Phoenix is the stage name of Brian Trapp. A professional drag queen and performer from Atlanta, Georgia. She competed on RuPaul's Drag Race Season 3, where she was eliminated 2nd, placing 12th in the competition overall.

Drag Name Origin

Phoenix is a mythological bird that rises from the ashes and recreates itself. She thinks the name is perfect for the type of drag she does as she is always recreating her look and pushing herself to the next level. She also sees herself in drag to be very different from her boy self. She also has a fiery personality.

Her drag mother is Nicole Paige Brooks and her drag grandmother is Shawnna Brooks.


When Phoenix entered the werkroom, she was wearing a similar outfit to India Ferrah, causing cattiness. She was safe in the Christmas sewing challenge in episode 1. In Untucked, told Stacy Layne Matthews that she wasn't competition to her, and fought with Venus D-Lite over the crushed ornament idea for their outfits.

In episode 2, The main challenge was to split into teams to shoot a commercial/trailer for a fictional, sci-fi motion picture called "Drag Queens from Outer Space", and "Drag Queens from Outer Space 2: Return to Uranus."

Phoenix won the mini-challenge with Mariah Balenciaga, which allowed Phoenix and Mariah to be team captains.In the end, Phoenix's team was up for elimination and Mariah's team won the challenge.

Phoenix was critiqued on being too difficult to work with on the set of the filming, Phoenix apparently kept looking away from the camera as she was acting. She also was critiqued for being too shy and out of her element.

So Phoenix was up to lip-sync for her life against Delta Work to perform Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance". Delta's performance took the judges and the queens' attention. India personally said that Phoenix looked like she was copying Lady Gaga's moves during the lip-sync, which she finds tacky. Shangela said that Phoenix looked like a man doing movements.

Delta outshined Phoenix, and she was sent home.

Memorable Quotes

  • "I can play well with others, my mom raised me well. But, I definitely do have a bitchy side!"
  • "India is very like, painted. She's like old-school-drag. But it's cool to see that style of drag still amongst us."
  • "I just broke my Dior sunglasses so I better win this shit"
  • "Evidently I'm copying her 'amazing idea'."


  • Phoenix started drag 10 years prior to being on the show.
  • Phoenix is the first drag daughter to appear on the show after their mother a previous season.
  • Phoenix was in a the "Party Guessed" episode of "Teen Wolf" in 2012.


Season 3 Looks

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