Nicole Gaultier was one of the main judges on The Switch 1 and The Switch 2. The character created by the Uruguayan Marcelo Álvarez. She is one of the most prominent drags on the Chilean scene. She has appeared on Chilean TV shows and tours presenting shows in South America, mainly in Peru, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil and Argentina.

She born in Montevideo, but she moved to Chile in the early 2010s. She started doing drag as a game with friends. She said was she did not pretend 'I want to do this.' It was very easy for me to transform into something very feminine what it really was. I learned to play that. Along the way I met this character and I always wanted to be on a stage.


She is artistic director of Bunker Espectaculos. She describes herself as glamorous well dressed, well groomed, loves voluminous wigs and lovely queen.

She appeared on TV show called ¿Volverías con tu Ex? (2016). She produced a show called "Tacones a brillar" called the show that mixes costumes, theater, dance, music, cabaret and humor (2014), and produced another called "Tacones y Algo más".

Memorable Quotes

  • "A brillar ya."(to shine already)
  • "Hoy no te quiero evaluar."(I don't want to evaluate you today.) (to Laura Bell)
  • "¿Pero qué es este gallinero?"(But what is this chicken coop?)
  • "¡Que impresión!"(What an impression!)
  • "¡Oh, Dios mío! ¡Otra lucha!" (Oh, my god! Another fight!) (to Rubí Blonde because she didn't know to walk on heels)
  • "¿Una drag que no conoce a Julie Andrews ni Katy Perry? ¿Cómo es posible?" (A drag who doesn't know Julie Andrews or Katy Perry? ¿Is this for real?) (to Rubí Blonde)


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