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Raja Gemini, also simply known as Raja, is the stage name of Sutan Amrull, a drag queen, makeup artist, model best known for her work on the reality TV show America's Next Top Model, as well as being the Season 3 winner of RuPaul's Drag Race.

She later returned to All Stars 7, the first All Winners season of Drag Race. She placed TBA.

Biography and career

Born in Baldwin Park, California, Raja was three years old when she moved to Indonesia (where her father is from) alongside her family and stayed there for six years before returning to the USA.

She attended university as an art student for two years, then decided to pursue a career as a makeup artist and drag queen.

In 2005, she started to be the head makeup artist on Tyra Banks' reality show America's Next Top Model, where she worked on the show from Cycles 4 through 12. Her clientele has included several celebrities including Pamela Anderson, Dita Von Teese, Paulina Porizkova, Iman, Twiggy, Iggy Azalea, etc.

Name Origin

Raja's name comes from the term "rajá", a title extended to an Indian king or prince. "Gemini" comes from Raja's zodiac sign, Gemini.

Drag Family

Raja, together with Season 10's Mayhem Miller, has a drag daughter named Rhea Litré and, after winning Season 3, she also has been adopting several drag children, including Anderson Brooks, Thierry Meissel, Illuminati Princess, and Bionka Simone, etc.

RuPaul's Drag Race

Statistics Season 3 All Stars 7
Ranking: 1st Place
Maxi Challenges Won: 3 (Eps. 2, 7, 10) 2 (Eps. 5, 8)
Mini Challenges Won: 2 (Eps. 2, 11) TBA
Times as Team Captain: 0 TBA
Times in Bottom: 1 (Ep. 12) N/A
Episode Eliminated: N/A TBA

Memorable Quotes

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 3

RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Season 7

  • "Did somebody call for an eye-con?" (entrance quote)
  • "Watch out children, mother is here... okay, if Ru's mother, then I'm auntie. Auntie Raja is here and she's about to teach y'all a fucking lesson."
  • "Let's keep this short and simple: B-O-O-G-E-R-S. Boogers. Here you go." (During the "Reading is Fundamental" challenge)
  • "Raja, the goddess, supreme and deity, there is no rivalry, gods let you worship me. Iconic style, transcending he or she, refer to my pronouns as 'thou', drop to your knees and bow" (Raja's verse in 'Legends')
  • "Purple mitons, I say purple mitons" (as Diana Vreeland in the Snatch Game)
  • "Bo-de-ga." (as Diana Vreeland in the Snatch Game)
  • "I also have a boyfriend, his name is Geppetto. *Chuckle* Frisky!" (as Grandma Hood in Fairytale Justice)
  • "The last time I saw that wolf, he was howling in her pussy." (as Grandma Hood in Fairytale Justice)
  • "I feel that my presence is enough of a statement on its own, even in silence."
  • "WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!" (During her Draguation Speech)
  • "Fuck 'till you can't fuck no more!" (During her Draguation Speech)
  • "Institutions also spells intuitions! If you're dyslexic." (During her Draguation Speech)
  • "It's a small Christmas miracle."


  • Raja has been doing drag since 1990.
    • She first started doing drag as a club kid under the name "Creoula".
  • She was influenced in her drag career by Viva Sex, a legendary Southern California entertainer.
  • She's 6 ft 3" (1,90 m).
  • She, along with RuPaul, made a brief appearance on The Simpsons, on Season 30 Episode 7.
    • She played the role of a party host of Marge Simpson's "tupperware party".
  • In addition to her continuing duties as a makeup artist for Adam Lambert, Raja Gemini toured the US and parts of Canada on the Drag Race Absolut Vodka Tour in 2012.
  • She was the first winner to win the first main challenge of a season.
  • The prizes she won for winning her season included a headlining spot on the Absolut Tour, a lifetime supply of Kryolan makeup and a cash prize of $75,000.
  • She is the first and only Indonesian winner in the entire franchise.
    • She is also the only American winner of Asian descent.
  • For a short time, she hosted her own WOW series named "Raja Drawja", in which she had an offscreen conversation with a queen while drawing her.
  • Raja speaks Dutch.
  • Raja is the first Dutch-Indonesian to appear in the franchise, followed by Megan Schoonbrood and Keta Minaj.
  • Raja is the first winner to not win the final challenge of her season.
  • Raja is the first winner to not win any ball challenges in her season, followed by Jinkx Monsoon, Bianca Del Rio, Bob the Drag Queen, Sasha Velour, Yvie Oddly, Jaida Essence Hall and Symone.
  • Raja is the oldest US Drag Race winner, born in 1974.
    • At the time of winning, she was the oldest winner at their time of crowning, but was surpassed a year later by Chad Michaels, who was 41 when she won All Stars 1
  • Raja said on The Pit Stop that her alternate choice for Snatch Game on Season 3 was Rihanna.
  • Raja is tied for the longest run before her first time in the bottom 2, competing in 11 episodes .
  • Raja reached 1 million followers on Instagram on April 26, 2022. She is the 40th contestant to reach this milestone.
    • She is also the third Season 3 contestant to reach 1 million followers on Instagram.
    • She is also the sixth Asian American contestant to reach 1 million followers on Instagram.


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Non-Album Singles

  • "Diamond Crowned Queen". (2011)
  • "Sublime". (2012)
  • "Zubi Zubi Zubi". (2013)
  • "Cholita". (2015)
  • "Moodbored". (2019)


  • "Lady Marmalade" by The Heathers (Raja, Manila Luzon, Delta Work & Carmen Carrera). (2014)

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