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Paolo Elito Macapagal Ballesteros IV, better known simply as Paolo Ballesteros, is a Filipino actor, comedian, TV host, model, and impersonator. He has appeared in films and several TV shows throughout his career in the Philippines, and has been one of the co-hosts of the noontime show Eat Bulaga! since 2001.

On July 12, 2022, he was announced to be the host of Drag Race Philippines.


Acting Career[]

As an actor, Paolo starred as Trisha Echaverria in the Filipino film Die Beautiful in 2016, which earned him a nomination for and eventual win of the Best Actor award for the aforementioned role in the 29th Tokyo International Film Festival.[1] He has also starred as Benj in the Filipino film Bakit Lahat ng Gwapo may Boyfriend?, which was also released in 2016.

Makeup Transformations[]

Paolo gained international fame as early as 2015 for his makeup prowess, as he has been renowned for transforming his face to resemble different Hollywood celebrities, as well as Filipino celebrities, through makeup and posting them on Instagram.[2][3][4] His makeup skills have been praised by Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot,[5] American model Gigi Hadid,[6] Game of Thrones actress Lena Headey,[6] and blogger and columnist Perez Hilton.[7]

During the opening ceremony of the 29th Tokyo International Film Festival, Paolo made headlines after walking the red carpet in drag impersonating American actress Angelina Jolie, who he introduced as Angelina Magdangal (named after Jolie and Filipino celebrity Jolina Magdangal).[8] During the awards ceremony of the festival, as well as the press conference that followed, he once again made headlines after receiving his Best Actor award in drag, this time impersonating American actress Julia Roberts.[9]

Memorable Quotes[]

Drag Race Philippines[]

  • "Haller, haller, haller!" (when entering the Werk Room)
  • "Mabuhay!/Mabu-heyyy!"
  • "Good luck, at dapat pakak!"
  • "Shhh! Shhh! Ang jingay..."
  • "Bigyan ng Ru Badge 'yan! [maxi-challenge winner], please wear it with Pinoy/Pinay pride."
  • "Shantay, you may also stay." (when he decides not to send any of the bottom queens home in an episode)
  • "Condragulations, ladies, you've all made your mothers proud! Mga queen ang ina niyo!"
  • "And remember, ang tunay na ikaw ay ipakita sa isip, sa salita, at sa gawa. Puso, puso, at puso pa rin!"
  • "Can I get an eme up in here?" (altered to avoid offending Catholics from the Philippines that may misconstrue the original line as blasphemous)
  • "Tutok na sa Untucked!, mga misis, para 'di ka mahuli sa tsismis!" (in Drag Race Philippines: Untucked!)

Season 1

  • "Buckle up, mga vakla!"[10] (in promotional trailer)
  • "Rampa na! Paandar na sandosena!"
  • "Bring back my Maria Claras."
  • "Bring back my kalachuchis."
  • "Bring back my pop girls."
  • "Bring back my divas. ASAP."
  • "Bring back my beauconeras."
  • "Bring back my copycats. Meow."
  • "Bring back my shopaholic girls."
  • "Bring back my twinnies."
  • "Bring back my charoteras on fire."
  • "The shoes!" (referring to Prince wearing the same pair of heels she performed with during the Talent Show while walking the runway in Episode 1)
  • "When I call your name, kabahan ka na. Charing!"
  • "Remember, in Drag Race, 'safe' is a dangerous place, bordering on forgettable." (to Brigiding, Eva Le Queen, Lady Morgana, Marina Summers, and Xilhouete after being deemed safe in Episode 2)
  • "Where's the flowers?" (Corazon turns around) "Oh... okay." (to Corazon while critiquing her Sagalamazon look in Episode 2)
  • "Not more of that!" (to Turing in Episode 2)
  • "Gusto mo siyang makausap? Papa-contact natin kay Xilhouete..." (to Precious Paula Nicole in Episode 3 after she expressed her guilt in not being by her mother's side during her death)
  • (howl) "How about an eme eme up in here?"
  • "How about another tissue up in here?"
  • "Sinuot mo na nga yung pang-Ruveal; ba't tinago mo?" (critiquing Viñas Deluxe's Pink Pak Boom look in Episode 5)
  • "'Pag may Ruveal, i-Ruveal."
  • "When I call your name, manginig ka na."
  • "Wala naman tayo sa presinto; explain tayo ng explain."

Season 2

  • "'Ama na, mga 'akla!"[11] (in promotional trailer)
  • "Dagapagat pagakagak!"
  • "You may evaporate."
  • "Bring back my girl group."
  • "Bring back my Monique Lhuilliers."
  • "Bring back my chuwariwariwaps."
  • "Bring back my nominees."
  • "Bring back my twinners."
  • "Bring back my brand ambassadors."
  • "Bring back my phenomenal billboard bombshells."
  • "Dogon't fuguck igit ugup."
  • "Hana Beshie with...
    • birth certificate."
    • vaccination card...
      • ...ay, may cup noodles pala ngayon."
    • wings."
    • class picture."
    • no therapeutic claims."
    • dedication."
    • without eyebrows."
    • toyomansi."
    • 10% cashback."
    • 3G."
  • "Agang jigingagay niyogo!"
  • "Ako lang ang gorgeous."
  • "Pwede bang... can you repeat it from the top?"
  • "Ang jingay! May sasabihin pa si Jade So."


  • Paolo Ballesteros is related to Fernando Amorsolo, the Philippines' first National Artist[12], being Amorsolo's great-grandson.[13]
  • Paolo has a daughter named Keira Claire.[14]
  • Paolo officially came out as gay in 2019, following years of speculation by Philippine media about his sexuality.[16]
  • Paolo's favorite queens from RuPaul's Drag Race include Bianca Del Rio, Gigi Goode, and Manila Luzon.[17]
  • During a virtual interview in 2020, Paolo initially stated that he wanted to only be a judge on Drag Race Philippines should the franchise be greenlit, and expressed his preference for Filipino comedian Vice Ganda to host the show instead at the time.[17]
  • Paolo is colorblind, being unable to distinguish blue, brown, green, red, and violet[18], as well as gray.[19]


Drag Race Philippines Season 1[]

Drag Race Philippines Season 1 Looks[]

Drag Race Philippines Season 2[]

Drag Race Philippines Season 2 Looks[]

Drag Race Philippines Season 3[]

Drag Race Philippines Season 3 Looks[]

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