Race Chaser is a podcast hosted by Alaska (Season 5 & All Stars 2 Winner) and Willam (Season 4 & Drag U) in which they '[discuss] and [disect] every episode of the worldwide phenomenon 'RuPaul's Drag Race' starting from the very beginning in season 1. The podcast is produced by Forever Dog Productions and began airing on July 6th, 2018 and airs weekly on. It is available for streaming on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Sticher, Google Play, and RSS. The name of the podcast comes from Alaska's song Race Chaser.

They began reviewing Season 1, followed by Season 2, with some bonus episodes in between, keeping to their goal of reviewing every episode in order to possibly get newer fans interested in the earlier seasons. However, with the airing of All Stars 4 they decided to review it as the episodes aired live on TV, they are continuing this with Season 11.

For the reviews of Season 1 episodes, there is a guest segment called 'Tammie Tidbits' which features commentary for each episode from Tammie Brown (Season 1, All Stars 1).

Following in Season 2, Tammie Tidbits were replaced by 'Tati Tidbits' featuring Tatianna (Season 2, All Stars 2) instead.

For season 11 they introduced the segment 'One Line from Untucked' in which they each pick a line said by one of the queens during that week's untucked episode.


Episode # Title Airdate Guest(s) Runtime Notes
0 Race Chaser Preview July 6, 2018 3min
1 S1E1 "Drag On a Dime" July 18, 2018 Tammie Brown 57min
2 S1E2 "Girl Group Challenge" July 25, 2018 Tammie Brown 47min
3 S1E3 "Queens of All Media" August 1, 2018 Tammie Brown & Shannel 54min
4 S1E4 "Mac Viva-Glam Challenge" August 8, 2018 Tammie Brown & Ongina 68min
5 BONUS! Alaska & Jeremy Present: Amethyst Journey August 10, 2018 Handsome Jeremy Mikush 15min
6 S1E5 "Drag School of Charm" August 15, 2018 Tammie Brown 49min
7 S1E6: "Absolut Drag Ball" August 22, 2018 Tammie Brown 52min
8 S1E7 "Extra Special Edition" August 29, 2018 Tammie Brown 55min
9 S1E8 "Grand Finale" September 5, 2018 Tammie Brown & Cazwell 56min
10 S1E9 "Re-United!"* September 12, 2018 58min
10 BeBe Zahara Benet September 19, 2018 BeBe Zahara Benet 23min
11 Race Chaser Mailbag Volume 1 September 26, 2018 64min
12 S2E1 "Gone with the Window" October 3, 2018 Tatianna 63min
13 S2E2 "Starrbootylicious" October 10, 2018 Tatianna 66min
14 S2E3 "Country Queens" October 17, 2018 Tatianna & Pandora Boxx 69min
15 S2E4 "The Snatch Game" October 24, 2018 Tatianna 68min
16 S2E5 "Here Comes the Bride" October 31, 2018 Tatianna 60min
17 S2E6 "Rocker Chick" November 7, 2018 Tatianna 69min
18 S2E7 "Once Upon a Queen" November 14, 2018 Tatianna 67min
19 S2E8 "Golden Gals" November 21, 2018 Tatianna 69min
20 S2E9 "The Diva Awards" November 28, 2018 Tatianna 71min
21 EXTRA: Race Chaser Live! November 29, 2018 6min
22 S2E10 "The Main Event Clip Show" December 5, 2018 Tatianna 68min
23 S2E11 "Grand Finale" December 12, 2018 Tatianna 67min
24 A Very Important Message December 18, 2018 3min
25 All Stars S4E1 "All Star Super Queen Variety Show" December 19, 2018 97min
26 BONUS! Holi-Slay Spectacular December 25, 2018 Sonique 31min
27 All Stars S4E2 "Super Girl Groups, Henny" December 26, 2018 60min
28 THE BEST OF FOREVER DOG 2018 December 28, 2018 Various Forever Dog Podcasters 175min (Race Chaser Stars at 01:31:42) A compilation of segments from all Forever Dog podcasts.
29 All Stars S4E3 "Snatch Game of Love" January 1, 2019 Gia Gunn 76min
30 All Stars S4E4 "Jersey Justice" January 9, 2019 77min
31 RACE CHASER LIVE! January 10, 2019 5min
Race Chaser Live in Los Angeles from the Ace Hotel Theatre January 11, 2019 Jujubee, Meatball, & Various A live event in LA.
32 All Stars S4E5 "Roast In Peace" January 16, 2019 BenDeLaCreme 80min
33 BONUS: Songs in the Key of Nope! January 18, 2019 12min
34 BONUS: Race Chaser Live in San Francisco! January 21, 2019 3min
Race Chaser Live in San Francisco at the Castro Theatre January 22, 2019 Bebe Zahara Benet A live event in San Francisco.
35 All Stars S4E6 "LaLaPaRUza" January 23, 2019 Jinkx Monsoon 99min
36 All Stars S4E7 "Queens of Clubs" January 30, 2019 80min
37 All Stars S4E8 "RuPaul's Best Judy's Race" February 7, 2019 BenDeLaCreme & Sharon Needles 80min
38 All Stars S4E9 "Sex and the Kitty Girl" February 13, 2019 58min
39 All Stars S4E10 "Super Queen Grand Finale" February 20, 2019 72min
40 Race Chaser LIVE IN LA! February 27, 2019 77min Live episode recorded at Race Chaser Live in LA.
41 S11E1 "Whatcha Unpackin?" March 6, 2019 71min
42 S11E2 "Good God Girl, Get Out" March 13, 2019 70min
43 S11E3 "Diva Worship" March 19, 2019 88min
44 The Drag Queen of the Year Pageant Competition Award Contest Competition March 20, 2019 13min
45 S11E4: "Trump: The Rusical" March 27, 2019 Meatball & Gia Gunn 78min Willam is absent and filled in by Meatball.
46 S11E5: "Monster Ball" April 3, 2019 72min
47 S11E6: "Stay Golden, Girl" April 10, 2019 65min Official title of this drag race episode is "The Draglympics"
48 S11E7: "From Farm to Runway" April 17, 2019 72min
49 S11E8: "Snatch Game at Sea" April 24, 2019 David Burtka 63min
50 S11E9: "L.A.D.P.!" May 1, 2019 Jiggly Caliente 75min
51 S11E10: "Dragracadabra" May 8, 2019 Courtney Act 67min Alaska is absent and filled in by Courtney
52 S11E11: "Bring Back My Queens" May 15, 2019 67min
53 S11E12: "Queens Everywhere" May 22, 2019 72min
54 Introducing Life is Short with Justin Long May 24, 2019 11min
55 S11E13: "Reunited" May 28, 2019 71min
56 Welcome to HOT GOSS May 30, 2019 38min
57 RACE CHASER LIVE IN SAN FRANCISCO June 2, 2019 47min Recorded live at San Francisco event.
58 RACE CHASER LIVE IN SAN FRANCISCO... PART 2! June 4, 2019 48min Recorded live at San Francisco event.
59 S11E14 "Grand Finale" June 5, 2019 59min
60 HOT GOSS #2: Gaga gigs, Straight Pride, and Andrew's dangle June 7, 2019 35min
61 S2E11 "Reunion" June 12, 2019 69min
62 HOT GOSS #3: Let's Get Someone Fired, Pride Panic, and to Redbubble or Not to Redbubble June 14, 2019 43min
63 Introducing Sloppy Seconds with Big Dipper & Meatball June 17, 2019 64min
64 S3E1 "Casting Extravaganza!" June 19, 2019 Raja 59min
65 HOT GOSS #4: The Girls Got Paid, Buttnguts, and Alexa Is Listening June 21, 2019 33min
66 S3E2 "The Queens Who Mopped Xmas" June 26, 2019 Raja 57min


