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Queen of Drags is a German reality competition hosted and judged by Heidi Klum, Bill Kaulitz and Conchita Wurst.

Series Overview[]

Season Episodes Originally aired
Premiere Finale
1 6 November 14, 2019 December 19, 2019


See: Judges/Queen of Drags

Each season of Queen of Drags has featured three regular judges and at the same time joint hosts. Additionally, each episode has guest judges who only appear in that episode.

Season Artwork[]


Place Season 1
1st Yoncé Banks
2nd Aria Addams
3rd Vava Vilde
4th Catherrine Leclery
5th Bambi Mercury
6th Katy Bähm
7th Candy Crash
8th Hayden Kryze
9th Samantha Gold
10th Janisha Jones
The contestant won Queen of Drags.