"Diana Ross is iconic. Cher is iconic. Now Dolly Parton is iconic? All you ever do is talk about women. Don’t you know any men who are… Iconic? You never talk about men. The only man that you ever talk about is the one who screwed you over."

— AJ to Robert on all the people he talks about

Mt. Juliet is the fifth episode of the first and only season of this dramedy that aired as a Netflix Original on Netflix on January 10, 2020 along with the other 10 episodes.


As the tour heads to Nashville, a peculiar pit stop catches Roberts eye, and AJ makes a crafty plan for extra cash.


After one of his gigs as Ruby Red, AJ surprises Robert when she has no clue who Diana Ross is. AJ is falling asleep, but Robert says he has too much residual energy from the adrenaline after performing. AJ on the other hand is very tired and can barely keep his eyes opened. She asks him what other things Robert does to release all the pent up energy, and Robert thinks back to one of the times that he and Damien ended up rushing up to his bedroom to have sex.

The next morning at some motel, Damien is telling Lady Danger he needs to start eating healthy again after gaining two pounds. Lady Danger asks him if he actually thinks that chicken with a side of spray starch is healthy. He retorts by saying that it’s better than continuing to eat that fast food crap he keeps buying her. She consoles him saying that right now Robert is acting like he won’t call but at the end of the day, he is a tired old middle aged broke ass queen, who’ll soon be desperate for any love or money he can get from Damien. She also tells Damien to stop stressing because he looks amazing. When an unsure Damien asks Lady Danger if he really does, she asks him to show her. He obliges and raises his white tee shirt to reveal his still hot physique according to her. To take his mind of the whole ordeal, Lady Danger goes onto say how she competed in Miss Hawaii and tells Damien that it took her years of competing to get that title. She goes on to say that everyone would tell her that it was never gonna happen. That she was born on the wrong side of the volcano, but nevertheless she did it. That in addition, she was able to keep the momentum going by going all the way to compete in the Miss America pageant. Curious, Damien asks her if she won, but she says she didn’t because ethnic faces weren’t trending back then. But also says that the naked pictures they found of her, might've played part as well in her loosing.

When they finally arrive at Mt. Juliet for the Bob Mackie museum, the curator gives Robert a tour of the museum after AJ pays the entrance fee. He eventually calls Louis, who has Officer Patrick in his bed back in New York City. After Louis tells Robert what he found out about AJ's mother, Robert realizes that AJ is better off with him instead. Louis asks if he’s seriously thinking of keeping AJ, but Robert tells his friend to not be silly. That he’s simply planning on keeping her safe, at least until he figures out what’s best for her.

Meanwhile, AJ is near a window and looking at a mom fuzzing over her daughter in a girl’s scouts uniform. She flashes back to when they got evicted from their apartment, and she saw all their stuff thrown on the street for the garbage disposal to take. All she’s really able to rescue are some cat stickers and some drawings.

Once AJ gets her chocolate ice cream, she runs across a pet store and wants to buy one of the dogs. The employee tells her the one she wants will cost $200 and doesn’t budge on the price. Eventually, she gets upset with Robert and goes to the RV.

Meanwhile, Lady Danger tells Damien to calm down after he throws a plate of his food on the wall in anger. She takes out her pink gun and reminds him who is in charge. Damien goes out and attempts to to scam people by going to a gay bar, but ultimately finds himself unable to go through with it. He goes outside and gets a bit tearful in frustration. He takes a deep breath and decides to ultimately goes back in.

Back at the Bob Mackie museum, Lloyd lets Robert wear the Diana Ross dress she wore and participates in a lip sync duet with Lloyd to Endless Love. The fantasy gets ruined when Lloyd tries to touch Robert inappropriately, and then grinds up on his back. He immediately stops the music, and tells Lloyd he will be sleeping in his own bed. Lloyd tries to excuse himself by saying he just gets so lonely and he thought that the two of them were having a moment. Robert says to Lloyd that he is wrong because he felt nothing.

In New York City, Louis and Officer Patrick continue to enjoy their time together, but now are taking baths together.

Robert realizes that AJ isn’t in the RV and goes in search of her. She eventually finds her, and the two make up after their argument earlier. AJ then surprises Robert with a dress she stole from the Bob Mackie museum. Robert ultimately gives said dress back to Lloyd.

The next morning, AJ wakes up Robert and reveals she’s wearing the shirt he bought for her.

Title and Background

  • Mt. Juliet is the city Robert and AJ visited in this episode and also home of the Bob Mackie Museum.



Guest Starring

  • Matthew Wilkas as Officer Patrick Kennedy[2]
  • Laura Bell Bundy as Bernadette
  • Tim Bagley as Lloyd Johnson


  • Jo Farkas as Mrs. Sweeney
  • Gregory A. Thompson as Ralph
  • Noelle E Parker as Kathy Lee Anderson
  • Melissa Fosse-Dunne as Rainbow
  • John Colton as Veteran


Song Performer(s) Scene
"Ruby Is Red Hot (Kummerspeck Redux)" RuPaul Opening scene at some club in Bardstown where Ruby only gets $3 in tips.
"Level Up" Ciara When AJ asks if there is any way Robert can fall asleep after shows, he flashes back to a moment where Robert & "Hector" were in rush to get upstairs and kissing in between.
"Endless Love" (From "The Endless Love" Soundtrack) Lionel Richie & Diana Ross Robert and Lloyd duet.


  • Robert reveals to AJ that he has never seen Star Wars.
  • Lloyd reveals that he has only had 16 visitors at the Bob Mackie museum, since he opened it two years ago.


Musical Scenes


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