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Cesar Doroteo and Ricardo Peralta, better known as Pepe y Teo (Pepe and Teo), are a duo of comedians and internet personalities. They are known for their YouTube channel and as coaches on Season 3 of La Más Draga.

Teo alone first appeared as a guest judges on the finale of Season 1, then they both appeared as guest judges on episode 4 of Season 2, and they returned as regular coaches on Season 3. As coaches they help and guide contestants during mini and main challenges and give them useful advice.


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Web Series

  • (2018) La Más Draga, on Season 1 as Guest Judge (Teo)
  • (2019) La Más Draga, on Season 2 as Guest Judges
  • (2020-) Toma Mi Dinerita, as Hosts
  • (2020) La Más Draga, on Season 3 as Coaches


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