Paris Lurux is a drag performer and contestant on the second season of "Camp Wannakiki".


"Paris is a star on the rise with a head full of air. This thick-hipped jellyfish has been hitting the stage since 2011. She is no stranger to a competition. With her two pageant titles Miss Up and Coming CNY 2017 and Miss Gay St Lawrence 2019 under her belt, she is ready to show her more comedic side. Living her broke and boujee lifestyle, she's a queen on a budget and does it well.

As a competitive cheerleader, Paris is ready for some fun friendly competition. As a triple threat of being big, blonde and semi-intelligent, Paris is a seasoned queen and always jumping into her work head first (or in her words, bow first)... from making her own costumes and styling her own wigs, this diva is ready to go for that ultimate badge of Queen of Camp."[1]

Drag Name Origin

Her drag name comes from Paris Hilton (plus the fact that she celebrated her 6th birthday in Paris) and the singer La Roux.

Track Record(s)

Paris Lurux
Season Competed: CW 2
Ranking: 11th
Talent Shows Won: 0
Activity Challenges Won: 1 (Ep. 1)
Times Placed High: 0
Times in Bottom: 1 (Ep. 2)
Episode Eliminated: Episode 2


  • Paris has been doing drag for 9 years prior to getting on the show.
  • As a member of the Sister Wives in episode 1, Paris was part of the first shared win between four campers on Camp Wannakiki, along with Barbra Wyre, Diana Fire and Tora Himan.
    • Paris is also the lowest placing challenge winner on Camp Wannakiki, placing 11th overall.
    • She is also the first Camp Wannakiki contestant to place 11th.
  • Paris and Barbra Wyre are the youngest contestants on the season, at 23 years of age.
    • Coincidentally, Barbra sent her home.


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