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Non Sono Una Signora[10] was an Italian television program that aired on Rai 2 following the success of its Dutch counterpart, Make Up Your Mind. The program was created and developed by Herald Adolfs and Carlo Boszhard.

In the show, a group of Italian celebrities, transformed into drag queens, compete with each other.

Series Overview[]

Season No.
Originally Aired
Premiere Finale
1 20[4] 5[3] June 29, 2023[3] July 27, 2023[4]


Season Prizes
  • TBA


See: Judges/Non Sono Una Signora


Place Season 1
1st The Nancies
2nd She Funk
3rd Energy Crisis

Meusa Du Champ
5th Ayumi Flambé
6th Ava Kedavra

Vivienne Smokes

Laisla Rodriga
9th Gatta Chikova

Ketty Manga

Minnie Blanche

Saetta McDawn

Anna Lacond


Gigliola Yard

Varenne Soleil
17th Maddy Love

Lupita Showbiz


Eva Lungherja
The contestant won Non Sono Una Signora.


  • The title is a reference to the song of the same name by Italian singer Loredana Bertè.
  • The first season was initially set to premiere on November 7, 2022,[10] but was then postponed by exactly one month to December 7, 2022,[9] then again to February 2023,[11] and then again to May 16, 2023, but this air date had also fallen victim to delay.[12] On May 16, 2023, a new premiere date of June 29, 2023 was revealed.[3]
    • Official sources say the season was postponed again from May 16 due to Inter-Milan's soccer match in the Champions Leage semifinal, though anonymous sources claim that politics play a part in the show's constant postponing, with some conservative right-wing parties (of which the Italian prime minister Giorgia Meloni is a major exponent) allegedly pushing against the show's airing.[13] Judge Vanessa van Cartier has openly spoken out against the way the show is being treated by Rai.[14][15][16]
    • The show was later canceled after just one season. Carlo Boszhard stated that the cancellation was due to a change of leadership at RAI2, influenced by Italian politics.[17]


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