Nicole Paige Brooks is the stage name of Bryan Christopher Pryor, a female impersonator and entertainer from Atlanta, Georgia

Nicole Paige Brooks was known on the show for the way she says her name, her infamous laugh and her "crush" on Raven.

Nicole's goal on the show was to show her son and the world that she is the best of the best.

RuPaul's Drag Race

Nicole Paige Brooks was one of the loudest personalities in the 2 episodes she was in, especially in Untucked. She was eliminated during the 2nd Episode on Season 2 of Drag Race.

The main challenge was to split into two different girl groups (Team Pandora and Team Sahara) with two different roles, switching between the two teams.

One team had to entertain an all-male crowd by doing a burlesque act/strip tease, while the other team had to go onto the streets of Hollywood, during the daytime in full drag, trying to earn money by selling cherry pie gift certificates.

Unfortunately for Nicole, she was the one queen on Team Pandora, who gave the weakest strip tease due to the fact she could not dance, and she ultimately earned the least amount of money on the streets.
She lip-synced for her life against Raven to the 1992 En Vogue song "My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It)", who also got the least amount of money from the challenge. Nicole's graceful, feminine version was drowned out by Raven's sassier rendition. Nicole was asked to sashay away, but not before Ru told her encouraging words, since Ru herself had a career in Atlanta.

Nicole got upset, but she was also excited to go home and see her son again. On the reunion episode, Tatianna called Raven out for her bitchy personality and the way she treated Nicole, who thought she'd made a friend. Raven apologized to everyone but Nicole.

RuPaul's Drag Race Stats

Nicole Paige Brooks
Season Competed: Season 2
Ranking: 11th
Mini-Challenges Won: 0
Times as Team Captain: 0
Main Challenges Won: 0
Times in Bottom Two: 1 (Ep. 2)
Episode Eliminated: Episode 2

Drag Name Origin

She started as Nicole Page (initial spelling) with Porsha as her first drag mother. Nicole is the name of a girl in high school she had a crush on and dated (but she just really liked her hair). Page is from Bettie Page as she thinks of herself as a dirty housewife that you can always see through the window but really can’t ever have. Brooks was added later when she moved to Atlanta from her drag mother Shawnna Brooks.

Memorable Quotes

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  • "I'm Nicole Paige Brooks, from ATLANTA, GEORGIA!"
  • "I will never go hungry again!" - Referring to the Pit Crew, on the 1st episode.
  • "I like your lips." - To Raven on Untucked
  • "I think you're the hottest guy." - To Raven on Untucked
  • "I just find it odd that you're dressing up as a girl in high school but you don't think you're a tranny."
  • "I want her tested for hormones, bitch!"
  • "You know you want a taste of cherry pie."
  • "It's just malicious, just gay faggotry."
  • "Send them all home."
  • "I thought I made a friend. I was gagged by that.."
  • "They all smiled at my face at one point!" - To Raven during the reunion
  • "Faggotry!"
  • "Can't wait to see my baby..!"


  • NicolePaigeBrooks1
    Nicole was born in Marietta, Georgia. She lived in Germany as a child until she was 16, then moved back

to America in Oklahoma City, then moved to Memphis, Tenessee.

  • She also moved to Atlanta in 1999.
  • Nicole only did drag as a dare for Halloween before performing in clubs.
  • She had a roomate named Micah, who did the makeup for her first time in drag.
  • One of Nicole's famous personal quotes about the drag world is, "a thousand trannies are born on Halloween and they all die the next day."
  • Nicole has a drag mother named Shawnna Brooks, who she based the RuPaul doll off of on Episode 2's mini challenge with Sonique. Shawnna gave Nicole her last name "Brooks", and her name changed from "Nicole Page" to "Nicole Paige Brooks".
  • Nicole has a son named Lukas, who was often mentioned during Nicole's time on the show.
  • She is the first queen to achieve 11th place.


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