Main Show

The main episodes discuss each episode of drag race by a week. Originally starting from the very beginning with Season 1 and Season 2. Starting with the airing of All Stars 4 it switched to discussing the currently airing seasons. This followed with Season 11.

Tammie Tidbits

For the reviews of Season 1, Season 1 contestant Tammie Brown shared small stories and tidbits each episode, sometimes about on set on Season 1 or on other topics.

Tati Tidbits

For the reviews of Season 2, Season 2 contestant Tatianna shared small stories and tidbits each episode, sometimes about on set for Season 2 or on other topics. She returned after the Season 11 reviews for a tidbit in the Season 2 Reunion.

One Line from Untucked

For the Season 11 reviews, instead of discussing the events within Untucked Willam and Alaska, and any other guests each pick a line said by one of the queens, or PAs, during that episode of Untucked.

Hot Goss

A sideshow where they discuss current events

Let's Get Political, Political

A segment in Hot Goss episodes where Alaska and Willam discuss political events.

Race Chaser Classique

Starting after the discussions of Season 11 with the Season 2 Reunion any season that is 'in the single digits...or over one year old' is a Classique. This is the reviews of any season that is not currently airing for the first time, so any season that has aired before All Stars 4.

Raja Reflections

For Season 3 reviews, Season 3 winner Raja shared stories and tidbits, sometimes about filming Season 3 or other segments.

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