip sync, and was then brought back into the competition, while Abby was not eliminated until the finale.
  • Abby revealed that the tantrum she threw about her corset in episode 2 was her own fault, as she lost the corset herself.
  • Abby shares some similarities with Coco Jem Holiday from Season 2 of Camp Wannakiki:
    • Both survived the bottom 4 times.
    • Both were finalists on their season.
    • Both were once in a situation where no one in the bottom was eliminated.
      • Coincidentally, it occurred an episode before the finale.
    • Both were in the bottom at least 3 times in a row.
    • Both were, at some point in the competition, part of a bottom 3.
    • Both shared their placement in the competition with at least one other contestant.
  • Abby is the first ever lip sync assassin on Drag Race Holland.
  • In 2021, Abby guest judged on the first episode of the second season of TNT Drag.

Drag Family

Mermaids Mansion

Envy Peru
Ivy-Elyse Monroe
Miss Abby OMG


DRH Season 1 Looks


DRH Season 1



Web Series



  • JINEK (2020)


  • Pruikentijd: The Reunion (2020)

Music Videos

  • "Love is Love" by Mermaids Mansion (2019)

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